Nothing is as beautiful as two people madly in love making the perfect couple. The love and warmth of their relationship spread its fragrance around all their near and dear ones. What could be more heartwarming than bringing a smile on the face of your favorite couple within minutes? Why don’t you try presenting a gift which will instantly make them happy? By presenting couple gifts, you show your token of love and appreciation for your beloved couple.

So do you really need an occasion to shower your love for your favorite couple?

Well honestly speaking there’s no need for a special occasion to show your deep affection to people whom you love, but yes there are few significant events which hold special importance in everyone’s life, especially when talking about two love birds The few special occasions on which you can present couple gifts to a couple for making their special day more joyous are :

1. Engagement

Couple Gifts for Engagement Ceremony

Couple Gifts for Engagement Ceremony

So your best friend called you to tell the most exciting news that he/she is getting engaged. Wow, you are like super excited and you can’t wait to congratulate the duo. Why not meet the couple -to – be with a congratulatory couple gift. It is going to be a tricky task as this will be your first gift for their first occasion as a couple.

And as the event is precious, so the gift which you are going to present should be extra precious for they will remember it throughout the whole journey of togetherness. Couple gifts for this special occasion can include:

  • A set of Champagne flutes – cheers to a new beginning for the happy couple.
  • Beautifully decorated flower vases – in which they can accumulate all the flowers which they get ( they won’t be able to thank you enough for such s thoughtful idea).
  • Wax congrats candles – it’s the celebration of the beginning of a new love story, so let’s illuminate this special day with these beautiful candles.
  • Crystal Ring holder dish – Won’t they love you for such a beautiful gift that will keep their precious rings safe forever.
  • A couple portrait – To celebrate their new start together.
  • Couple hand casting – the impression of their hands holding each other – an amazing symbol for their togetherness forever.

2. Wedding 

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

What can be more special in someone’s life than his/her wedding day? A wedding is the beginning of a life long commitment. Wedding signifies the union of two souls who are ready to embark on their forever journey together. Its time to make this already special day more special by surprising the new couple with amazing couple gifts for weddings.

These gifts symbolize our genuine love for the newlywed couple. The best all-time wedding gifts which will surely make both bride and groom happy include :

  • Personalized world tour plan – An amazing delightful gift for making their journey perfect.
  • A handmade couple portrait – It’s time to present a long-lasting souvenir on this special day.
  • A bucket list poster- This gift will surely increase their excitement and happiness.
  • A honeymoon package- After the wedding, what is next that requires lots of thought process. Yes of course it’s the honeymoon. Watch the sparkling happiness in the eyes of your favorite couple by gifting them honeymoon tickets at their favorite locations.
  • Personalized gift boxes—What could be more awesome than making a collection of all small things which they both love and gifting them everything all together.
  • Personalized love mugs- Every time the couple will make use of these love mugs, they will definitely recollect all the special memories of this day.

3. Anniversary

A Memory Into a Gift

A Memory Into a Gift

Anniversaries celebrate the love and commitment of a couple to each other. Anniversaries are a momentous occasion for a couple. Obviously, on this special day, you would wish to gift something which will leave a lasting impression on the couple and they will definitely remember you whenever the gift catches their eyes. A few of the best couple gifts which will broaden the smile on both the partners’ faces are:-

  • A couple portrait -A portrait from a picture of their wedding day could really touch the hearts of the couple.
  • Love tokens – Let the love of a couple grow stronger as the tokens help them to shower their love on each other.
  • Various home appliances which suit their choice and needs.
  • Beautiful flower bouquets- To help them celebrate the fragrance of their love.
  • An anniversary journal- This unique gift will occupy a special place in the hearts of every couple. The celebration of all their anniversaries can be beautifully written and collected in a single book to relive all those precious moments again and again.

4. House warming parties 

Memorable Housewarming Gift

Memorable Housewarming Gift

Moving into a new house is undoubtedly a milestone to achieve for a couple. It’s a fresh new chapter in their journey together. Every one of us likes to celebrate this priceless occasion with the family members as well as friends. Congratulating them and giving our warm wishes is absolutely our duty as their well-wisher.

