If you want to gift your girlfriend something besides chocolates, flowers, and soft toys, there are several other, more unique and creative girl-friendly gift ideas to look out for. Here’s a list of awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend depending upon her interests and leisure. We hope that this list helps you and win her heart.

The exchange of presents is an honored custom, and for a very long time, an individual everywhere throughout the world has exchanged endowments as a sign of adoration, warmth, and love. It is a way to give your loved ones some big gifts or maybe small but you gift them with your whole heart.

Presenting gifts to your family, friends, your lover or anyone in the office is still the first idea that comes to your mind when you try to maintain any relation or want to make someone smile. And the same you do on Valentine’s Day.

The day is called the day of celebration and adoration of love not just for the couples celebrating their young love but even the oldies out there. When you are married it is a different feeling, you have a different thought about gifting your loved one. But this is not the case while you are still dating. When you are still an unmarried couple, you want to impress your girlfriend by your choice to be the best man in her life. You want to tell her that you care for her by not telling.

Do you Love a Girl Who Loves Framed Memories?

A Hand-painted Oil Portrait As Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

A Hand-painted Oil Portrait

People in love, want to see their pictures being clicked and framed. Both of you have a lot of moments spent together that you do not want to forget and got yourself a photograph clicked out of it. Now what? Will you get it printed and framed or want to do something better out of it?

Getting a portrait out of that photograph will be even better. Portraits make a picture realistic and even more beautiful. There are so many kinds of portrait medium out there. You need to choose the picture and give it to a professional artist.

A better idea will be, get a portrait of her picture which she likes the most and gifts it as one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend ever.

Your Fashionista Girlfriend

Rent the Runaway Gift Card as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Rent the Runaway Gift Card

Every woman wants to be a fashionista. You might find it astonishing sometimes when you see your girlfriend arrive at your friend’s party all styled up and no one can recognize her anymore.

For such a style crazy girl, Rent the Runway gift card will help her with her daily struggles to keep her rank up for the most fashioned girl in the city.

The Nature Lover

Flowers as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend


You want to have your girlfriend on a date this Valentine’s? Won’t it be pretty spice less if you pick her up empty-handed? And at such a moment you will give her flowers, a bouquet. Flowers are the best way to express one’s adoration and affection. From red roses to fragrant orchids, everything soothes the lover’s heart. This is one of the most adored Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend.

But, why not gift her a plant or the best would be gifting a succulent. Easy that would be! A plant that looks like a flower. It will keep reminding her you to love.

Does She Gets Feels Cold a Little More?

Woolen Runners as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Woolen Runners

It is the season of snow. Whenever you sneak inside your girl’s home, you have seen her struggling through her warm socks which are not warm anymore. One of the classiest Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend.

Why not gift her the woolen runners? They are machine washable, comfy woolen sneakers. Get a runner with her favorite little stuff toy attached to it. She will fall for it!

When She Fascinates About Beauty More Than Normal

Beauty Basket as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Beauty Basket

Women are more attracted to beautiful things and they want themselves to be beautiful too. They work more on their beauty. And if your girlfriend is always insisting you for a spa or shows off her makeup and beauty brands very often then she loves them.

This makes it easy for you. Just buy a basket of her favorite face masks, hair treatment products or makeup brands and be her best man, ever! One of the most creative Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend

For Your Sophisticated Girl

Cologne as Valentine's Day Gift


Is your girlfriend the “let’s spray some room freshener in your place” kind of a person? A good fragrance can lift the mood of people, helps in reducing stress and make the arena a little less tensed. one of the Sexiest Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend.

Make this valentine more romantic by gifting your girlfriend this fragrant little present.

When You Are in Love with A Fitness Freak

Yoga Mat as Valentine's Day Gift

Yoga Mat

The most important equipment for doing yoga is body, soul, and mind but a perfect yoga mat adds to it. If she’s a hard-core yogi, you can add an edge to her fitness training by gifting her this beautifully upgraded yoga mat.

Is she Hair Obsessed?

Messaging Comb

Messaging Comb

Whether she be a formal office going woman or an enthusiastic party woman getting ready on time is always a difficult task for her and too with her boring hair. This Valentine makes it easy.

Gift her a blow dryer and a straightener. There are even more than you can give her like the hair curler or the crimper. You can also gift her the massaging comb. You should know that you help her out with her hair will make her feel even more valuable.

A Frequent Relaxer

Spa Appointment as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Spa Appointment

You know what is better for a tired body? A massage. Or it can be a spa or a salon appointment. Haven’t you notice the number of times she asks you to go to a spa? It is because she loves giving her body, special care.

Fix her an appointment to a fish spa. This will the newest thing that she will be trying in a while. Moreover, since Valentine’s is a day that you should spend together, better go with her. You both need to enjoy these kinds of dates!

A Serious Office Working Lady

Shower Salts

Shower Salts

Your girlfriend is a working woman and you hate it that she comes back to her home all worn out. A decent shower lessens the feelings of anxiety and revives one’s brain and her mood.

Get a portion of the cute pink shower salts as her Valentine gift for your significant other and let her have a pleasant long douse. Because you know that your girlfriend brings you happiness when she is easy and happy.

The Traveller

Handmade Portrait as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Handmade Portrait from Disneyland Trip

Get your better half’s Disneyland picture converted into a handmade portrait. So you can impart your fantasies to one another on this Valentine’s Day; a day that is certain to be fun and energizing. These paintings will make her fall in love with you againa and again.

All the more significantly, it’s the ideal way to make love and memories together. Your girlfriend will cherish it!

Your ‘Jewel’ Who Loves Keeping Jewels

Jwellery Box

Jewelry Box

Who does not want their valuable jewelry in an even royal sort of a box, like a jewelry box? Have you ever even thought of where she keeps the rings or the pendants and earrings that you gift her? Of course, you have to gift your jewel, a jewelry box.

Each time she takes out the gems you purchased for her, she will likewise be helped to remember the uncommon Valentine’s blessing that holds them.

Does She Love Jewellery?


Personalized Bracelets as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Personalized Bracelets

A personalized pendant or a bracelet with your girlfriend’s name written on it has been trendy for quite along. And it is high time now. This is certainly one of the most loving Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend.

We know that sometimes you think that your girlfriend is a self-obsessed lady. Then, try gifting her a piece of jewelry with her name written on it. She is going to burst out in joy!

If You Don’t Want to Gift Her a Card

Wooden Valentine's Day Card as Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Wooden Valentine’s Day Card

Everyone still believes in gifting cards with a written message. Nothing has replaced this message passing on occasions and festivals. Especially when you want to express gratitude, apology or love.

But getting cards for your girlfriend will be cliché and boring. As winner of Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend, get your Valentine a wooden card which will be beautifully decorated and make it personalized. Get her name written on it with your love message. She may get it hanged in her bedroom wall, you never know!


Was that too difficult to find Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend? The guideline has helped you out the kind of presents your girlfriend will love this valentine and these gifts are nowhere cliché.

Wrap her the present you think will make her day and enjoy the day of love with you “love”. She will love whatever you gifted her. But if she hugged you with joy or dropped a few tears on seeing your concern, then trust us, you rocked! If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your man here you go!

Don’t let this Valentine’s be less special anyways. Make it memorable and cherish every moment of it with your girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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