August,26 is especially poignant for all dog lovers. It was started by the Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Collen Paige.

Happy International Dog Day

Happy International Dog Day

We celebrate the special relationship that’s existed between humans and canine since the dawn of time. It gives us the perfect opportunity to show our furry best friends just, how much we love them.

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Did somebody say DAWG DAY ??

Well, it was love at first BARK.

That four-footed furry deserves all love and value. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. Click here for National Dog Day

It s our favorite day of the year!

It s our favorite day of the year!

Dog Day, has been created so that all breeds of dogs are celebrated; mixed, and pure. Every day, these animals put their lives on the line.

This day helps to urge the public so that, we can recognize the no. of dogs that must be rescued on a yearly basis.

The day has been adopted around the world, and it is even written into legislation in New York, showing just how important it is. It marks the date when, Collen adopted her first family dog, SHELTIE.


Confused, over giving your dog a holistic spa treatment or even buying yourself and your dog matching t-shirts ?? Baby-sitting or gifting it a pet portrait ??

Well, let me make it easier for you. Here, are some suggestions of some ways to make the most of August,26th

  1. Donate food, toys, r even blankets to a dog rescue shelter or organization.
  2. Host a pet PLAYDATE – Does your dog have another furry best friend? Help them enjoy the holiday together by hosting a playdate.
  3. Give your pup a gift – maybe a new toy, a portrait, r a treat. Dogs Day, take advantage of the excuse and splurge for those fun pet gifts. Give your dog a long massage.
  4. Take your dog on a nice long WALK –Most dogs love exploring new and interesting places with their best friends. If there’s a downtown area, beach, or local trail you’ve been wanted to check out, take your dog with you.
  5. BAKE a dog-friendly TREAT – There’s a lot of recipes online for doggy cakes, homemade biscuits, and popsicles. It’s fun to make something homemade for your pet, and they’re sure to love whatever you give them.

Binge-Watch All Day


You can watch a dog movie. There are so many great films about dogs, so you should have no trouble finding one that you have not watched before.

Binge & Chill

Binge & Chill

OLD YELLER is an exemplary coming of age tale. You will go on an emotional journey as you understand the incredible bond between humans and their furry best friends.

Some other movie recommendations include Heart Of A Dog, Lassie Come Home, Lady, and the Tramp, Isle of Dogs, Togo, My Dog Tulip, Bolt, Sounder, and Megan Leavey.

There are many, many more, so get the popcorn in and spend the day binging on some dog films.


Many of us have whole albums dedicated to our pets. You can pick your favorites to help yourself in celebrating Dog Day.

These photos can be used for making portraits of all kinds. It brings Paw-positivity and happiness to your HOME.

I Woof You!

I Woof You!

You can also print out your favorites for a scrapbook, or turn them into a new travel mug.

And if you find your album lacking, make use of the holiday and do a photoshoot with your dog.

Do a Good Deed

  • Donate to an animal charity of your choice.
  • Give a dog a home that really needs it.
  • Adopt a dog from a rescue shelter in your local area.
  • Fundraising is another favor you can do for a dog.

Some Amazing Facts

Let’s take a look at some incredible facts about these amazing creatures.

  • The most successful hunter in the world is the AMERICAN HUNTING DOG.
  • SALUKI is the oldest dog breed. This breed dates back to 329BC.
  • The largest breed of dog is the IRISH WOLFHOUND.
  • The world’s smallest dog breed is the CHIHUAHUA.
  • The ST.BERNARD is the world’s heaviest breed.
  • Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds.
  • DACHSHUNDS were originally bred to fight badgers.
  • More than half of all U.S. presidents have owned dogs.s
  • Stray Dogs in Russia, have learned how to ride the complex subway system.
  • Dogs have at the. It helps to absorb scent chemicals.
  • LABRADORS have been the most popular breed in the United States for the last 26 years.
  • SPIKED COLLARS were originally fashioned in ancient Greece to protect dogs’ throats from wolf attacks.
  • The LUNDEHUNE breed has 6 toes and can close its ears.
  • Dogs do not have an appendix.
  • A one-year-old dog is as mature, physically, as a 15-year old human.
  • The Russians trained dogs during WWII to run suicide missions with mines strapped to their backs.
  • GIDGET is the name of the Taco Bell dog.
  • Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese.
  • A dog’s nose prints are as unique as a human’s fingerprints and can be used to accurately identify them.
  • Dogs have 3 eyelids. The third lid is a glittering membrane, which is known as HAW.
  • Shar – Peis and Chow Chows, a specific breed of dogs. They have black tongues.
  • 30% of Dalmatians are deaf in one ear.


If you’re a dog parent or a dog lover, you know how your furry friends can lighten up your mood within seconds. Every day is special with dogs. But, we choose this day to make them feel more special.

Woof! Sit! Stay! Roll Over! With your dog.

Have a Paw-sitive Day !!



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