Dog loss gift are given to show immense support and gratitude to one who has recently lost a beloved pet. Saying goodbye to pet is as difficult and painful as saying goodbye to your human existence family member. When we human loses someone we love it is not so uncommon for the one who is close to them to give them sympathy gifts or cards or unique pet memorial gift to show immense support.

We as humans don’t expect the same response when we lose some non-human family member but giving dog loss gift to someone whose dog has just died is of equal importance.

When one is going through tough times giving sympathy gifts can always be a good gesture apart from being there for them. Also it is not always easy to decide what to gift someone to cope up with their loss so some dog loss gift ideas are:

Different types of dog loss gift :-


dog loss gift

“So your dog can have a shiny coat.”

1 Preserving Memory:

dog loss gift

“Forever loved, never forgotten.”


One of the best pet loss gifts that helps to preserve special memory of pets that your friend has. When you are missing your mischievous pet the most , it will be really soothing to your soul and eyes seeing them on your big drawing room wall. This can be anything that has to do with the images, words or the artworks.

Giving these memories to them and for them placing it in the area where it is the centre of attraction would be really like calming down the chaos and giving them the honor. If you are coming up with the ideas to give them a frame of their photo or an artwork you need to be very careful with the image you are choosing as the image which shows their dog in a happy and healthy state will be really beneficial

2 Hallmark:

dog loss gift

“Love is a four-legged word.”

When we love someone, we try to keep every little detail of theirs to ourselves and most importantly we try to remember those little information about them. Similar case can be seen with the dog lovers too. They love their pet to the extent where they also celebrate their birthdays and it should not be astonishing at all because they too are one of our kind.

Giving pet owners something like their first paw print in clay and creating a memorial stone out of it would be a great gift to present to your friend or family and placing it in the garden besides their favourite would just be a aww moment for them.

3 Photo Album:

dog loss gift

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

We all are aware of the fact that whenever we choose to walk down a memory lane it is not possible for us to step down one staircase and hence we are all left with sweet memories and a tear drops of happiness. Keeping this in mind how one album can emotionally handle one person it is a best dog loss gift to present to someone.

We can make a collection of our favourite photographs of the pet and owner together or simply some individual photographs of pet that are obviously are from our happy places and memories and can paste it in scrapbook or keep it in a photo album.


4 Customized gift:

dog loss gift

Thank you for your kindness & compassion.

We as humans feel connected to something instantly that belongs to us. We want to take control of everything that we love and name it as ours. It’s like having a puppet who allows his owner to take control of his life. It is in our habit to put a label on everything that we own or what we feel like that is ours whether it is humans or dogs. Customized gifts can be best dog loss gift.

Keeping this in mind, it gives best ideas for personalised pet loss gifts. On a special order we can ask to produce a blanket using an image of the pet and can call it as pet memorial blanket or can ask for a pillow with an embroidery design with an image of a pet.

5 Covering a Wall:

Living Room Walls

Excuse the mess children are making memories

We all have that one big wall in our common living room that we preserve for hanging photo frames. We put photos in the frame of those whom we truly love and are a huge part of our life and we all have this little obsession that the center of attraction of the viewer would be a large photo of the one whom we love the most and small photos will be surrounding that particular. And for sure that whole wall is not covered up but if it so then also we can make up some room for our beloved pet.

Taking our most favourite photo of our album and deciding a suitable frame for it keeping the free space on our wall in our mind and making it the heart of surrounding photo frames. Photo frames are among best options for dog loss gift.

6 Wind Chimes:

dog loss gift

“In loving memory of our precious baby, gone to play with the Angels.”

Wind Chimes are always popular in demand. These have no end that it would become out of fashion in the future. Having something natural what people desires and these are something that produces sound of their own with the help of the wind.

So keeping this in mind we can give someone an engraved wind chimes as a pet memorial wind chimes. On a popular belief it is said that these are popular among those who have lost someone they love the most because the sound that is produced with the chimes reminds them of those who have passed away or represents that their loved one’s are watching on them from heaven.

7 Keychain:

dog loss gift

“You left prints on my heart.”

If you want to keep the only memory of your pet with yourself always with you then you can see this as the best gift for someone whose dog has just died. Keychain can be very comforting. Choosing a keychain is not an easy task. You have to be very careful with the pick up option.

There are wide varieties of keychain for example paw print shape keychain with an opening for a picture in it or a simple keychain decorated with animal-shape. You can also use customised keychain by engraving the name of pet on it or putting a 3D image on it. It tis the best dog loss gift that can be gifted.

8 Jewelry:

dog loss gift

“If love would have saved you, you would have lived forever.”

People after pets or humans fall in love mostly with the jewellery. As in this case you can present the owner with a charm bracelet having a paw print or dog food bowl or bone. For something creative you can engrave the name of the pet on the bone. Not only this you can have name of their pet engraved on a pendant thing and even on a ring and making it as a pet memorial jewellery. It is the best of the best dog loss gift.

9 Social Work:

dog loss gift

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

Social work always brings peace and happiness with itself. It’s true when someone says that social work can only bring out something good of itself.
When the people we love the most dies to cure up with that loss it’s always good to start some social work as in giving clothes to the orphanages for the orphans.
As for now in this case you can donate some food or money to a local animal shelter in your city in their name. You can surely do this on an yearly basis.

10 Contributing to Nature:

dog loss gift

“Be kind to everything that lives.”

Since self-involvement is a big thing nowadays that we have been ignorant to the nature and the people also. It’s never too late to contribute a little from your side to the nature and showing everyone a gesture that you care for your surroundings.

So on this note, you can plant a sapling to give them honour in their favourite park. Or where they both go to walk or to spend the time together for the activities which involves both of them as in play.

11 A Storybook:

dog loss gift

“You can never go wrong adding a dog to the story.”

As a children we all are fond of the stories or a bedtime stories. And even on this day we love to listen to them or something different that soothes our ear. So, on this note you can make a personalized storybook featuring the owner and the pet dog, showing their adventure on a separate storyline.


dog loss gift

“Life is only as good as the company you keep.”

As we talk about something that interests us in reading there also comes up different quotes on dog that can soothe your ears. We can engrave those saying on something and then present it to your friend or family in the name of pet memorial sayings.

13 One with a Fur:

dog loss gift

You were my favorite Hello & hardest goodbye.

Now this is for particular. If their dog was hairy enough or just say that they were fond of their fur so they love to preserve it. Now on this note those fur can be very useful as a presenting it as a gift to their owner. You can take that fur and frame it and can call pet memorial frames and place it on your bedside table or you can make a pendant out of that fur that will be something unique you would be giving it to someone.

14 One with a Bookmark:

dog loss gift

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

As we have already discussed how you can create their own scrapbooks or personalised storybooks because of the interests. On the same note we can also make a personalized bookmark or a memorable one with a loving poems about dogs or some pictures on it. A bookmark can prove it’s worth as one of the unique dog loss gift.

15 One with all Uniqueness:

dog loss gift

No longer by our side, but always in our hearts.

Being unique doesn’t mean that gift has to be useless. You can still take care of the fact that the gift is useful. You can give them personalised coasters or a bottle opener with an image on it as we are honouring them with unique pet memorial gifts.


We can simply observe in our daily life that whether it be your pet living with you or the memories of your lovable pet crossing through your mind, both are equally precious for us.
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