Simple Art of Pencil Sketches : 6 Pro Tips

If you are looking for a way to express yourself and can’t find any, do not panic. Art always comes to your rescue. For ages, artists have served as the sources of inspiration to us and undoubtedly they’ll continue to do so. Art helps you live in a world that’s...

How to Easily Draw with Pencil Colors? (2020)

A well defined, well- presented art not only provides a captivating view for eyes but also provides a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Different types of arts can be depicted by using a variety of artistic materials and tools. Among different materials used to...

Realistic Charcoal Portraits from Photos: 8 Reasons Why?

The Charcoal Portrait or Sketch is a type of dry art medium made of finely ground organic materials that are kept together by a gum or wax binder or created without the use of binders by removing the oxygen within the material during the process. These charcoals are...

Handmade Oil Paintings from Photos: 9 Occasions to Gift

Ever been in a position where you were unable to decide what to gift your son on his first birthday, or confused between dresses for your wife on your 25th anniversary or any other such occasion? If the answers to them are a yes, then we are here with some amazing...

Era of Romanticism: The Golden Period of Art

ERA OF ROMANTICISM INTRODUCTION I’AMOUR !! AMOUR!! The language of LOVE in the 18th Century – ROMANTICISM. The Romantic Era was an artistic ,literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe. Romanticism laid emphasis on warmth and originality as...

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