Most people are likely to agree to the following statement: receiving presents are great, giving them is even better, but shopping for presents can sometimes be a real headache. While choosing a big or main present can be pretty straight forward, picking stocking fillers can be a little trickier. So why not take some of the stress out of gift giving by opting for some handmade gifts?

Here are our reasons why you should add some essence of handmade gifts at this festive time of year.

gift wraps

A gift is just a shadow of love!

Handmade gifts Are Unique:

One of the most prevalent, although least quantifiable, reasons people report for choosing to purchase handcrafted goods is that they just like having something that didn’t come from a big company. The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you’re wearing or eating or adding to your home is as unique as you are.

Handcrafted Products Can Meet Your Needs Better:

Often with handmade goods, you have the option of customizing your purchase. Because you’re often dealing directly with the artisans when you purchase handcrafted products, they might be open to tweaking certain aspects of the product specifically to fit your needs. The curves, the feeling which is indulged in a sketch drawing is just remarkable, making it flourished.

handmade Dream catcher

I’ll catch your dreams! I found only love there.

Why handmade gifts Matter??

It’s something which we cannot express by our words, we can illustrate them in our sketch. That is the inherent power of art, and in this case sketch specifically. It gives you the ability to share your creativity with someone else in a medium that is decidedly intimate and special. Giving a sketch as a gift is one of the most interesting and positive ways to convey our passion for art with those close to us.

Packing of the gift

prepare it with love, deliver it with joy!

Quality of Product:

Your handmade maker will be far more concerned with the quality of your product than the profit they will make. Don’t get me wrong, small businesses need to make a living too – but they will take great pride in selling you something that is of superior quality than something mass produced. Every item will be checked to make sure that it is of the same high standard. And if something does go wrong with your product they’ll usually want to rectify that situation quickly.

candy and crayons

Candy is a flower and crayon is a vase.

No more duplicates:

Whether it’s picking out an outfit for the office party or selecting a Christmas present, there’s always the worry that you’re going to choose the same thing as someone else. That’s the beauty of homemade presents – each one is unique so you won’t have to worry about what anyone else is buying or whether the person already has it.

What really is so special about handmade gifts?

Well, firstly it’s a mistake to compare handmade with the large corporations – there really is no comparison. We don’t sell it in the same way. We don’t buy it in the same way or even receive it in the same way.  How do you compare a jar of mass-produced jam with a homemade preserve using locally grown fruit presented in a beautiful recycled jar with a cheerful label? It’s impossible.

lockets handmde

All the handmade is actually love-made!

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