Coloured Pencil Drawing


Colored Pencil drawing in these many years have evolved and has now become an important part of communication among people. Art has been in use from ages to express feelings, thoughts and observations of an individual.  Art is so underrated to be believed that it is a form of communication. Artists through their art, always intend to communicate what they feel, what they think. They never fail to provide a meaningful message to their viewers. Therefore, artists tend to gather focus on the most common issues, for the betterment of mankind.

Pet Colored Pencil Drawing

Pet Colored Pencil Drawing

Even colored pencil drawing landscapes do carry some meaning with itself.Besides their this much importance in the broadest sense, art can also be seen as a figure of calmness. People love to treat their eyes with something filled up with colours. Art helps you to create your own little perspective of the world. With drawing, world is at our fingertips. We can mould the characters, stories in our favor.


Art tools for Colored Pencil Drawings

When we discuss about art what we need the most is to decide, which form of art style to adopt. With the time passing by, we have come across so many different art styles, that it is no longer a piece of cake to adopt an art style. Talking about different art styles, we can give a look to readers about options available for art styles. We have charcoal drawing, oil painting, pencil sketch, watercolour drawing, line art drawing and pencil colour sketch. These art styles has also been evolved with the art itself.

Each art styles has its own importance from the medieval time or long before the beginning of an era. Among these art styles, there is one art style that is familiar to us from our childhood and that is an awesome colored pencil drawing.


Coloured Pencil Sketch

Handmade Colored Pencil Drawing

Handmade Colored Pencil Drawing

Just like any other forms of art styles, colored pencil drawing projects is also experiencing a whole new level of applaud from all the artists around the globe. This is one of the art style that we are familiar to, from the time when we were kids. The astonishing part about pencil colour art is that, in these years not only among the children but also among the crowd of artists, they have grown potentially and evolved in such a way that has proven it’s worth.

As a matter of chance, as a kid everyone has a degree of familiarity with a colored pencil drawing art style. But that we used as a children to fill up our drawing books is far different from the ones that are being used by professional artist for their professional handmade portrait.

Color Pencils for Fine Artists:

As everyone as a kid has experienced drawing with colored pencil drawings, so they have some familiarity with the use of pencil colors. But as said above, there is a vast difference between the one’s used by kids and the one’s used by professional artist. They use the pencil colour of the quality that contains a relatively higher degree of wax and pigment than the coloured pencils used by children. These type of pencil colour allow a rich, classy and luminescent colour. Artistic pencil colour provide a finished drawing that can be really smooth and pigmented that they will resemble to photos.

Art Tools for Colored Pencil Drawing

Art Tools for Colored Pencil Drawing

Artistic colored pencils are those which are lightfast, that is, they are not prone to discolour when exposed to light. These pencils can be sharpen to points that allow for putting exquisite details to the handmade portrait.


Which brand of a colour pencil to prefer?

Among all other pencil colour brands such as faber castle, doms and many other, the most in demand are prismacolor colored pencils. This is the most ideal brands which are preferred by beginners as well as the professional artist. Prismacolor pencils are made of soft wax and so they blend well with a buttery application.

Prismacolor pencils are so soft and behave in such a way unlike any other pencil colours in the market , that these pencil colours should be their own art medium. With a perfect use of application, prismacolor drawing can take on the appearance of a painting. The wax used in prismacolor pencils used to bind the pigments whereas faber castell on the other hand are hard pencils and give chalky finish rather than creamy finish.

The colours can be blended together to create more number of shades, tints and hues. In other words, you can easily draw with pencils that can easily be depicted with paints. With all the coloured pencils in use, these can be proven to create a variety of artworks such as whimsical, abstraction, photorealism and composite which is nothing but a combination of styles.


Advantages of Using Color Pencil:

Before any other benefit, people check their budget and if the portrait falls under that. So when choosing pencil colour you don’t need to worry about loosing your purse strings a little. Yes these give you a budget friendly portrait.

Now the next thing you would like to stress upon is that whether you can take them with yourself or not. As an artist, when you take a tour you want to capture all those scenery in your colours. So with this form of art style, pencil colours are portable and lightweight. They don’t require extra space in your backpack or intensive set up.

  • Usage of colored pencils are non-messy as compared to other art mediums.
  • To pack your settings of your art making sessions is as easy as it is to set up.
  • This is the only art style available in colour sketches.With using the correct brand of pencil colour, you can easily blend the colours and form more of new shades, tints and hues.
  • With pencil colour you can create a variety of artworks such as photorealism, whimsical and many more.
  • Pencil colour drawing provide high realism.
  • The cost of colored pencil portrait is much affordable than any other art style.

Now that we have learnt so much about pencil colour drawing we can easily distinguish them with other forms of art styles and you can easily choose between them.


Colour Pencil Drawing VS Charcoal Drawing:

We can look for similarities between these two art forms and can bring the best between the two of them. As the name suggests, they both produce different effects and results.

Family Colored Pencil Drawing

Family Colored Pencil Drawing

Charcoal Drawing:

The drawing made of charcoal sticks doesn’t long enough. Charcoal sits on the paper and is easily erasable and also they can be smudged off. Charcoal is easy to blend and also relatively easy to erase. Charcoal is a plain flat black.

Colored Pencil Drawing:

If you want a black and white portrait but you don’t want it in charcoal, you can always go for a black colored pencils. Coloured pencils with the oil or wax are known to bind more with the paper, and they are vulnerable to erasing or smudging and also will not fall off paper.


You can achieve a satin glossy finish or a shiny finish with a wax or an oil.


Colored Pencil Drawing VS Oil Painting:

Baby Colored Pencil Drawing

Baby Colored Pencil Drawing

Oil Painting:

As we knew, that oil paintings has higher perceived value than other mediums. Oil paintings last long enough, even for hundred years and they are not vulnerable to fade away with time. But a portrait with oil painting will make you loose your purse strings a little bit which is of course not very budget friendly to all.

Colored Pencil Drawing:

Well not to worry over budget, because with advancing in technology we are also advancing in a field of art. In older days, pencil colours use to fade away quickly and was vulnerable to light. But with advancement, we have such pencil colours that are lightfast which provide portrait with pencil colour to last long and would even last more if we put it behind UV glass.


 Colored Pencil Drawing VS Pencil Sketch:

Couple Pencil Color Portrait from Photo

Couple Pencil Color Portrait from Photo

Pencil Sketch:

These are the sketch available in black and white and would give a monochromatic touch to your lifestyle if you are having a dark furniture.


Colored Pencil Drawing:

These are the only coloured art style available in sketches. These provide high realism to the portrait. Pencil colour drawing is next affordable alternative to black and white pencil sketches.



Now that you are towards the end of the article, you have learnt why colored pencil sketch art style is better. Besides budget friendly they are also versatile. Like with any subject you can choose pencil colour and can gift your close relatives on an special occasions such as birthdays, Diwali, weddings and many more such occasions.

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