Being in love is indeed one of the best feelings ever. A wedding embarks the union of this love on a journey of togetherness. A wedding provides a perfect occasion for dressing to your best, dancing to your favourite tunes, enjoying the yummy dishes and of course, for showing your love and admiration to the newlyweds. The wedding season is just going to commence with the winter approaching nearly.

Though you enjoy the buffet at weddings, at the same time getting at the ideal wedding gifts can ascertain to be a tedious chore. The age-old cash envelopes once a usual gift have run out of trend. Also if the bride and groom are your close friends you would like to get them something a little more significant and personal that will immortalise in their memories. So it’s better to present a customised memento that forever provokes those comfortable rememberings even after years.

No matter, if it’s an economical or just a neat item the feeling behind the present and the additional undertaking makes it a lot more important. That’s why a personalized gift is certainly an excellent idea for such events.

Wedding gifts showcase our admiration for the couple and in a way helps in strengthening the love they share with each other. You definitely wish to bring joy and smiles to your beloved couples’ faces. What could be a sweeter way of congratulating the lovebirds on their special day other than presenting exciting and adorable wedding gifts?

Deciding perfect wedding gifts is not an easy task and you really need to do a lot of brainstorming. After all, you aim to make them feel special and loved. You need to think of something which is not only personal and heart-warming but also pocket -friendly for you.

So if you are looking for such great ideas that are fun and creative, then do check out these wedding gift ideas that are sure to give you an edge over the other guests.


1. Customized Perfumes

Customized Perfumes as Wedding GIfts

Customized Perfumes

Proposing an exotic perfume is often deemed to be an excellent notion. You can go for the stores that offer the assistance of preparing a customized scent based on the client’s input. Do some conventional inspection about the bride and groom`s favorite aromas and amaze them with this generous gift.


2. A Custom Couple Portrait

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

We provide the amazing couple of portraits that make perfect wedding gifts to be cherished lifelong. Our couple portraits aid in immortalizing the memories of love in your hearts forever. The handmade couple portraits which we make with love are equivalent to the perfect masterpieces.

The artistic touch in our couple portraits makes excellent artwork.


3. Etched Wooden Box

Etched Wooden Box

Etched Wooden Box

This gorgeous and fashionable gift stands out of all the presents. Get a gorgeous engraved wooden package and transmit your wishes to the freshly started family. In the future, the box can be used for storing jewelry at the same time also recalling the new couple of your love and marriage wishes.


4. Personalized Champagne Bottle

Personalized Champagne Bottle

Personalized Champagne Bottle

Cheers to the new and fresh beginning of their life long journey of togetherness

An all-time traditional and emotional wedding gift, but a personalized statement make it even better, particularly when it’s printed on a red, pink or golden label and captions a great design. Add a set of champagne flutes as generously.


5. A Vase

Personalized Vase

Personalized Vase

Clasping all those N digits of bouquets at a time appears to be a bit common. So why not be the one to offer them an excellent remedy by giving a painting. This vase is all they want to hold all those flowers in and also a true channel for your regards and wishes. They will surely appreciate you for this incredible choice



6. Lookalike Lego Figurines

Lookalike Lego Figurines

Lookalike Lego Figurines

An unimaginable and exceptional gift that the bride and groom can cherish for years to come. Get LEGO figurines and make them always look like the newlyweds even after days, months and years. This super original present can be avail with minimum effort in any gift store. Just carve their names after that and you’re all set.


7. Custom Celebratory Slate

Custom Celebratory Slate

Custom Celebratory Slate

An astounding and unique wedding gift for the happy couple at Personal Creations. Nothing sets in stone, except maybe your heartfelt wedding wishes, and this customized gift can be a way then. You can find these here.



8. Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

A romantic and beautiful piece of gift for the bridegrooms that they can admire for the rest of their life. If you have good funding then you can get a piece of personalized identical gold chain and bracelets, with the bride`s and groom`s names inscribed on them, they will surely love that.


9. Custom Soap Bars

Custom Soap Bars

Custom Soap Bars

Getting soap bars customized with words is relatively simple and can be accomplished online in just a jiffy. You can also select specific elements and aromas to fully make the gift unique.

10. Clock with a Satire

Clock With a Satire

Clock With a Satire

An effortless, pocket-friendly and humorous gift to present. Caricatures can create everything more fascinating. Comprehend the couple`s excitement and chuckles when they see their faces caricatured that placed on a clock.

