Motherhood is (arguably) one of the most rewarding experiences of a woman’s life. Over the years, many ways to celebrate this milestone have evolved, and perhaps, the most special one among all these occasions is a baby shower! As special as a baby shower is, it is getting increasingly difficult to plan a shower that is as unique as the mother herself. Here are the 5 things to keep in mind while planning the perfect baby shower for the mother-to-be:

Celebrating Parenthood:

Babies are notorious for taking over the days and lives of young unsuspecting couples. As a tribute to the end of the couple’s own childhood, as they transition into parenthood, order baby portraits of the parents from BookMyPainting. Childhood is so transient and widely cherished that these portraits are sure to be valued deeply by the parents. Selecting a picture where their parents helped them ride a bike for the first time or just held them lovingly will refresh memories of their own happy childhood and create great anticipation for the future birth of their own little one.

baby portrait collage

Babies are angels with cuteness


Planning Fun & Useful Games:

Plan fun games to celebrate the impending arrival of a child in the time. One of our favorites is the ‘Send a message to the Baby’ game. This game can be made even more fun if the group is divided into baby birthdays, for example, messages @5years, @7years and so on. In order to make this game even more fun, use a charcoal portrait of the baby’s ultrasound and set the message drop box in front of it. Read all the messages at the end of the game and revisit the messages at the 5th/7th etc. birthdays to refresh the memories from the baby shower.

Charcoal Portrait of baby’s Ultrasound

Also, if you are thinking of hosting a mixed audience, think of a few games that will appeal to both sexes. For example, plan a Buildathon, where your guests will be challenged to create small and convenient fixes to baby-proof the house.

Goodies and desserts memories

A baby shower is about all things sweet and all things cute. And such an occasion is quintessentially incomplete without fancy and fun confectionary. But instead of the regular sweets, bakers nowadays customize cupcakes, macarons, cakesicles and what not in accordance with the baby theme, in the shape and with edible décor as bows, ribbons, baby bibs, and bottles etc.

To add to this, why not have a Do-It-Yourself Bakery counter that will keep the guests engaged and enjoying.

cool decor and food idea for baby shower

Food is the second reason, guests come for. love is the first!

SmileMiddle can also assist you with one of our talented live portrait sketching artists, which will capture guests through his paintings in unconventional poses with the goodies, or in the process of making the desserts.

Mutual Dress Code:

A party usually comes with all the attendees dressed in all colors on this planet, and to add to it, the style of clothing also varies.

Since we are talking about personalizing a loved one’s baby shower, why not have a dress code that can make the event even more interesting?

If you have highlighted the décor with colorful accessories, try a monotone dress code and if you have chosen black and white accessories, like, for example, a portrait of the baby’s ultrasound, a colorful theme would look best.


Mutual Dress Code

We are with you forever!


Memorable return gift favors

Well, of course, you don’t want your guests to eat and consume the traditional return gift of edibles and forget about it with its last bite. So why not plan something that would remain in their closet for a long time, and every time they use the product, they would think of you and the fun that they had at your baby shower.

Sounds exciting?

Well, we know you won’t just invite anybody and everybody to your baby shower, the invitees for your baby shower would be very close and dear ones. And going an extra, customized mile for your folks never hurts, right?!

You may choose among a plethora of bespoke options like stationery, home accessories or storage boxes.

BookMyPainting would be happy to provide you with diaries with your guests’ photos hand-sketched on the diary’s cover or even photo frames with the receiver’s photographs painted on them.

shocking handmade portrait for baby shower gift

And they’ll be this much surprised!

We think all the above ideas would be pretty pleasurable to plan, execute and gift.
Happy Baby Shower-ing!

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