Blood in Dog Stool: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Now like normal human beings, dogs also get sick. And seeing blood in your pet’s stools can be a frightening and panicky situation at first but you should immediately see a veterinarian to know the cause for it. While it may seem a little unpleasant, correctly...

Dog Adoption in United States – The Complete Process

Usually, the most difficult or most challenging part of adopting a dog is the adoption process. The process is pretty easy once you get to know what to expect. If you are one of those individuals who think that the dog adoption process is too tedious, or that there...

National Dog Day in 2020 (United States)

National dog day in the United States is celebrated on August 26th every year. Also known as dog appreciation day, this day encourages dog owners of all breeds. It is a day for people to recognize the importance of dogs and how they impact their lives on a daily...

10 Purr-fect Cat House DIY Ideas

Cats are natural-born chasers that love the great outdoors, yet they need spots to take cover from the elements, as well. Possibly you’d prefer to give your feline a cozy hideaway in your lawn, or maybe you want to ensure the local wanderer has a warm spot to...

10 Creative DIY Dog House Ideas

Your dog gives you unconditional love and affection on a daily basis. For any pet lover, there’s always a special connection between you and your dog, and while toys and walks are a nice way to treat him, so why not show him some love by giving him a great outdoor...

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