Revolutionary History of Watercolor Painting (2020)

How did Watercolour Painting emerged In fine art painting, the word ‘Watercolour’ indicates an art medium in which color tints are border in water-soluble agents. Initially, these binders were animal adhesives or certain sugars, but presently the common...

How to Easily Leash Train A Dog? (Best Method in 2020)

We often look for a reliable answer to our question regarding how to leash train a dog. Teaching a dog anything but also how to stroll on a leash is considered an important technique you can develop in your dog. Not only does strolling your dog provides a much-needed...

Wonderful Wedding Gifts For The Newlywed in 2021

Being in love is indeed one of the best feelings ever. A wedding embarks the union of this love on a journey of togetherness. A wedding provides a perfect occasion for dressing to your best, dancing to your favourite tunes, enjoying the yummy dishes and of course, for...

Romantic Couple Gifts: Best Ideas for 2021

Nothing is as beautiful as two people madly in love making the perfect couple. The love and warmth of their relationship spread its fragrance around all their near and dear ones. What could be more heartwarming than bringing a smile on the face of your favorite couple...

Christmas Around the World : Celebrations in 2020

The festival of Christmas which falls on 25th December annually marks the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Though the festival is predominantly celebrated by the Christian population yet we more than often notice that the festive decorations are done and sumptuous meals...

10 Famous Oil Paintings from Art History

Oil painting on Canvas is the process by which pigments are painted with a drying oil medium as a binder. linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil are commonly used drying oils. The choice of oil imparts to the oil paint a number of properties, such...

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