Finding the right cat is quite a work of hardship but finding the perfect cat birthday gift should not. Here I am to rescue you from the trouble of finding the right birthday gift for your cat.

If you own a cat and it’s turning a year older anytime soon then you definitely need to surprise your best pal with something special. One who owns a cat knows how cute and purrfect these little creatures are and it takes absolutely no time for them to become a wilder one. However, one just can’t stop loving them. There have been times when we had no one else but these adorable friends by our side. Sadly, they can’t converse with their human friends but their eyes have the solution to every minute problem going in our lives.

So if you have ever felt the importance of your cat in your life and want to thank him/her for staying there through thick and thin then no occasion than the birthday could be perfect to express your gratitude. In the space, we have come up with 21 unique yet adorable gift ideas that one can give to their pet cats. We can assure you that the items are easily available online and won’t need much of the greenbacks.

Here are the 21 wonderful gifts you can give to your cat on its birthday:

1) Thermo-Kitty Bed 


Thermo-Kitty Bed As Cat Birthday Gift

Thermo-Kitty Bed

The thermo-kitty bed will help you in keeping your cat warm in the winter. The heated bed will keep your cat cozy when it will be cold outside. This is indeed one of the best gifts to surprise your kitty on its birthday. This will be a useful birthday gift for her.


2) Hand-Painted Cat Portrait



Custom Handmade Pet Portrait As Cat Birthday Gift

Custom Handmade Pet Portrait


What can be a better gift than a custom handmade pet portrait painting? Nothing I would say. You should definitely try this ince and you will not be disappointed. All the Pet Portraits are made by Pet portrait expert artists only. They capture all minute details very good and you will be with your pet forever.

3) Fleece Hammock 


Fleece Hammock 

Fleece Hammock

A fleece hammock is a perfect gift that will help your pet to take a better nap. Fleece will make the perfect cozy beds in the winter while in summers you can switch to cotton or denim hammocks. Your kitty will definitely thank you for this.

4) Personalized Food Dish


Personalized Food Dish As Cat Birthday Gift

Personalized Food Dish

The celebration of your kitty’s birthday is incomplete without a feast. And a good meal makes your pet happy, which brings us to the next gift idea. You can gift your kitty a personalized food dish, which means your kitty will have her food dish with her name embedded on it.

5) Handmade Toys


Handmade Toys

Handmade Toys

Well, nothing is more special than making something by self for your kitty. You can easily make some stuff toys for your kitty with the help of some DIYs. Trust us, it won’t take much and your cat would get something to scratch.

6) Catnip Cookies


Catnip Cookies As Cat Birthday Gift

Catnip Cookies

Booze is necessary for birthday albeit we can offer that to our cats. However, we can definitely offer catnip cookies that would act as a sedative and give your kitty a good high. If you worry about the effects of catnip then you can google it to find that it won’t affect your pal’s health.

7) Cabin Hideaway


Cabin Hideaway 

Cabin Hideaway

You can definitely gift your cat a perfect cabin hideaway when it gets sick of your tantrums. Your kitty can move to its own personal cabin hideaway whenever it becomes difficult for him/her to deal with your mess.

8) Catnip Bubbles 


Catnip Bubbles As Cat Birthday Gift

Catnip Bubbles


An adorable yet fun thing to gift your kitty on the birthday. While you can have fun by blowing the bubbles, your kitty would love to burst them. The bubbles have catnip and we have already told you what exactly it would do.

9) Cat Toys


Cat Toys  As Cat Birthday Gift

Cat Toys

You can also gift cute toys to your cat that he/she would love to destroy. The toys will look cute and would save your interiors too (for a while). All you need to do is to choose the cutest of all for your kitty. Here is a link to the best toys for your cat.

10) Paw Rub


Paw Rub

Paw Rub

There are thousands of beauty products that are available for the cats in the market. We know your cat often makes you rub its paws, so why not make it more classy and effective with a paw rub cream.

