Ever been in a position where you were unable to decide what to gift your son on his first birthday, or confused between dresses for your wife on your 25th anniversary or any other such occasion? If the answers to them are a yes, then we are here with some amazing ideas to help you get through situations as such. Well, everyone just loves surprises, and especially when they are filled with all the love and care one can think of.

Handmade Oil Painting

Then presenting those moments as a gift is benevolent. I am sure we all capture these special moments with our special ones but often they are just captured in our camera or you just develop all those pictures and put them away. But, of course when I say “presenting those moments” you must have thought of a picture that is just stored in one of those digital cameras. It is somewhat the same idea but a bit old-school. Why not gift a comely oil-painting of one those best memories of you and your loved one.

Paintings are the best way to tell someone how much you love them. Paintings have been one of the oldest gifts on this earth. And I think almost everyone loves a picture as big as a painting in their bedroom, or living room or anywhere in your home where you can just gaze at them all day long.

Choosing Art Style for your Handmade Painting:

Out of all the art styles available, from charcoal drawing to mixing media painting, anyone could be confused about choosing what type of art styles that would best fit for your portrait. When talking about presenting memories, we actually need to understand that, we are going to present some of the best memories from the past, that was once filled with laughter, joy, and love, so we need to opt art style that will bring those memories once again into play before our eyes.

Super Realistic Oil Paintings on Canvas gives the classiest and royal look to the painting. This art style would be very effective when it brings those memories into play, which are painted on canvas.

With a number of options available, you might be confused to choose a platform for your oil painting. There is an online platform, named, BookMyPainting that caters to all your needs. In case, you are confused with the art styles to choose, their artists will assist you in choosing the best art style.

Now that we have found the perfect place to get your gift from, let’s take a look at some occasions and to some people where handmade portrait painting would be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Occasions to Gift Handmade Paintings

1. Birthdays:

Oil Painting as Birthday Gift

Oil Painting as Birthday Gift

We know everyone waits for their birthday, which comes one in a while. Gifting someone on birthdays becomes a marathon when we fall short of gift ideas. Of course, we want to gift a unique present to our loved ones on their birthdays but this comes to a halt when we fall short of gift ideas and as a matter, of course, no one likes to repeat the gift once they have given.

But not to worry over this because gifting handmade oil painting would still be in option. You just have to choose a perfect picture of their which could be the best turn into a picture of colors on a canvas. With this gift idea, you are all ready to give a surprise to your close relations.

2. Weddings:

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

Oil Paintings as Wedding GIft

Weddings are colorful events that are accompanied by immense joy and colorful surprise. We always wonder on such occasions what could we get a couple who is all set to embark on the new journey. We have so many gift ideas to present it to someone but we always fall short when it comes to gift it to our close friends.

But not to worry over those overrated gift ideas because the handmade oil painting is always to your rescue on such occasions. You just need to pick favorite memory of theirs before their marriage and you are ready to put those memories into colors. And the couple will cherish this gift as their relation blooms.

3. Graduation:

A Gift for Graduation

A Gift for Graduation

You have now entered into a new phase of a new beginning. And now you will graduate soon not only from the studies but also from all the memories that you have created. We make memories for which we cry, for which we laugh, and for which we live. Exchanging gifts on the farewell is all the gratitude that we shower upon our close friends, as the last touch on the memories we give to them. Gifting a handmade oil painting on such occasions will bring a large smile on their face.

4. Mother’s Day

A Gift for Mother's Day

A Gift for Mother’s Day

We come with all the crazy gift ideas to gift our close ones but it becomes a stressful job when we have to choose a gift for our mother. Well, it becomes a tough job because we focus to bring smile on their face. With the gift idea, we try to equal the unconditional love that she has had showered from the day we are born.

Well, you would never go out of the gift idea unless there is a handmade oil painting portrait. All you have to do is to choose a favorite picture of her from her favorite memory of childhood and you can turn that memory into a beautiful masterpiece of color.

5. Father’s Day

A Gift for Father's Day

A Gift for Father’s Day

Like all other occasions, choosing a gift for your father is also a tough job. We probably think, what could we get our father, who has always thought of his family before his own happiness. A handmade oil painting would be a perfect gift idea to give to your father. You can take a picture where he is hugging our father, knowing that he is protected and safe in his arms.

Instead of spending fortunes over a materialistic gift for your father, you can simply give him a painting of his childhood which he has to leave for all the responsibilities.

Now that we have known about the occasion where we can gift a handmade oil painting portrait now we can take a look at, to whom we can gift an oil painting portrait.

6. To a Would-be-mother:

To a Would-be-mother:

To a Would-be-mother:

A Would-be-mother must be there. where there are positivity and an atmosphere of happiness. A would-be-mother must live in a stress-free environment. When it comes to pregnancy the only thing that pops up our mind is their smile and the intensity of cuteness that is unmatched.

So instead of coming up with readymade posters of the baby, you can also choose handmade oil portraits made for babies. Other than a baby, also the subject could be a new mother flaunting her baby-bump or both parents holding their baby together.

7. People who have lost their close ones:

People who have lost their close ones

People who have lost their close ones

Losses are difficult to handle especially when you lose your favorite people or your pet. Naturally, people take time to recover from losses, but what is more, appreciated during those times is the presence of a person, and how people have supported you. If you know someone who is going through this type of loss, you can always give them a handmade oil painting of the people they have lost.

Giving them a painting, helps them realize that they have had really not gone, they are there with them. Try to choose a picture of their happy memories as it will spread happiness more.

8. As a Housewarming Gift:

As a Housewarming Gift:

As a Housewarming Gift:

Giving housewarming gifts has always been a good gesture for the people who are ready to begin their new life at a new place. One would always wonder what would be a perfect gift for the new people who are on the verge to start their new life at a new place and also definitely go with their decor taste and is meaningful enough.

A handmade oil painting would be a perfect gift idea to give it to someone who is all about to start a new journey at a new place. For the subject, you can choose a number of horses running with the water under their feet.

9. Rich people:

For Rich People

For Rich People

Giving a gift to someone has never been a piece of cake. You have to decide a lot for the gift, as a gift not only represent you but also your taste and status. We spend fortunes over a gift item and that, at last, doesn’t come out useful. You can simply look for a colorful and vibrant handmade oil painting and present it to someone.

Your gift would stand out unique among the crowd of other gifts and will definitely knock everyone’s feet off present there. Choosing oil painting as a gift you are all set to become the face of the party.


Now, today’s world presents vast options for gifts that can be presented to the people you love and care for and no wonder that it can leave anyone bemused. You can think of a new mobile phone never hurts although there’s no denying to the fact that a bunch of there favorite flowers or a cup of coffee from there favorite place can bring just the perfect smile to their faces. These are the moments we live for, the ones that we will cherish for all our lives.

Now we have known as at what occasion can we choose to gift an oil painting and to whom we can gift an oil painting. We have listed down some of the main occasion but we are pretty sure that oil painting can be the highlight of any occasion. BookMyPainting caters to all the customer’s needs and with their smooth interface and authenticity in their work they will definitely serve you the best air and you will definitely want to place more orders with us.


We, at BookMyPainting, create beautiful Hand-painted Portraits from your memories! Send us your favourite pictures. We will deliver a masterpiece at your doorstep very soon that you will fall in love with. So, let's get started!

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