Pet memories, after our furry friends, these memories support us. A pet brings the whole family together and acts as an ingredient to nurture love! And the hardest part of having a pet is losing them much too sooner. Not only is it excruciatingly painful, but it often leaves us in trauma for some time. The intense pain and emptiness that occurs after they’re gone from our lives, is something unimaginable. There is no correct way to work through this process as every individual walks a different path with their pet. This feeling when they’re gone is as if the same grievance as of a family member’s death.

Why do we love our pets?

The deep bond shared with our pets has made some of us realize that those pets mean more like a family member. The very short time they spent with us became one of the sweetest moments of our life that only stays in our memory. Sadly, with the passing time, the memories even fade. It’s never easy to lose a loving pet. If you’ve been struggling with your feelings of grief, take heart: To hurt is a sign that you have truly loved. You can be sure that your pet knew that you cared.

Still, the knowledge that your pet was loved and loved you in return does little to soothe the pain of loneliness. Commemorating a deceased pet is one way to move through your grief. There are many different ways to do this that feels most natural to you to keep your undying love alive. There is no right way to do it but whatever way you feel the best to describe your pet’s personality or doing your pet justice is the one you should go for.

How then?

In 2020, we have a number of options to keep alive the memory of the deceased. But here we are talking about our pets, so you would want it to be a happy memory. If you wanna keep it simple, you can get a memorial stone in his favorite place in your garden, or you can get a collage of his picture in a frame and hang it on your wall. From creative handmade quilts to engraved jewelry, you can choose the best way possible to celebrate their lives. To suggest one here is a creative way to honor your dog’s memory and remember your pet after they pass.

1. Handmade Paintings are everlasting

Pet Memories: Charcoal Pet Portrait from Photo

Charcoal Pet Portrait from Photo

Painting has always been a special kind of way of expressing your love and emotions. Preserve your buddy’s memories into something meaningful and precious that will always remind you of how much he means to you. You can get a Handmade Charcoal Sketch of when he was little and you held him in your arms for the very first time, refreshing the sweet memories.

A Charcoal portrait has the right amount of raw feels with its classic touch of monochrome in it. Charcoal gives an extraordinary texture when applied on canvas and a charcoal drawing is incredible and reasonably profound. With this simple charcoal, individuals have made charcoal drawings that are a stunning piece of art.

2. Innovate way to commemorate

Pet Oil Portrait on Canvas from Photo

Pet Oil Portrait on Canvas from Photo

A painting or portrait is a good way to do it, creating a memento reminding you of all the things about your pet that you don’t want to forget. There are numerous artists out there who specialize in portraits of pets. Each one has their style depending on the medium they specialize in, so you can find a painter who represents your dog’s or cat’s personality. They will create an original painting, sketch, or drawing from a photograph of your pet.


Since it’s difficult nowadays to go out on a hunt to find your perfect artist, why not search online and to narrow down that effort, We at BookMyPainting which provide an excellent way to preserve your memories in a solitary frame. They provide half a dozen art styles and a variety of options for your size preference as well and you can incorporate your touch the way you want.



3. Emotional Connection with the Subject

Every pet-owner relationship is unique in its way and each shares a special connection with the other. Although we know that by now that how much emotional attachment you must have had with your pet, but only you can understand the pain you’re going through. The place they hold in your heart can’t be filled that easily, but what you can do is express your feelings in a painting. A portrait painting reveals the important aspects of the subject’s personality even if it’s your pet. The warm feeling will always stay by your side with the help of your personal touch.

An Oil Painting of that one picture from your trekking trip you decided to take your buddy with. They are brilliant, clear, and more realistic than different other mediums. If the pictures are from a waterfall or the sunset point then this is a must-go option. It is said if oil paintings are preserved properly, they can last for more than a century.


4. The ‘Story’ Behind


Pet Pencil-color Drawing

Pet Pencil-color Drawing

The heartwarming story behind a picture that will make you nostalgic remembering that certain day. Reliving the moment every time you look at the picture when you used to spend all day long with your pet at his favorite park and missing him the moment he gets out of your sight. Don’t you think those precious time with your pet should be framed in a single frame?

Handmade Paintings also proves to be an excellent idea to keep your memories to yourself apart from being a unique gift. You can have the favorite picture of your pet dog after he’s deceased to remind you of his memories to a handmade Pencil Color Sketch of you and your favorite child (of course the pet!). This painting will surely add more hues to your life whilst you reminisce about the good times.




5. Customization

Pet Watercolor Portrait from Photo

Pet Watercolor Portrait from Photo

Making portrait painting from a photograph is a beautiful process, but you know what’s more amazing? The way you customize it with your personal touch. Art can articulate the emotions more than the words do. You get an original piece of work, meaning the handcrafted custom painting speaks a lot than a plain-looking picture in a frame. Customization gives you the advantage of changing the background or presenting your pet as famous historic personalities.

Watercolor paintings have color splashed all around and reminds of colorful time again when you see that picture recreated from your favorite picture of your pet. Watercolor paintings are a great idea since they are joyous, distinct, and is something that is over the present age of social media. They have different artistic backgrounds which will make you fall in love with it.


There are few other mediums available which are quite popular and they stand out on their own. So, depending on whatever you like. The next thing that matters is the size of the portrait which is why the room in which you’ll most likely keep the portrait, also matters. It will give you an insight on what wall do you want to hang it and what should be the proportion of the frame. Lastly, provide them a picture of your choice and if you want to customize, you can give some instructions and then wait for it to get delivered.

Memories that leave some great impression on your mind stay for a long while, and if it’s your pet we’re talking about, then they leave a long-lasting impression on your mind. Even if you have had to say goodbye to your furry friend, you might want to create some sort of a tribute to remember them by.

Many pet owners want a keepsake of their pets so that they can be reminded of all of the great walks, games of fetch, cuddles, and family memories that they shared. But this is one great way to reminisce about your loving memories with your pet, and the rest is up to you. Time will heal your loss, although you will never forget your special pet and the wonderful years that you spent together.

We, at BookMyPainting, create beautiful Hand-painted Portraits from your memories! Send us your favourite pictures. We will deliver a masterpiece at your doorstep very soon that you will fall in love with. So, let's get started!

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