You already had a dog at home or if you are planning to have one soon, you must learn some simple tricks to teach your dog. This will make you the smart class pet owner and you can flaunt your paw’s skills everywhere.

There is a saying “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Undoubtedly, the relationship between dogs and humans has grown with time and it has become a culture for people to own a dog. According to scientific reports, the love between human and dog releases a hormone love hormone, oxytocin that releases stress and lowers high blood pressure in humans.

Meanwhile, dogs and humans have grown with time and it has become a culture for people to own a dog. Recently, the American Kennel Club has released the top breeds of Dogs for the year 2019 and Labrador reign supreme as more people prefer Labs among other dogs because of its good nature and loving temperament. Dogs are way cuter than any other animals to be brought home to cuddle with. Here are some of the simple tricks that you can teach your dog at home.


1. Teach Your Dog to ‘Kiss’


Teach Your Dog 'To kiss' Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Teach Your Dog to ‘Kiss’


I am sure that your dog might already know how to shower you with kisses on a daily basis, however, you can now actually teach your dog to kiss you on your command. So, for teaching your dog how to kiss, you will first need a sticky like tape or a post, clicker and some food that your dog loves.

Once you have all these items, have your dog beside you and put the sticker near their face and as soon as the dog touches the sticker click with the clicker. When it touches the sticker, reward your dog with their favorite food. Repeat the process and once your dog has practiced the same for some time, Put the sticker to your face and say kiss at the dog will touch the sticker as if the dog knows it is kissing you.


2. Teach Your Dog to ‘Sit’


Teach Your Dog To 'Sit' (Tricks to Teach Your Dog)

Teach Your Dog to ‘Sit’


Telling your dog to sit is easy but would they understand so easily? Yes, they will if you show them how to. So, to make your dog understand that you want it to sit, you have to give them some training. At first, hold a reward treat or things that your dog loves and kneel before your dog. Bring the reward treat to your dog’s nose and lift your hand upwards.

Say sit while you do that and use your other hand to guide your canine’s backside down into a sitting pose. Say ‘Sit’ as it sits down. Reward your pet every time he follows your command. Repeat the same several times a day.


3. Teach Your Dog to ‘Fetch’


Teach Your Dog to 'Fetch'

Teach Your Dog to ‘Fetch’


Fetch is a classic game for some pets. However, this trick doesn’t come naturally and has to be taught by the owners. Sometimes, your pet is not qat all cooperative and that is when it becomes all frustrating for you. However, you can make him fetch things quite easily by following these instructions.

At first, give your dog a toy, let him play with it for some time. Tease him trying to take the toy away from him. Now, throw the toy or a ball to a distance and watch him fetch the ball. Move backward while he comes back with the toy or ball. Repeat this and your dog will become a very good fetcher.


4. Teach Your Dog to ‘Roll Over’


Teach Your Dog to 'Roll Over'

Teach Your Dog to ‘Roll Over’


If you want your dog to roll over when you give him the command, then, you will have to work on it quite hard. Initially, this “Roll Over” trick would be a difficult task for your dog to understand. However, in the long run, it is straightforward. Teaching your dog tricks is not easy and hence you have to repeat the tricks with him on a daily basis.

The more you make your dog practice, the faster it will learn to roll over. Use the process called lorn. Take a treat and bring the treat to his nose lifting his head and bringing the treat to his side. Now, take more treat and roll his head around to his side that is facing up and he’ll start rolling over and here’s the trick to take the treat away from your dog to make him roll over completely.


5. Teach Your Dog to ‘Spin’


Teach Your Dog to 'Spin'

Teach Your Dog to ‘Spin’


Spin is a staple of dog tricks. Make them come to a standing position. It is recommended to teach them to spin in one direction at first. So get them onto their feet first and make them, walk around and reward when it completes one circle. Without reward or treat, your dog will not be interested to follow your command. Getting your dog spin with only your verbal command can be difficult for starters. Repeat the process several times and also say Spin, while your dog does the trick and see your dog spinning perfectly.