11) Cat Collar


Cat Collar As Cat Birthday Gift

Cat Collar

It is the time to gift your cat a better and cuter collar. The cat is yours and the collar it carries defines more you than the kitty itself. So, bring a collar that defines who owns the cat and loves it more than anything else.

12) Cat Scratcher



Cat Scratcher

Cat Scratcher


If there is something that your kitty loves doing more than licking you then it is definitely scratching. Cat scratchers are available in different shapes and sizes in the market and you need to choose the best one to serve its purpose.

13) Cat Food Tree


Cat Food Tree As Cat Birthday Gift

Cat Food Tree


A cat food tree is nothing but a way to keep your kitty busy. Cats get bored really fast and the food tree will keep them busy. It would be more like playing and eating for your kitty. The process involves a bit of struggle but has a lot of fun.

14) Cosmic Catnip Refillable Play Wand


Cosmic Catnip Refillable Play Wand

Cosmic Catnip Refillable Play Wand

These interactive cat toys are really adorable that you would want one for yourself. These play wands come in vibrant colors that keep your kitty busy and entertained. These are also easy to fill and refill. This will make a tech-savvy cat birthday gift.

15) Vegan Cat Food


Vegan Cat Food

Vegan Cat Food

Well, if you are vegan and want your cat to follow the path too then vegan cat food is all you need. These are easily available for all the modern cats who believe in respecting the existence of other animals. Vegan cat food is in trend and the best option for her health.

16) Tote for Your Cat’s Stuff


Tote for Your Cat’s Stuff

Tote for Your Cat’s Stuff

A tote will carry all the useful stuff your cat and it would highlight that your cat is not any normal cat but is the most loved one. A tote for your cat’s stuff is a brilliant idea to keep your kitty’s stuff reachable. This will be a comfortable gift for you as well. you will be less tensed about carrying her stuff anymore.

17) Legal Catnip Joints



Legal Catnip Joints

Legal Catnip Joints


These are easily and legally available in the market. While your friends will celebrate your kitty’s birthday by getting high on booze, you can help your kitty get cat high with catnip joints. All that you need to do is roll them on the floor. This is the quirkiest and weirdest cat birthday gift idea.

18) TreeHouse 




Another super cool thing to be your cat birthday gift is a treehouse. While it would be a nap bed for your kitty to sleep, it would also be a unique showpiece to flaunt to the visitors. This one is gonna take hard work. Make sure it is safe and comfortable for the kitty.

19) Cat Dreams DVD



Cat Dreams DVD

Cat Dreams DVD

This is a 21st century Cat birthday gift idea. A Cat dream DVD is easily available in the market and it is like giving your kitty its favorite film of all time. A cat dreams DVD has everything a cat ever dreams of like a butterfly, birds, rat running in a house, etc.

20) A Mouse to Chase


A Mouse to Chase

A Mouse to Chase

Well, you do not need to pet a mouse for that, but you can buy some artificial ones from the stores near you. An entire set of fluffy mice are available online that your cat can chase from morning to the evening. This will be a fun cat birthday gift and she will enjoy it more than anything.

21) A Fellow Cat 


A Fellow Cat 

A Fellow Cat

This is a risky cat birthday gift I am telling you. Cats are quite unpredictable. If you own a cat then there would be nothing better to bring home his pal. There are several adoption centers that help stray cats to survive. If you really love cats then there will be nothing better than to adopt one and give it all your love.

22) Cat Stroller 


Cat Stroller 

Cat Stroller

Well, this is more like a gift for you! Think about the times when you have to leave your cat indoors because it’s not safe outside and your bag isn’t that huge either. A cat stroller is something you desperately need to have if you want to tag along your kitty to anywhere you go.



This was all, folks! I hope you must have liked our cat birthday gift ideas. However, above all these materialistic things, there is love that you can give your kitty every day. Undoubtedly, your cat is just too special to have you in its life and vice-versa. Cats need human attention. all these cat birthday gifts will be more favorable when mixed with your care for her. Wishing you cat A Happy Birthday!!

Do let me know what you are giving her?

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