The animal that we bring into our homes carves their place into our hearts without any effort. The love you have for your dog, cat or bird is the purest form of love that is there on this earth. It’s just terribly sad that even they get to spend all of their lives with us, but we don’t get to do the same. It is indeed a cruel joke that it is always our beloved pets that die before us. We spend so much of our times with them that when they leave us, the emptiness we feel is
immense. Your friend has just lost a pet? We have the top 25 pet loss gift ideas for you. these gifts will bring a smile on their faces and joy in their heart.

“If there is a heaven, it’s certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them.”
– Pam Brown

Even if this has never happened to you, chances are someone around you might go through this one day or are going through it. When you give them a sympathy gift, it shows you care. It is hard to get over their loss, and everyone mourns differently. If you know someone who has lost a pet, you can show support and sympathy through with these pet loss gift ideas:

1. Carry them everywhere in key-chains

Pet Key chains as pet loss gift

Pet Key-chains

The potential of a keychain extends beyond than just being a simple trinket—adding a customized pet tag can provide comfort during times of mourning, as pet owners are able to carry their dog or cat wherever they go. To make a keychain an excellent pet loss gift idea, engrave their pet’s name, adoption date or birthday, and a short memorial message to immortalize their memory.

2. Commemorate their favorite spot with garden stones

Pet memorial garden stone as pet loss gift

Pet Memorial Garden Stone

If the person who lost their pet is a gardener by hobby or just generally loves the outdoors, getting them a garden stone can be one of the best pet loss gift ideas. If their pet had a favorite location in their garden or yard, they can place the stone on that spot to honor their memory.

3. Gentle reminders with hand-drawn illustrations

hand-drawn illustrations as pet loss gift

hand-drawn illustrations

As family members, animals are a part of our homes too. When they die, it can feel like a part of the home is missing. Bring back that missing piece back in their lives with a personalized illustration. Capture the dog or cat’s personality through fun, simple drawings and make their pet a staple in their households once again.

4. Give some through to pet shelters

Pet shelter

Love the other pets at the shelter

If you are trying to come up with pet loss gift ideas, sometimes the best idea is to focus on others, that is, other dogs or cats who may need help or a home. Find the closest shelter you can find and take the grieving pet owner there. In fact, when they give money or volunteer at a local pet shelter, it has several psychological benefits to help them deal with their loss. There are so many shelter animals who are struggling and who need assistance. When they know they are doing some good and paying homage to their pet’s memory can help them find their peace.

5. Forever a friend with a personalized book

Pet Personalized Books as pet loss gift

Pet Personalized Books

A child mourning the loss of a pet is a heartbreaking thing to witness. Fortunately, their adventures with their beloved dog have died or have to end. You can personalize a children’s book through a commission that commemorates their pet, complete with a name, hometown and even a look! With this book, children can revisit their four-legged companions whenever they miss them. This will be one of the best pet loss gift ideas.

6. Memorial jewelry to keep them close for always

pet memorial jewellery as pet loss gift

Pet memorial jewelry

Another good pet loss gift idea is to customize necklaces or rings with a small message and the name of the pet engraved on them. Owners who are dealing with loss get to keep a small memory close to their hearts at all times with engraved lockets or pendants.

7. Personalized photo frames

Pet memorial frames as pet loss gift

Pet memorial frames

A personalized picture frame lets them display their most loved photo of their pets so they can remember all the good times they had shared every day. Choose for a natural wood frame; get a simple quote or verse engraved along with the pet’s name. You can put paw prints, birthdays, etc.

8. Wrap their memories around wrists with bracelets

Pet Memorial Bracelet as pet loss gift

Pet Memorial Bracelet

A bracelet is an easy, thoughtful pet loss gift idea. Engrave their pet’s name, paw prints or add a charm that captured the pet’s personality on a sterling silver bracelet and they will cherish this simple yet elegant gift forever.

9. Coffee mugs

Pet Memorial Coffee Mugs as pet loss gift

Pet Memorial Coffee Mugs

For a thoughtful and practical gift, personalize a coffee mug with the owner’s dog or cat’s name and photos. It can be a wonderful reminder of their adored pets.

10. A forever home with a personalized cremation urn

Personalized cremation urn as pet loss gift

Personalized cremation urn

Even though this pet loss gift idea may seem morbid, it can be comforting to some since it allows them to keep their beloved cat or dog memorial at home eternally. A personalized cremation urn might be incredibly healing for the person grieving.

