15 Memorable Cat Loss Gift

The love for pets is the purest form of love. People spend much of their time with their pets and when they lose them it becomes a terribly sad and painful experience. When someone loses the ones they love, we often show support by giving them memorable cat loss gift...

10 Reasons to Buy Charcoal Drawing (Right Now)

Charcoal drawing is one of the art mediums used by the artist to gain natural art. We are going to look for a good reasons to buy charcoal drawing. Being an old school romantic is what everyone wants nowadays in any artistic field and when it comes to drawing why to...

15 Famous Landscape Paintings From Art History

In this blog, I wanna talk about some famous landscape paintings. Whereas portrait paintings are portrayal of humane beauty, Landscape painting is a visual art genre, where natural topography is portrayed, and maybe a metaphorical representation of personage. Though...

10 Famous Portrait Paintings from Art History

Paintings are not just a piece of art that looks good, a painting evokes emotions from within. The emotions are poured out from the soul of an artist into its painting and it touches the viewer’s heart. Among various types of paintings like landscape paintings,...

Father’s Day

For all the supermen of our lives, Father’s Day is the day to honor all the fathers in the world for everything they did for their children and family. This occasion is celebrated to express gratitude towards our fathers for all their love and affection. This day is...

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