A Handmade Couple Portrait: Gift of a Lifetime

Professional Portrait Painting

Professional Portrait Painting

A couple of portraits bind the love and emotions in a single frame making a perfect wedding gift which makes the memories last forever.

As a wedding guest’s always the pressure of giving a present which makes you stand out of others. Till now we have come across various wonderful and creative wedding gifts for your beloved couple, but a couple of portraits is indeed one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts for presenting someone on their wedding.

What could be a better present than gifting a handmade couple portrait? It’s the time to celebrate the wedding by presenting amazing and heart touching handmade couple portrait. It proves to be a symbol of their forever journey together from this special day. A couple of portrait captures the beauty of the relationship and makes it alive on the canvas in a creative way. It turns out to be a perfect choice for reliving the special memories again and again.

How to get a perfect wedding portrait?

Perfect Wedding Gift

Perfect Wedding Gift

Pick a photo from their engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot and get it to convert into a beautiful couple portrait which will mesmerize them. The fascinating couple portrait will accompany the new couple in their journey of a lifetime and will act as an endless reminder of their love for one another. Nothing can beat the true charm of couple portraits as they are indeed thoughtful, creative, and personal wedding gifts. The couple will certainly use this fantastic portrait as a decor item in their home and whenever they see it their love will blossom.

With the help of these amazing couple, portraits let’s show you can show your love and convey your best wishes and regards on the day of their marriage. Out of all the wedding gifts that the couple receives on their wedding, the handmade portrait of the couple will surely earn you brownie points.

Okay, now you have understood that undoubtedly couple portraits make excellent wedding gifts for this important occasion. Your next step is to search for a place where you could get the people of portraits. Well, there’s no need of thinking so much about this as BookMyPaintings provide a one-stop destination for wonderful couple portraits.

BookMyPainting is a real platform that provides an incredible range of couple portraits with different art styles. The artwork of our creative team is great and impressive.

We provide a wide array of art styles that will surely touch your hearts. Our art styles include :

  • Oil portraits -The oil portraits made by us are close to reality and authentically beautiful. The beautiful strokes will indeed make you nostalgic.
  • Pencil ketch portraits- These portraits show great contrast which makes them classic. The artistic strokes reflect the memories.
  • Line art portraits – A perfect artistic work that will remain constant in their beautiful journey of life.
  • Pencil color sketches -The handmade portraits made by pencil colours are made by taking minute details in account.
  • Watercolor portraits- Colourfully relive the beautiful moment’s portraits.
  • Charcoal sketches- Why don’t you walk down memory lane with our creative artworks. The perfect dark and light shades impart refinement to the couple portraits.
  • Mixed media art styles – A combination of different art styles results in an excellent piece of art.

Why so Special?

Our handmade couple portraits are artworks which will impress you.

Along with this remarkable couple, portraits come love and personal touch which cannot be matched with anything. Our hand-painted a couple of portraits help in the celebration of the special moments which matter most to you.

So if you want to broaden the smile of the bride and groom, then just present the beautiful handmade couple portrait which will make their already special day more special. It’s our work to create a masterpiece which will reflect not only their love for each other but also your love and affection for them.

This amazing gift will always remind a couple of your love for them. It’s time to give aaa heartfelt and intimate wedding gift to the special temple on the auspicious occasion. Our couple portrait help in recreating the memories of their pure love. We capture the most precious moments of your life in our canvas for cherishing them a lifetime. We at Bookpaintings are a team of professional artists who believe in bringing joy to your life by celebrating your special moments.



Get in touch with us and embark on your iffiness or ur lively outstanding art pieces make us win your hearts always.

Let’s bring the memories back to life with our finest artworks and the fragrance of love spread.

We aim in providing the best work to you as in your satisfaction lies our happiness. Our customer services are outstanding which meets all your needs. We provide you with marvelous couple portraits which help you in showering your appreciation and love with a perfect masterpiece. Let BookMyPaintings accompany you in your path of making the couple feel special on their wedding day.

You will be loved for your choice of these impressive couple portraits as wedding gifts, in return, you will fall in love with us.

We aim at creating timeless art pieces that stays with you till the end in a unique journey of life.

Just opt for an art style and size which suits you best and upload the photo. Place an order with us and our talented artists generate a fabulous masterpiece for you. We provide worldwide shipping and delivery at your doorstep, so you need not worry about anything.


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