You learn more than you teach them, but first, you must train them well. 

Training a dog is a tedious job especially when it’s a pup and hasn’t grown into a full-fledged adult. It is as good as the training and attending a human baby in all aspects to be independent and protective towards its owner. It is also essential to train your dog as it can turn wild and run things into a mess.

Research conducted by Example Infographics read that on a scale of 10, around 16.1% of respondents felt that their dogs were trained better than the others and scored about 4 to 5 while approximately 51.9% of respondents also thought the same and scored roughly 7 to 8 out of 10.

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Breeds which can be trained at home


  • The fierce-looking Doberman

While training and helping it adjust to new surroundings, it should be kept in mind that they can turn fierce or aggressive if they are left alone or inactive. It is suggested that these set of canines demand constant engagement in such a way that they are felt equally loved. They can turn friendly and trainable if they are constantly kept engrossed in some activity or the other. This is also the answer to train a dog like Doberman.


  • The loving and protective German Shepherd

Only its wolf-like features and looks make it look fierce. It is a very loving and protective dog which is also high in energy to learn new games or habits and obey its trainer or owner. It can do various jobs like picking up the morning paper, fetch the journal, and also sense paranormal activities occurring in the house. It is a bright student and can learn habits even at the age of 8 weeks.

German shepherd

Not the one from the herd – German Shephard

  • The hyperactive Golden Retriever

Some people might think of it as a very hyperactive dog which is true as it is very playful and friendly with humans as well as other dogs. Also, a unique habit of this particular breed is that they just smell and detect things easily making them suitable for armed forces and crime detection. And an added advantage is that they just grasp things easily and it becomes easy for getting a solution to how to train your dog.

Golden retriever

Gold is sold

Co-relating with the language of ‘Bows’ and ‘Wows’


  • Communication

Dogs communicate in a combination of signs, touch, smell, and even through voice or barks. The smell tells them whether a certain individual shall hut them or not. Voice can give them cues of calling them out for play and signs or actions can help them figure out their food, water, toys, and even toilet. These are some clues on how to train your dog.

Usage of words such as, ‘Paw’, ‘Stand’ or ‘Danger’ may prove to do the basics in communicating or petting the dog. Plus there shall be other such verbal cues which shall work in the favour to train a dog and can also be in vernacular languages which the dog can learn from voice modulations itself. They wag their tails, alert their ears, or even through their fur which resembles goose bumps in humans.

Dog Training communication

Are you listening buddy?

Training a ‘Scrappy Doo’ Vs training a ‘Scooby Doo’

The training of a puppy is definitely different from that of an adult dog as the latter already knows certain things like its habits and name which needs to be taught to the former category.

baby dog training

Do not call me a kid!


  • Knowing about the dog or its history

This involves knowing whether the dog was abandoned or harassed, was raised in a kennel or a dog hostel, or is being adopted from an existing owner. The motive behind this is to know the temper and behaviour towards others. Plus, this is also to know the existing habits of canine-like food and play and getting an answer to how to train your dog.

Dog getting trained by owner

I understand pal!

  • Body immunity and vaccination

Just as human babies require vaccination for strong body immunity, puppies also require the same as they may not be strong or vaccinated and are prone to infections and diseases in the absence of a vet. Dogs shall not have this problem as they already might have taken their vaccines and shall be way stronger than the puppies. And this is important while knowing how to train a dog.

Grandma’s recipe for training pet dogs

These are some of the techniques that are being followed to train dogs from ages:

They trained me to rest before sleep

  • Sleepyheads need forty winks

Just as babies need to be trained and tuned for their sleep timings puppies and dogs which have been brought into the home need to be treated in the same way. Dogs shall face a new surrounding as compared to their older beds, owner, and toys. They also would consume time in getting adjusted to their routines and this is one of the recipes in how to train a dog.

Dog sleep training

I am already sleepy enough

  • The use of sheets

This is quite necessary if the dogs or puppies have not been trained properly in terms of their toilet habits. Some dogs are trained enough by their owners that they use the newspaper sheets or absorbent sheets which are laid down in the washroom directed to them. Train your dog in such a way that there are no hassles.

Latest techniques for training wagging tails

Lovely Amstaff laying on his bed

Bitch! You know my name, not my story!

  • Respecting the name

The first step while thinking on how to train your dog is to respect its name and call him out with dignity and with respect. Just like students shall not like being called out wrongly by their teacher, dogs won’t like it either. They too will start hating it and won’t get trained.

silly dog

My name is nick and I am not a terrorist

  • An exclusive and private place

It becomes easier for a mom to train her child after a particular room is assigned to them as their own. Similarly, assigning a private or particular place for the pup or the dog shall help in how to train a dog efficiently and effectively as it won’t interrupt anyone and shall be less prone to diseases.

dog in bed

I won’t share my bed

Top tools for dog training

dumb dog training

I was born smart. Humans dumbed me.

