Birthday Cake is a one-day celebration for the family. But it is much more exciting for the birthday person itself. People do not just celebrate their birthday but the whole birth month. They start dreaming about the celebrations, the part, glitters, surprises and food.

Talking about food, the most important is the cake. You the birthday cake and the birthday person together are the ones who are in the limelight.

And for that purpose, you need to decide on the cakes. But you don’t have to worry about it much. We have got a lot of ideas for you if you want to get them the best cake they will not forget.

Below are a few of the suggestions. Do go through them. Enjoy the delicacy tour!

1. Cartoon Lovers


tom and jerry cake

Cartoon Lovers


People get attached to the cartoon characters for a lot of reasons. Some love them because they remind them of their beautiful, innocent childhood. Others keep singing the entry song like that of the Doraemon, Sinchan, and many more.


To show them how much you care about their love for their childhood, even if you get irritated by them singing the same thing again and again. A cake in the shape of their favorite cartoon will bring the purest smile on their face. You can get a designed cake from any online cake delivering a website or in any bakery store near you.


If the birthday person is a baby girl or a boy then, you can go for the same decision. It will look so cute for your sweet baby.


2.Tech Savvy


Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy


If you think that your dear one is crazy over the technical stuff. If they keep irritating you, telling you the latest updates or the genius phones in the market. Then, you need to look for this designer cake. Ask them their favorite gadget, or if they are mobile freaks then, go for the mobile shaped cake.


Don’t let the tech stuff eat your dear one away. Get it transformed into a cake a surprise them. They will love it that way. This will be the best gift for their happy birthday faces.


This idea may sound absurd but trust us it is worth it. If you are sure that the bakery gives the best service then, of course, you can go for this idea. It will be fun!

3. Virtual Game Lovers


Virtual Game Lovers

Virtual Game LoversVirtual Game Lovers


There is another category of people. The one who goes crazy for mobile or computer games. Be it counter strike 2.0, PUB G, Clash of Clans, GTA V or whatnot they are the champions in each of them. If you ask them a little about their experience, they will not leave you without telling the whole story. Such freaks they are! To keep them attached to this lovely gaming addiction, there is an idea.


There are a lot of options in the design of the birthday cake. This design includes the gaming field of the PUBG. Or the guns and soldiers of counter strike. These crazy ideas will cope up with their craze for the games. In fact, on the other hand, this theme will make the environment lose and funny.


4. The Sport Fanatic


The Sport Fanatic

The Sport Fanatic


We know how crazy are football lovers. Also are the cricket fans who go crazy on the streets or in front of the television screen. They know the biography of every player. They are aware of the very anatomy of their favorite sports. To motivate the sports lover inside them, you should go for the following theme.


You can get a football shape designed cake or a cake which looks like a football field. You can get a chessboard cake with white and dark chocolate pieces. There are even more ideas that you can get for such an interesting cake.


All you need to do is ring a bakery store or stalk the designs online. It will motivate the love inside them for their favorite sport. Nothing can be as good as the cake.


5. The Teen Girl Cake


The teen girl cake

The Teen Girl Cake


Let us now discuss a very important and delicate cake suggestion. It is about the birthday girl who just turned sixteen. Do not forget that she is choosy. Likes a lot of female pop stars, and is thinking about a lot of fancy gifts. This sixteenth birthday for this star girl is full of expectations from your side. You cannot go lenient with her birthday cake.


You know her favorite birthday cake, isn’t it? You know what cake flavor she loves, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, butterscotch or whatever it is. All you need to know is the design.


Try a flowery cake, if possible, with real rose or any beautiful blooming flowers. Another way is to make it formal, yet eye-catching. Just like her idea of her prom dress. You will win her heart.


6. Corporate Cake Ideas


Corporate Cake

Corporate Cake


Who is the best guide in your job? Of course your boss. Your boss may be rude sometimes, but you know that he knows everything. Sometimes, better than anyone in your department.  For the respect of such an experienced person, get the best cake on his birthday.


You can get the best cake ideas for your boss, online. You can even search for Pinterest. To make it easier, go with the folded white shirt shaped cake. Trust, your boss will love your efforts. And after all, a happy boss means a happy day!


7. The Twin Cake


The Twin Cake

The Twin Cake


What is more beautiful than having beautiful twins in your family. And nothing is more exciting than celebrating the twin’s birthday. The collision of two different personalities into one decoration looks so amazing. And to decorate things in that way is so brainstorming and time taking. To save you from the cake design side, we are here.


Get a cake that has pink flowers, little white chocolate dolls on one side. On the other side, there would be a play station or a little football field. This cake for your twin boy and girl will look as cute as them.


8. Picture Cakes


Picture Cakes

Picture Cakes


Delicious cakes for your baby’s, wife’s o your husband’s birthday is of course so important. Their favorite cake flavors are also important. But what do you do when all your known themes have been used up in the previous birthdays? You will not, of course, make this theme boring. Then try personalizing it this time. And personalizing the cake does not mean making it according to their choices. Or getting their name written on it.


Do you know about getting your favorite photograph portrayed on the cake? You can contact your nearby bakery and ask them if they will be doing it. get them your favorite picture. They will get it on the cake. and do not worry, that cake will be edible. This will surprise your dear ones.


9. The Professional Bizarre


The Professional Bizarre

The Professional Bizarre


Is the birthday person a workaholic? We do have a lot of such lovely people around us. Though we do not love their getting busy attitude. But, they still are the ones we love. Then just to taunt them about their behavior and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work, get them this cake. The birthday cake designed according to their irritating job.


There are times when you do not know what to gift your friend. You can present a cake of their favorite flavor. But a simple cake will be to cliché. So, to make it interesting you can use this same theme. The cake with its job theme on it. Anybody will love this funny mouthwatering delicacy as a surprise.


10. The Glam Up Lady


The Glam Up Lady (Best Birthday Cake)

The Glam Up Lady


Now, come on, face it. Every circle has this “too much makeup” lady who loves to touch up now and then. You always think about how much she must be investing in her beauty products. This beautiful girl must have her favorite brand. She must be a fan of some jewelry, maybe Chanel. Of course, she is your fashion icon, you cannot deny it.


So to make her birthday cake beautiful, the way she makes herself beautiful, get the nest theme. You can ask the baker for the brand’s logo on the cake, edible pearls, and stones on it. Also, do ask the baker to make it look classy. Because your birthday girl likes class, darn it!


11. The Little Effort


The Little Effort (Best Birthday Cake)

The Little Effort


And if by any chance you forget to bring a cake when the clock strikes 12. Do not sit idle as if nothing has happened. You can do your surprise thing in the day time or the evening. At least let your dear ones know that they are special and you have noted their special day. For that get ready for a small cupcake with a little candle on top.


You can also bring a small flower or a notecard and write the best birthday wishes on it. You cannot spoil their night by letting them sleep without letting them taste the sweetness of the day.


Do hug them and tell them their importance. This sweet little gesture is more than anything that you could have done. This will make their day!




Cakes are not just to spread sweetness to the stomachs. They not only increase sugar levels and cholesterol. They make the kids happy. The centerpiece of the birthday party is the birthday cake. You cannot let it be simple. Especially, when your loved ones are the birthday people.

We hope that you got a lot of help from this list of one of the best birthday cake themes. Keep the sweetness maintained. Happy birthday to your loved ones.

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