If you are looking for a way to express yourself and can’t find any, do not panic. Art always comes to your rescue. For ages, artists have served as the sources of inspiration to us and undoubtedly they’ll continue to do so. Art helps you live in a world that’s entirely your own and it’s beautiful. No one should be allowed to take that feeling away from you, not even yourself.

The drawings characterized are really cool and intriguing. Getting a pencil sketch done or creating one yourself might not be the greatest thing ever but it sure is a great experience. You meet a lot of people in your life. Some you remember, some you don’t. Who’s the one person you think you can never forget? They are iconic, obviously. It’s not always elephantine things or big gestures that make people iconic, it’s the little deeds that lead onto bigger things. Kind of like, drops in the ocean.

You can’t forget the people who have made you feel loved or wanted one or the other time in your life. They are so special to you. It might be a book they gifted you which kind of ties the two of you with an invisible string or little words of wisdom. They are a million ways to show you love someone and trust me, making them a drawing is the best one. You love yourself. Hell, make yourself a drawing of you or just a little sketch would do wonders too, in my opinion.

Deep in your mind, you love the idea of a drawing, right? So, let that thought come to the surface. Do it if it makes you happy. Do not overthink it. It’s these little moments of happiness you’re gonna cherish all your life.

Art of Pencil Sketch in brief

Art, like everything else, isn’t limited to what a certain person might think. It involves a lot of forms, all of them different but still alike in some way or the other. Well, the point is you’ve got to decide what you like and it’s not a cakewalk exactly. Let me tell you a secret, there’s no scarcity of styles when it comes to art. If you want to learn the art of making a pencil sketch or drawing, this is the right place for you. No worries because we’ve got you covered.

While each art form has its own uniqueness and importance that might differ in the war of opinions, you should know what you want and what you find fascinating. I think the one art form that every person would probably want to begin their artist phase pencil sketch.


History of Pencil sketch

Dance in the Country : History of Pencil Sketches

Dance in the Country : History of Pencil Sketches

The history of pencil dates back to the Greek Golden Age. They are appealing to artists because of their unique nature, vivid shades, and they can resist decay for a long time. It was documented by a Roman scholar, Pliny the Elder.

Commendably, pencil sketch is an art form that has seen tremendous growth and popularity among the artist community in recent times. It is simple and chic. It is popular because people feel a certain kind of familiarity because of close contact with it as a kid. And tell me, who in this world does not crave intimacy, be it of any kind.

How to : Pencil sketch

Pencil Sketch from Photo

Pencil Sketch from Photo

Wanna sharpen your pencil sketching skills? But a deficit of sketching tips clenching you back from undertaking on your sketching quest? Don’t worry we have come to back you up on this. We have aggregated the trips and tricks used by professionals so that you can use them in your drawings.

These tips can be used by beginners and also intermediate artists. Grab your pencils and sketch notebook ready and prepare yourself to know what you need to know about sketching as a beginner.


1) Sort your pencils

There’s a big difference between 4B and 4H.

Possessing the best pencil for your drawings is important. The hardness of the graphite is specified on the body of the pencil: ‘B’ pencils are softer, ‘H’ is for harder, and ‘HB’ is in the midway of both – consequently, there’s a huge distinction that you can notice in the strokes of 4H and a 4B. Profound artists recommend starting around on the H scale for the start and at the time of completing with the darker B scale.

In the beginning, it’s recommended you should use mechanical pencils as well as the wooden ones. Mechanical pencils are generally characterized to get accuracy whereas conventional pencils will help you better in adding finishing strokes in your drawing.  Always remember that most mechanical pencils have a similar variety of graphite lead in them.

2) Don’t commit on an early stage

After you commence with a pencil drawing always try to avoid devoting ahead of time into thick, dark lines. After every minor improvement, you should know that these lines will also shift, so you should constantly survey and find any place for revisions. When you’re at the completion of your drawing and put more effort into your lines. Try not to pay attention only one part so you don’t overdo that part.

3) Perpetually review and recheck your work

Pencil Sketch from Photo

Pencil Sketch from Photo

This is a habit you should develop to avoid last-minute errors. The nastiest aspect of the details is not to imagine them. Make certain that things are equalized and look good before you put sharper and heavier lines. With the rechecks, you can be sure that you are heading the right way. This habit will save you a lot of time as you can find out any small errors before they turn into huge mistakes. Therefore it’s said that equanimity is needed to become a good artist.

4) Don’t let pencil blots ruin the drawing

As an amateur, you will have to be careful with this one. This is possibly the best advice for beginners as I was starting my drawing career. In order to keep it right, I put a piece of paper under my hand so it will prevent the smudging in the drawing.

5)  Get several perspectives

The next incredible advice for learners is to ever see your pencil sketch through a camera and another standpoint. In this manner, you will learn about different viewpoints of the sketch and will easily distinguish if something is improper with it.

6) Recognize when you are done

Pencil Sketch from Photo

Pencil Sketch from Photo

The final and one of the most vital suggestion is to know when to finish with your pencil sketch. Realizing when you are done is a difficult decision to make for an artist. It is crucial to think back that drawing can be overstated. If you assert it is executed, then leave it be. Start doing something new or another drawing.

So start by implementing these tips and you will start getting better results. Learning any kind of art takes time and you need to give time to that art to become adroit in it. Practice your strokes before going for a full-fledged drawing.


1) They do not require intensive care. Also, they are portable and lightweight.

2) It is comparatively more non-messy when compared to other mediums.

3) It is highly realistic.

We highly recommend the pencil sketch because it’s really cool and an absolutely flattering way to capture your most cherished memories. Also, it’s relatively easy and would be a good start for a beginner in art.

Comparison with other art forms

Charcoal drawings do not last for long. It can be erased and smudged easily. It sits on the paper and is plainly black.

If you are looking forward to creating a drawing, a pencil one would be appropriate. It binds more with the paper and cannot be smudged or erased easily. They won’t fall off the paper. They also provide us with a highly glossy finish.

Frankly, oil paintings have a lot of perks and almost no perils at all except one- it is not budget-friendly. They last a hundred years. They do not fade away. It also has a relatively higher perceived value than other art forms. But all of this does not matter if you are not willing to spend extra hours practicing this one because it is difficult.

On the contrary, you do not have to worry a lot when it comes to pencil sketches. It would be a hell lot easier than an oil painting. And it is a good start, trust me.


So, now that we’ve come towards the end of this article, I hope you have become well aware of the details of getting a pencil sketch. And I really hope you liked them and they piqued your interest.

Do not worry if you cannot make beautiful drawings in the beginning. Practice helps in such cases. I am sure a little bit of practice will help you and eventually you will create a masterpiece. Best wishes for your new undertaking. Hope you’ll love the experience.

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