How to Easily Cut Dog Nails? (2020)

Grooming has been an essential constituent of a sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. Animals humans or even plants, grooming enhances the appearance of any living being. When we talk about animals, the first one that comes to our minds is the “man’s best friend”, the...

How to Easily Clean Dog Ears? [2020]

Dogs. Your key to paradise. The company you wouldn’t trade the world for. The ones you can always lean on. You are always assured that someone is awaiting you back at home. And you know it’s them. They listen to you when no one else does. Their presence makes you...

International Dog Day 2021 : When, Why & How to celebrate?

POOCH PARTY !! DOG LOVERS, REJOICE !! August,26 is especially poignant for all dog lovers. It was started by the Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Collen Paige. We celebrate the special relationship that’s existed between humans and canine since the...

A Complete Dog Diet Guide in 2020

Almost everyone loves dogs. From a labrador or German Shepherd to toy dogs like chihuahua or Pomeranian or any kind, you adore the most. But how should we take care of their dog diet? Among the several issues new and professional dog owners have to face is a...

Cat Paintings: It’s a Purr-fect Gift (For Everyone)

When we talk about gifting someone a handmade cat painting we usually think for the innocence qand love. For handmade portrait painting, we decide whom to present it with such a beautiful gift and honorable gesture, but this cat painting confirms whomsoever it may be,...

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