And presenting them a gift will surely double their happiness.. House warming presents gives a feeling of home to a house. A thoughtful, practical, and creative gift will surely win your hearts by the new house owners. You can go for various couple gifts which will enhance their happiness for a new start in their new home:

  • A wall painting – which decorates the beautiful new walls.
  • A customized couple portrait-What could be more heartwarming than their couple portrait in their new home celebrating their togetherness.
  • Personalized door mats- Let the couple welcome people in their new homes by this wonderful doormat.
  • Customized kitchen appliances like cutting boards and wine glasses-These will surely delight the couple.
  • Scented candles -To spread the perfect fragrance and aroma in a new home and can be used as an item of décor.
  • Personalized wooden nameplate- Beautifully crafted names plates with the name of the couple is really a great choice for a housewarming gift.

How to get the best Couple Portrait?

Professional Portrait Painting

Professional Portrait Painting

Deciding on couple gifts isn’t an easy task and it requires lots of thought processes. After all, your aim is to show your gesture of love and provide a feeling of little warmth and love to the couple. Till now we have come across various couple gifts for different occasions.

Did you notice one thing that whatever be the occasion, a couple of portraits always remains a center of attraction? Besides other couple gifts, a couple portrait turns to be the perfect choice for you to showcase your love to the couple. A gift which the couple will cherish for many years to come and which will constantly remind them of your love .

You will definitely receive appreciation for your choice of a handmade couple portrait as a couple gift. This will not only be the remainder of their love for each other but also your love for them. Couple portraits are lively art pieces that will meltdown even the hardest of hearts. Couple portraits allow the people to immortalize the beautiful love which they share in form of a lifelong memory.

So now we have realized the importance of couple portraits as a gift to our loved ones, our next thought runs in search of a platform which can help us to present this stunning gift. Obviously, you are thinking from where you could get these couple portraits to broaden the smiles on their faces. Well, you need not ponder so much on thus this topic as is here to rescue you from the trouble of arranging a perfect couple portrait.

What do we do at BookMyPainting?

A Handmade Couple Portrait from BookMyPainting

A Handmade Couple Portrait from BookMyPainting

We at BookMyPaintings provide you with a wide range of art styles to simply beautify your moments in a unique and special way. The art styles range from simple to complex making an amazing couple portrait. You can choose from a variety of styles like :

Oil paintings- oil portraits are made in layers and give depth to the paintings. Every minute detail is highlighted in these portraits to bring reality in its appearance.

  • Charcoal sketches- If you want to relive those black and white old days, then our charcoal sketches provide you this amazing opportunity. The combination of perfect black and white with light and dark shades makes one of the few wonderful couple gifts for you to present. Give a charcoal sketch couple portrait to your grandparents and you will be delighted to see the happiness in their eyes..
  • Pencil sketches-Surprise your loved ones with the beautiful pencil sketch couple portraits see the emotions and feelings running.
  • Pencil colors sketches – Colored pencil portraits are a medium for attaining perfection in the portraits. All the portraits are drawn uniquely showing a perfect piece of artwork. Our love combined with these color pencils results in a truly amazing portrait which will make you smile instantly.
  • Watercolors – Let’s add calmness and freshness to your couple portraits through watercolors. Paint the beautiful moments of your life with watercolors turning it into your special possession.
  • Mix media paintings- A mixture of different media along worth our creativity makes perfect couple portraits.
  • Line art – This art style provides a budget-friendly option and minute details are taken into account.
  • Our 100% hand-painted portraits will surely earn you praises for choosing these as your couple gifts. Give people a gift full of love, warmth, affection, and admiration.

We offer our utmost dedication in every masterpiece which will make you fall in love with our portraits. Your search for thoughtful and genuine couple gifts end here and we welcome you to a world of fantastic artistic portraits. We aim to bind together all the love, emotions, feelings, moments together in a single frame for you to cherish those memories again and again.

Choose your favorite memory and see it convert into a couple of paintings to feel its essence every day.You will definitely love our work the same way as your beloved couple will love your choice of gift. You have to just choose the art style of your choice, the size which suits you the best, upload your photos and place the order.

Our talented artists will creatively make a piece of art for you which is definitely not less than a true masterpiece. Then just remain worry-free as we provide fast shipping all over the globe with delivery at your doorstep. You will get wonderful artwork just in the comfort of your home.


Connect with us and we provide you a sure journey of happiness and satisfaction. Let your moments stay with you till eternity with our couple portraits. We will add light to your every special occasion with our best couple portraits. Our finest artistic couple portraits given as couple gifts will make your already special events more joyful, touching, and yes a bit more special.

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