6. Teach your dog to ‘Shake Hands’


Teach your dog to 'Shake Hands'

Teach your dog to ‘Shake Hands’


“Shake Hands” trick is one of the cutest tricks that you want to teach your dog or any pet. Moreover, this is one of the easiest trick to be taught to your dog. The reason is that dog automatically paws you when it wants something from you. Hence, to make your dog shake hands, you just need to give him a handful of treats, which will compel your pet to paw at your hand as they won’t be able to get it with their mouth. Once your dog starts to paw when you give him treats say the word, ‘shake’. Repeat it several times daily and watch your dog shake hands with your guests later.


7. Teach Your Dog to Stand on Hind Legs


Teach Your Dog to Stand on Hind Legs

Teach Your Dog to Stand on Hind Legs


While you might be thinking of hiring some professionals to teach your dog how to stand on hind legs, you would not notice that you have already done the task by then. Actually, if you are an owner with patience and high determination then this would not be a difficult task at all. You can easily teach your dogs all the tricks.

So, this trick is a little complex than the Spin and Shake hands trick. Just start rewarding your dog. At first place the treat on top of your dog’s head. Your dog will soon grab the food. Once it has learned to grab the treat make it a little harder and harder every time for him. This is how your dog will learn how to sit on hind legs.


8. Teach Your Dog to ‘Stay’


Teach Your Dog to 'Stay'

Teach Your Dog to ‘Stay’


To make your dog stay, you must first put your dog in a specific spot and have him down. Say STAY as you move backward showing him the hand signal. Keep your hand above him and say the word STAY several times. Try and get the new word into your dog’s head. Now, keep moving and stand in different spots, pace back and forth from different positions. If your dog holds his positions for more than 30 seconds then release and reward him. 


8. “Don’t Bite”


"Don't Bite"

“Don’t Bite”


Dog’s often tend to bite their owners due to aggression. A dog attacks a person out of fear or protectiveness. To make your dog less aggressive and control its tendency to bite, keep a treat in your dog’s mouth and say ‘Don’t bite’. Do this every time your dog grabs your hand or leg when it wants something from you.

This will help him learn not to bite. You must even socialize your dog to build his confidence. Introducing your dog to new places and people will boost his confidence and your dog will fearless. Lack of fear will decrease aggression and your dog will not bite strangers. The other option is to get your dog spayed, which is likely to reduce your dog’s tendency to bite strangers.


9. “Bark on Command”


"Bark on Command"

“Bark on Command”


Barking is considered to be a noisy nuisance, however, sometimes it’s the dogs barking that gives out a signal of safety warning. Teaching your dog how to bark can be fun to watch in parties. There are various ways to make a dog bark, however, it is best recommended to capture a particular behavior of your dog and reward it by enticing him by holding a ball. Before your dog starts barking, say the word ‘BARK’. This will make him associate with the command. After your dog barks, give him a treat and pat him on his back.


10. “Play Dead”


"Play Dead" - Tricks to teach your dog

“Play Dead”


This is one of the most fun tricks to teach your dog. When you want to teach your dog to play dead, start with praising your dog every time you see him naturally lying on his side. The next step is to teach him the command word like “Sleep”. Whenever you see your dog taking a nap just reward or praise him.

If your dog has mastered the STAY command, then this trick won’t be very difficult for him to learn. Since the Stay command is familiar to him, say the word when he lifts his head and lovingly rests it back on to the floor. This way your dog will soon master how to play dead.



Hence, teaching tricks to your dogs is not rocket science, however, you need patience and determination. Take time with your dog to teach the above-mentioned tricks as it is not a magical thing that will happen overnight. There are various breeds of dogs, however, all get similar training for learning these simple tricks. Labrador Retrievers are known to be the most common and friendly to the people in the United States.

Others like German Shepherds, known to be trusted companions and fiercely loyal to their caretakers, Golden Retrievers, which is intelligent and friendly, French Bulldogs that require minimal exercise, Bulldogs known to be dignified and courageous canines, Beagles which are known to be very curious and merry.

Poodles available in toy size varieties and known to be extremely intelligent, Rottweilers, known as protective guardians and loyal companions, German Shorthaired Pointers- known as great hunters, Yorkshire Terriers, which is considered to be a fashionable pet are some of the most popular dog breeds and people love to own them and teach them their ways.

So if you are planning to teach your cute dog some tricks then follow the instructions given in this article and do write to us if you need more advice. We have an article too on How to train a Dog without a Trainer. Go check it out.

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