You’re still in the market for the search of the perfect Dog birthday gift? It’s just a few days left and also you really don’t have much time for that? We’ve got you covered. Here’s How you can be the best “Dog-Parent” by giving him the best Birthday gift ever.

Having a dog is more like having a child. The way we want to celebrate and enjoy our child’s birthday, we want to do the same for our dogs. Finding your Dog’s Birthday gift can be a bit challenging. You are a new pet owner and also doesn’t know about what you should gift your dog which will be with him for the rest of his life. Here are a bunch of unique Dog Birthday gift ideas which will make your paw awed and also the happiest. 


1. Dog Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday Cake

Cake.s are birthdays in edible form

We’re not talking about any ordinary cake. It’s a cake specially customized for your dog. You have it anywhere near you or online. The bakers make the cake look like your pup and they also provide a miniature version for your dog in the flavor of your favorite dog food. All the guests and your paw both will be amazed and also surprised looking at it.

2. Handmade Oil Painting

Handmade Oil Painting

Handmade Pet Oil Portrait

This will be the best dog birthday gift given to your dog. You can have a hand-painted custom oil portrait painting of him. This will make him live for eternity. All the portraits at BookMyPainting are 100%  handmade and also these are specially made by pet portrait expert artists. You can see more of samples here. It will be a wonderful dog birthday gift to have.

3. Squeaky Toys

Squeaky Toys as dogs first birthday gift

Squeaky Toys!

A dog’s favorite toy is a squeaky toy which he can clutch and chew all day around. This will make an amazing dog birthday gift. You can have a customized squeaky toy written happy Birthday on it. There can be other customization options too by having his own name printed on it.

4. Set of Tennis ball

Set of tennis balls as birthday gift

Dogs and Tennis ball are best friends

Remember the old school classic go and fetch? This will make your dog’s birthday and the coming entire year so playful for both of you. This Dog Birthday gift will help you people spend time together and also grow the bond stronger than ever. All the balls from this set will be a souvenir of your love.

5. GPS Tracker Collar

GPS Tracker Collar as birthday gift

GPS Tracker Collar

You don’t wanna lose him, do you? No! No dog parent wants that. This Birthday you can give him a GPS enabled collar and also he’ll never be out of your sight. This will turn out to be most useful dog birthday gift. 

6. Treat Tosser

Treat Tosser

Treat Tosser

You can get an electronic treat Tosser for your little pup. He’ll go crazy for it. There are treat tossers which features loke inbuilt camera and voice mechanism. It’ll be an interactive thing to have for your dog. He’ll play around and be happy always with it.

7. Dog Bed

Dog Bed as dog's first birthday gift

Dog Bed

Does your dog still sleep on the couch or on the floor mat? Now is the time that junior has his own bed. You can have a bed for him according to his size and comfort. You can even Personalize it with his name. There are plenty of options online to select from. He’ll be in sleep and also enjoy this for many years to come.

8. It’s My Birthday Bandana

It's My Birthday Bandana

My Birthday Bandana

You can have a customized bandana for your cute little boy. You can just write happy birthday or it’s my birthday on it with his name. He can show it off wearing it on his big day and the days to come. It will look stunning and also chicks will go crazy go for him.

9. A massage

Massage as birthday gift

A Massage

After all the play and roaming around the entire day, he feels lousy and tired. You can give him a good massage on his birthday. You can make him bath clean his coat and give him a claw massage and also a body massage altogether. Trust me he’ll enjoy it the most and will lick you just after to show his love.

10. Grooming appointment

Dog Grooming as birthday gift

Dog Grooming

He should look at the classiest on his birthday. You can book an appointment for him on his birthday for grooming. You can have him to get a hair cut, to clean his teeth and fur and nails. He’ll be a gentleman thereafter and also all the Ladies will die to have him in hands.

11. Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Your dog’s coat needs regular care. You can gift him a coat shampoo of his favorite fragrance. This will enrich his skin and make his coat look thicker and shinier. All those hair falls and skin problems need to go now and also let your kid be a healthy pup. This healthy Dog birthday gift will get him the strength for all the fun around.

12. Mini Doggy Backpack

Doggy Backpack

Doggy Backpack

Sometimes when you go out with your dog, you forget to put his important stuff in your bag. Your pup is a man now and he can have a bag of his own. In that bag, you can put his favorite toys and balls and all other necessary stuff like dog food cans and also medicines. This will surely be the most useful one.

13. Lookalike Soft Toy

Lookalike Soft Toy

Lookalike Soft Toy

You can have a look-alike soft toy of your dog. You can get it customized on Etsy and have fun. This is more a gift for you than him. He’ll like it but you’ll cuddle and also play more with it.

14. A Whole Meal of Favorite Dog Food

Dog Food

Dog Food

You can gift him a monthly package of his favorite dog food. There is various flavored dog food around let him taste and decide what’s his favorite. Now there is no more trouble of buying dog food again and again.

15. A Dog Trainer

A Dog Trainer

A Dog Trainer

He is one year old now and he should learn some tricks. Is it like he doesn’t behave properly in front of guests? Then you need to have a trainer for him. Find a loving trainer who’ll teach him some tricks and also make you feel aww when he’ll stay on the command. You can even train your dog at home without a trainer. Here are the tips.

16. Cool Dog dress

Cool Dog Dress as dogs birthday gift

Cool Dog Dress

Sometimes when you go for parties and you see other dogs wearing suits and cool dresses, you feel jealous huh? So now is the time that you gift him a nice dress which he can flaunt at his birthday party also.

17. A Photoshoot

Birthday Photoshoot as dogs birthday gift

Birthday Photoshoot

You can hire a professional photographer to have your dog’s pictures, while dressing your dog for his Big Day, clicked you can frame them and hang it around in the living room. You can get some pictures of you playing with him which will be in the box of memories forever. You’ll smile seeing these photographs years later.

18. A Birthday Bone

A Birthday Bone as dogs birthday gift

A Birthday Bone

A bone is every Dog’s favorite thing and for your dog’s birthday, you can have one for him. You can personalize it saying happy birthday with his name on it. He will chew it all up till the next birthday and you’ll also always have one permanent gift to give him. He’ll play with it and smile looking at you 

19. Stuffed Cupcake

Stuffed Cupcake as dogs birthday gift

Stuffed Cupcake

This is more of a soft toy. Dog’s should not eat the proper cupcakes but there are healthier options for it. Stuffed cupcakes are flavored stuff toys in the shape of a Cupcake which is also healthy and tasty. He’ll enjoy it and also he’ll be strong.

20. A Day Out with Him

A Day Out with Him as dogs birthday gift

A Day Out with Him

There are days when you’d be playing with him but honestly daily lifestyle bounds us. Have a day off for his birthday and can go to his favorite park. You people can roam, play, and have all the fun. You will also remember this first birthday outing for all the coming birthdays 

21. A charcoal sketch

Charcoal Sketch as dog birthday gift

Pet Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal is the best medium to have pet portraits. We can also capture all their furs and coats and eyes with full details in black and white. You can have one for your dog and hang it around. It will leave the guests awestruck and will be preserved by generations in your family. This is by far the best gift you can give him on his first Birthday.


It was the cutest list ever. It makes me feel awed by looking at those cute puppies. I’ve got two doga and every time I look at those Customize things I also feel like them around me. Puppies are really god’s best creation. They say it right that no one can love you like a dog. They love us unconditionally and also unwantedly. So I hope you’re having a hell lot of goodies for your dog on his first birthday from this list. Let me know what’s your best dog first birthday gift idea?

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