There are several occasions to gift a pet portrait. Talking about pets, one who loves them by heart can never ignore them and their handmade portrait paintings. Pets have been proved to give their guardian both physical and emotional benefits. Taking your dog for a walk can provide both you and the dog with fresh air, exercise, and some sort of social life. There are several occasions to gift a pet portrait discussed below.

Some beliefs say that pets provide the best companionship to the people who are living alone or to the elderly adults who because of some age factors are ignorant of the various social interaction. Also, people keep pets because they certainly fall out for their cuteness, for companionship, to protect a home or some property. Attractive interaction with pets also reduces stress and certainly depression.

When pets provide you with so much of the specifics then we can also show some gestures towards them.
Giving pet lovers some kind of portrait drawing gift will be a good idea to show some gestures.

How To Present a Portrait?

Having something memorable for our pets will make both of us feel special in a certain way. We can not neglect the times when they were our support system and though we cannot make a memorial but can have a handmade portrait painting. These portrait gift ideas may give you a perfect look for your pet in portraits and the collections are available at Art styles available for pet portrait gift:

1) Oil Painting:

occasions to gift pet portrait

“Die with memories, not dreams.”

For having a royal look for your pet portrait you can choose oil painting besides this painting last for decades if kept safe.
If you are looking for some cool room decor ideas then the oil is best for you.
Oil painting can capture every little detail from the photo and make it realistic.

2) Charcoal Drawing:

occasions to gift pet portrait

“Create with the heart, build with the mind.”

When you want your portrait to give a classic black and white look, the charcoal drawing will always be there to welcome its customers.
Though being an old school, this form of art is still famous in town. It captures every detail minutely including the shades, tones.
An alternative option to oil painting which brings more realism in black and white can also opt for portrait gift.

3) Pencil Sketch:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

It is an old school natural technique for turning photographs into pencil sketches.
All the tones and shades can be captured minutely and very effectively.
The best way for reinventing photos since the originality is preserved.

4) WaterColor:

Pet Watercolor Portrait

Pet Watercolor Portrait

This technique can make you feel like a super artistic.
The effects drawn from watercolor can last long for decades if kept safely and properly.
This type of portrait is usually a treat to someone’s eye who has a vibrant personality or who loves to add colors to people’s life.
Having a medium budget is an alternative to oil painting.

5) Pencil Color Drawing:

Pet Pencil-color Drawing

Pet Pencil-color Drawing

If you need an edgy or sharp look from your photos in the portrait then you can opt for pencil color drawing. There are several occasions to gift a pet portrait and pencil drawing is a good option. Pencil Colour Drawing captures minute details from the photographs provided. Perfection and high realism is the ultimate goal of pencil color drawing. Pencil color drawing is an update to pencil sketch in black and white and is also affordable. This is the only colored sketch present in pencil drawing.

6) Line Art:

Line art Pet Portrait

Line art Pet Portrait

Use this feature when you don’t want inside details to be added in your portrait.
Only the essential details are to be worked upon like the sketch of the face is drawn hence giving a different look.
An alternative to charcoal sketches or pencil sketches when the budget is not so high.


7) Mix Media Painting:

Mixed Media Pet Portrait

Mixed Media Pet Portrait

It is highly recommended when we want something out of creativity or a canvas.
There is no harm in adding any extra details to the portrait according to your wish.

Occasions to gift a pet portrait:-

1. National Pet Day:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

Pet’s day is among the best occasions to gift a pet portrait to your loved ones. Having an animal as a pet is like having a blessing on one’s self. National pet day is celebrated on the 11th of April and dedicates the day to those pets, who don’t get the quality of companionship and the attention that the pets deserve.

Celebrating this day by giving yourself a portrait of your beloved pet can be remarkable for your pet too.
You can always opt bespoke set of pet portraits for these privileged days. It is one of the best occasions to gift a pet portrait.

2. National Dog Day:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

Dog’s day is one of the best occasions to gift a pet portrait to your dog. Now when it comes to pet we can divide the category based on dogs and cats. Having a dog as your pet brings a responsible trait out of a person. Celebrating National Dog’s Day on the 26th of August as the day dedicates itself to dogs.

You can present your dog with their portrait may be personalized or some random pet portrait pencils that would make them go GAGA would be more appreciable.

What will be more suited?
Having customized the portrait of your pet in oils would be something vibrant and classy.

3. National Cat’s Day:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

It is the best occasion to gift a pet portrait. Making it clear that there we divide the category of pets and their special day. Celebrating your cat is one of the wonderful feelings any person can give to their pet whom they love by all their hearts. The National Cat’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of August all over the world.

You can give your cat with their portrait and just watch how they go all gaga about it.

What will be best suited?
Having customized the portrait of your cats in pencil color drawing will create another whole image of your cat among your friends and family. Although you can also choose oil painting and line art.

4. Organizing A Party:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

It’s obvious for knowing people you organize a party for your community or society in the same manner to know more about your pet or for the other’ pets of the different breed you can invite every person from the society who owns a pet and can know more about it.

As a gesture, you can gift a portrait of you and your pet or only of them so that they can be more loved by everyone.

What will be more suited?
Having a rainbow dog portrait as a treat to watercolor drawing would be best.

5. Pet Loss Gift:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

Pet Loss Gift Idea

Giving a pet loss gift is like honoring your pet with something that will always remain close to your heart.
We as a human all feel connected to our pet in some or the other way. We can’t negotiate on anything when it comes to our loving pet.

A personalized pet portrait would be great to keep as a memory to a pet loss.

What will be more suited?
Since it is a memorial to your pet, an old school charcoal drawing would best preserve it in your memory or if you want the portrait to last long you can choose watercolor drawing for your pet portrait gift ideas. Any ideas would make your pet relive in your memories forever.

6. Giving Authority:

occasions to gift a pet portrait

It feels great when you give authority to someone as it makes them feel that they are more superior to you. There is nothing wrong when you give the same authority to your pet, you can make them feel special by letting them know that none is superior to you, even your own master.
For such purposes, you can opt for dog portraits in suits in oil painting to give a royal and vibrant look to the portrait.

What will be best suited?
CHarcoal Drawing as it will give the royal and classy look to your pet.

7. Growing Business Relation:

occasiions to gift a pet portrait

Giving gifts while maintaining or building relations is a first step to impress people. Giving your business partner personalized dog family print provided they are into that much of the dogs and their breed, would be beneficial enough. It can be among best occasions to gift a pet portrait so, as to create a personal touch.

What will be more suited?
Watercolor Drawing or pencil color drawing will be more suited to gift someone. Pet portraits pencils are in great demand when building business relations.


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