Cats have natural instincts to stalk, hunt and play. As a cat owner, you must take care of these instincts to avoid her from becoming cranky. You can observe some behavioral changes in your cat if she doesn’t get enough exercise. She will run around aggressively, scratch things, and meow all night. All these traits indicate that your cat isn’t getting enough cat attention, and her normal cycle isn’t in place. To stimulate her mind and body, you must give her some interactive best toys for cats which not only take care of her hunting needs but also keep her away from boredom.

Cool cats

I am the coolest cat in the world.

These toys can be broadly divided into two types.

Best Toys for Cats (Suitable for supervised play)

These toys need your supervision and involvement. They help you make your quality time with your pet more interactive. Your cat will enjoy playing these games with you. Some of these toys are listed below-

Play Mat

I have a floor mat in my bedroom which my cat loves to scratch and take out all its fur. No matter how much I stop her from doing so, she loves it so much that she won’t listen to a dime of what you say. Seeing this, I searched for toys for cats online and ordered a play mat for my furball. It was exactly what I wanted. In addition to a regular rug, it can be customized into various shapes and arrangements and keeps my kitty busy for long hours. The best part being, it saved my mat from all the scratches.

Play mats for your cats

Yes! we all do.

Cat Charmer Wand

Multiple Cats have this distinct quality of going after moving things. You try to point the finger at her, and she is sure to follow your movement and jump to grab it at the first opportunity. So, why not replace your finger with something more attractive? A Charmer Wand is one of the Most interactive and best toys for cats which directly focusses on a cat’s desire to catch and hunt.

Cat charmer wand for your cat

Is that a bird??

Cat Exercise Wheel

Talking about the lack of physical activities, this is the best solution for your cat’s physical requirements. An indoor cat needs more toys to help her exercise than a normal cat in the wild. An exercise wheel will do the job. The cat has to be trained at the wheel in the first few times, but as she gets accustomed to how the wheel works, she will enjoy it thoroughly.

Cat over exercise wheel

I will have that perfect figure soon.

Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder

You can make your cat’s feeding time more exciting and playful. A Maze and Puzzle Feeder will stimulate the mental activities of the cat as she solves the maze to get the food. A cat in her natural habitat hunts for food while a domestic cat misses this part in her life. The feeding time might become very boring for her; hence this game will help to bring the excitement back.

Treat maze for cats

Where is the food buddy? Can you see it?

Interactive Laser Toy

Cats are inquisitive and somehow very attracted to lights. A laser light making random patterns on the ground is definite to interest her. She will love to observe the light and try to catch them. The best part of these toys is that they come with a timer that automatically switched off the light to avoid extended cat play hours. You can also leave her alone with the toy because of this feature. But I suggest to supervise her while with laser lights in general.

Laser toys for cats

What is that?

Best Toys for Cats (Suitable for unsupervised play)

These toys are apt for the times when you go out for work, and your cat is alone at home. You can give these toys to her to keep her busy and entertained in your absence. Some of these toys are listed below-

Catnip Mice Toys

I am sure you have watched TOM and JERRY in your younger days. Apart from being very entertaining it explicitly conveyed the message that cats love to chase mice. Not all cats like to eat them, they just hunt for sport. A catnip Mouse gives them a substitute for a real mouse. Batting a mouse and running after it becomes their favorite past time.

Mice toys for cats

I won’t eat you!


Another very common but useful toy is a ball. You can find a lot of similar toys online. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and your cat will surely enjoy playing these small colorful toys. You must make sure to keep the doors and windows closed so that the ball doesn’t roll out of the house because the cat might follow it. 😛

cat playing with balls

I’ve got the balls

Cat Toy Tunnel

This is one of the Best toys for cats which I feel even humans enjoy. Remember the play tent houses in your childhood where you can spend the whole afternoon because you love the cozy vibe of the place? A toy tunnel is a similar thing for the cat. It gives her a place to go in and out which she will absolutely love. In Addition, it also has a ball attached at one of the ends to keep the cat even more amused, and you will totally enjoy seeing her play this one. It is most appropriate for small kittens because of the narrow tunnels and peepholes.

Cat Tunnel images

This tunnel isn’t the longest!

Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Some cat owners face the problem of increasing weight in the pets, due to gulping and fast eating habits of the cat. To check the problem, a food dispenser toy is a very useful and most inexpensive solution. This toy combines play with food. The cat enjoys rolling it, and she gets treats in small proportions. It increases the feeding time and keeps the cat’s weight in control.

Food dispenser for pets

I am gonna eat you!

Scratch Pad/Board

Not just a toy, it is a rather practical option to keep your cats scratching needs satisfied. Whenever she scratches your furniture or walls, you can direct her to the scratching board. If told regularly, she will learn to use it when she feels the urge to scratch something. Cat scratchers, ripple rug and scratching posts can also be an alternative for best toys for cat

This toy doesn’t need any supervision and should be kept at an approachable place for the cat.

Cat scratch boards for your cat

Scratch it all.


These are the best toys for cats which not just make your pet happy and playful, but they also make your life easy. You can now leave her alone back without worrying about the furniture and walls. She will not face any behavioral issues anymore and will interact with you better. She will also become more attached to you when you both enjoy some quality time together.

 Which toys are you getting for your cat?

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