  • Stick it out

For those trainers who like to train a dog with a stick shall stick to such a hack. The stick can either be of plastic or fibre and can be either a long stick or retractable stick which shall be portable enough to store.

Dog training with sticks

You lost again Joe!

Foolproof training techniques which won’t fail the owner

There are also tools that are full proof for an owner or trainer for helping in training either a dog or a pup.

  • Intangible treats

It does not always have to be an edible treat which shall do the trick to train the pet for a particular task. Removing the leash sometimes and providing freedom to roam around for being good in front of the guests can also be a part of treating.

dog training with treats

I am the one to get the treat

  • Slow and steady wins the race

Most owners make the mistake of high expectations from their pets to learn and grasp new things while finding their solution towards how to train a dog. But dogs are as slow as toddlers in learning new things and may make mistakes in doing so.

I can jump. Also, I will fly one day

Outdoor training locations for dogs

  • Pet resorts

A resort for humans was heard before but a resort especially built for the pets and their owners is just revolutionary and shall be fun to spend a day or two out of the home premises just playing and training the pet. This is a refreshing option to train your dog.

dog training at the pet resort

where are the chics man?

  • Gardens or parks

This option may be old but is as effective as the others. A garden or a park may be considered as an option when a cost-effective location needs to be chosen to train a dog. Also, gardens and parks are safe in terms of people and smell.

dog training at park

that’s why I love parks

And for training at outdoor locations, a particular pet dog needs to obey it’s master’s commands or orders.

How to train a dog for potty

If the pup or the dog poop in some area accidentally, or is about to do so, then the situation should be handled tactfully in a way to train your dog for pooping.

Snoop Dog or Poop Dog, we need good places to take dumps

  • Back to the basics

Before weaning the new pup or the dog to its new surroundings, it is necessary that it should be well aware of the surroundings or the place it is staying at. This is the first step in how to train your dog.

  • Accident interruption

If the pup or the dog poops in some area accidentally or is about to do so, then the situation should be handled tactfully in a way to train your dog for pooping.

How to train a dog in a crate

  • Crate introduction

Before placing a pup or a dog in the crate there needs to be a friendly introduction by either placing treats or toys in order to make it look cosy and easy to train your canine.

dog crate training

That is my castle

  • Not to fear when the crate is here

The crate comes handy for those who often get confused on the question of ‘How to train a dog?’ And after the dog or pup gets weaned to the crate, it becomes convenient for the owner to leave the house without any hassles.

dog training with crate

Isn’t it bedtime yet?

How to train a dog not to bark

  • Keep the process yell-free

It is the human tendency to yell at someone to shut off or keep quiet. And the same is also repeated in case of a dog or a pup. The shouts and yells should be kept calm.

Dog training with care

I love you, honey!

  • Discouragement

If there is an external factor which is provoking the barks, it is suggested that the source remains closed or locked. This is yet one more reason which is essential for how to train your dog efficiently. 

Who let the humans out? Who? Who?

How to train a dog to walk on a leash

  • The introduction begins at home

Just like charity begins at home, the introduction to a collar or leash also shall begin at home rather being an embarrassment outdoors. This is also an effective way to train a dog. In the absence of a leash or controllable tool, it shall become difficult for a particular pet owner to train a dog outdoors and the whole session may turn into a play session instead.

At-leash hold me tight if you love me

  • Treating

This is the mega solution for dogs or pups who may not like to wear or flaunt a collar or a leash and shall make it hard to train your dog successfully.

How to train a dog to sit

  • Process it slowly

A puppy or a dog may not learn to sit immediately and may consume time for it. And this needs to be kept in mind while also thinking about how to train your dog.

I will eat your pizza if you won’t sit!

How to train a dog not to bite

We love you, not your love bites

  • Reaction

It is highly suggested that if a particular reaction is not given to the actions of the puppies or the dogs, they shall continue to do it. And thus, there should be a reaction to the bites made by the dog.

  • Using petroleum jelly or vinegar

Substances like petroleum jelly or vinegar do not flavour the taste buds of dogs or puppies and they shall stick to licking or biting their toys instead of preying on their owners and it becomes easier to train your dog.

How to train a dog to stay

  • Comfortable position

The dog needs to be seated in a very comfortable position where he is looking and paying attention to its owner and the eyes are in contact rather than anyone else.