11. Flower planter box

Eco-friendly and it shows that you care; gift the pet owner with Keepsake boxes of flowers they can plant in their garden or yard. This is one of the best pet sympathy gifts.

12. Memorial service in their favorite park/garden

Memorial service

Memorial service

To hold a memorial service for the mourner’s dog or cat can be extremely helpful. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive and you can arrange it with immediate family at the dog or cat’s favorite outdoor area. It helps people to honor the life their four-legged friends lived and allows them a healthy way to bid them goodbye and deal with their loss.

13. Personalized scrapbook

Pet Personalized Scrapbook

Pet Personalized Scrapbook

A scrapbook is an excellent pet loss gift idea—especially if you involve the bereaved owner to sit down and fill pages with you. Sit with them, go through every photo they ever took of their dog or cat and have them talk about all the memories associated with each photo. It will help them heal through talking. Alternatively, you can take help to write an elaborate story about the pet’s life. It could be like a memoir or autobiography of the pet and their owner’s life together. For reference, you can check out Diana Scimone’s book series called Adventures With PawPaw that she wrote to get over her pet loss.

14. Show your sympathy with customized Etsy cards

Customized Etsy cards as pet loss gift idea

Customized Etsy cards

For the right sympathy card, don’t go to your grocery store but choose to shop on Etsy for a handmade display of sympathy. When you find the right vendor, you can customize the card with flowers, seeds, photos, etc. It makes things much more personal and shows just how much you care about their loss.

15. Say your condolences with sympathy baskets

Sympathy baskets

Sympathy baskets

A gift basket is also a great pet loss gift idea since it shows your friend or family how much you care. You can search for many companies online who make customized gift baskets and some companies even put more focus on comforting the bereaved owner with items like tea, prayer flags, and candles.

16. Customized pillows for emotional comfort

Pet Customized Pillow

Pet Customized Pillow

A memorial pillow for their pet is a non-traditional and beautiful way to let them know that you care. You can customize a pillow by choosing the right material and even add photos or comforting quotes.

17. Dog/cat portrait paintings for pet owners to cherish

Pet Portrait from Photo

Pet Portrait from Photo

A pet loss gift idea that brings owners much comfort during grief is memories, especially something as unique as portraits. You can choose various artists who would readily provide what you want; BookMyPainting provides world-class quality of the custom handmade pet portrait. You can get a personal message added to this pet gift.

18. Customized candles

Pet Customized Candles

Pet Customized Candles

Memorial candles are a great way to honor and remember dogs or cats who have passed over to reach the heavenly gates. You can go for tea light candle holders that have an inspirational quote inscribed on it, like this one.

19. Plant a tree in their memory

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Many owners sometimes choose to bury their pets or spread their ashes in their favorite parks. When you want to show their support, you can plant a tree in their pet’s memory and dedicate a garden stone to their four-legged friend.

20. Personalized stuffed toy

Pet Personalized Stuff Toy

Pet Personalized Stuff Toy

A stuffed toy in the likeness of their pet can be a very emotionally healing for them. They can carry the toy anywhere and keep it close when they are missing their pets.

21. A Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament

You can both acquire their name tag or collar and do this kind gesture of turning it into a Christmas ornament that the family or friend can use for years to come. This will always manage to bring a smile on their faces.

22. Personalized bird feeder

Personalized bird feeder

Personalized bird feeder

If it was a pet bird your friend lost, why not give them a bird feeder with their names engraved on them? This way, the owner can maybe make more avian friends and help the local birds at the same time, which will cheer them up.

23. Unobtrusive gifts are cool too

Set of coasters

Set of coasters

If you don’t want your gift to be too much or obtrusive, you can choose a set of coasters that you can get customized and the receiver can use it every day.

24. Memorial bottle openers

Memorial bottle openers

Memorial bottle openers

When they sit down with a bottle of wine with you, hand them a useful gift like a bottle opener. This will surely cheer them up and make sure they don’t get that hangover.

25. Memorial wind chimes

Memorial wind chimes

Memorial wind chimes

Gift the pet owner a gentle and musical wind chime that has a charm engraved with their pet’s name, so every time the wind blows, they are reminded of all the good times with their pets. This can be one of the best pet loss gift ideas

There is no wrong or right way to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. Yes, coming to terms with the loss will take immense amounts of time and strength; you can still ease the process for them with these ideas of memorial gifts.