After crafting such commands, it is the duty of the owner of the dog to training him or her to stay indoors and not move anywhere in case of natural disasters or any other such problems in a way that ‘Stay’ should be ordered.

“The one perspective to look at it is to see it as an adventure for making most of it.” This was quoted by William Feather and was published in Play Bark Run.

  • Actions or hand cues

While wondering how to train a dog, the most important aspect that comes to the mind is to make it stay at one place and not let it move until it is required to do so.

How to train a dog not to jump

Stop jumping to confusions

  • Discouragement

If a certain activity or toy makes a canine jump, the same should be aborted or discouraged in such a way that the jumping of the pet is curbed.

  • Kitchen attack

This is one of the important areas which need to be kept in mind while learning how to train your dog. One way to tackle when a pet jumps while preparing food, then everything is to be left and moved out.

How to train a dog for therapy

Find inner peace. Cheese is just somewhere close to it.

  • Home training is the best training

For a dog to be trained for therapy, home is the best place as it can bond and know many people from their smell only at a close bound space like a house and it can be the best place to train a dog.

  • Peer dogs and friends

Other dogs from the vicinity of the neighbourhood should also be introduced as playmates in such a way that the barks and growls get minimized and love and cheer are seen more.

How to train a dog to come


I need you to come quickly

  • Be Positive

Train your dog in such a way that only positivity remains and love is spread. If a dog is told to come and is forcefully bathed or put in a crate or is left in the house alone, it is not liked by them and they won’t come the next time. If the pet is notorious and needs to be punished in some way, then come should not be the word used for doing so. There should be some other word which should be called for warning them.

  • Getting rid of odours and stains

For keeping away all kinds of infections and diseases away from the home which might affect the puppy or the dog, it is suggested that all odours and stains are cleaned off and the house is entirely disinfectant.

  • A pet-sitter

Just like babies require a babysitter while their moms are running errands or are at work, pets also require the same, so that they do not become lonely. This is also important while learning how to train a dog.

How to train a dog with a shock collar

You s-collar dog!

You s-collar dog!


  • Getting the collar home

The first step while training with a shock collar is to first get such a collar home. It is also necessary to read the manual for instructions, hazards, and batteries before it is fitted to the neck of the pet.

  • The waiting period

To train a dog with a shock collar or electronic collar is much more difficult than to train the same with a normal collar due to its weight as well as the technicalities and therefore should be carefully used.

How to train a dog to pee outside


S(h)it and pee

S(h)it and pee


  • Schedule and timing

While training a dog or pup to pee outside, a particular schedule should be maintained to avoid urine pools and other related malfunctions at home.

  • A fixed spot for peeing

To train your dog for peeing outside, it is also necessary that the pup or the dog has a fixed tree or fenced spot where it urinates comfortably and does not have issues.

How to train a dog to fetch

  • High level of motivation

Before the dog or the pup runs or flees after the object just needs to pull them backward, motivate them, and then leave for fetching the object. This is a unique way of how to train a dog.

  • Object retrieval

This is also an important step in training a dog to fetch the object and give it back to the owner and learn the trick of fetching certain valuables only through fetching.

How to train a dog without treats

  • The habit of treats also shall not be given up early and needs be given up slowly while knowing how to train your dog without it.
  • Treats such as ‘Good boy!’ or ‘Good Girl!’ shall do the talking later when the pup grows up to be a dog. Yelling isn’t always the key.
  • A high pitched voice always startles the dogs and such a tone of voice is not considered a friend or family to them.
  • Chances of being disobedient are higher while you try to train a dog with yells and shouts


How much time would it tentatively take to train your dog?

  • Grasping and learning level

There is no fixed timing attached for training either a dog or a puppy. As each breed is unique in its way, they would learn and train according to the grasping or learning power they possess.

  • Forcing does not help

To train your dog effectively, it is necessary to keep in mind that just as kids do not like being forced for certain things, pups or dogs would also dislike the same.

  • Don’t lose help

Hope has kept the world bound together after Pandora’s box and patience is what that shall get things going while training a four-legged baby.And eventually, the dog shall turn obedient and be responsible and protective towards its human family and how to train a dog is finally known.

  • Consistency is the key

Being consistent is the only way to get out of the challenge and be successful as they are canines who prefer to be playful while training.It can either lead to a trained dog or a low morale owner while learning the trade of how to train your dog.


Hence, these are some of the ways in which a dog can be trained without a trainer or any other external help and can be raised to be great dogs or pups. These can also help train a dog efficiently.

Will happiness not be considered while training them?

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