Photographs are bridges from the current moment to your beautiful past. Watching them, you relive the moment. Those soft sheets of photo paper become so important. The passing time will fade away the color, not the love and memories. Hence, we need to restore old photos.  People keep them in their photo albums, get them framed, and hang them on the walls. Every family photograph or the polaroid prints must be your possession. Even the pictures on your mobile phone are a fascination for your precious moments. These photographs are a good source to adorn your house. There are many more ideas for the restoration of such beautiful photographs. Below are listed 13 Ways to Restore Old Photos:


1. The Charcoal Art

Hand-made Charcoal Portrait

Hand-made Charcoal Portrait

Do you have any picture of your childhood, or your baby, that you want more than just in your albums? Then go for getting it portrayed by the professionals.

BookMyPainting ensures a 100% handmade portrait with the dark strokes of charcoal on an ivory sheet. This is a way of giving a new life to the photographs from your childhood. On the other hand, this will catch the eyes of every visitor in your home. You can even get a portrait of your friend’s baby and gift them on the baby’s birthday. They will love it, for sure!


2. Photo Tiles

Photo Tiles (Restore old photos)

Photo Tiles

Framed photographs are always a good idea but what about tiles. Obviously, this will be a very new concept for you. So the thing is that instead of getting them framed, get your photo printed on tiles.

If you have ever captured a beautiful picture of an awesome blooming flower but think that there isn’t a place to post it or decorate it, then you can get it printed on tiles. There are a lot of pictures which you don’t know why to keep but do not want to throw. These are the perfect photographs to be printed on the tiles.

You can put these tiles on the kitchen walls or in the dining room. You can use family picture tiles and hang them in a specific pattern in your bedroom.


3. Digital Photograph Restoration

Digital Photograph Restoration (Restore old Photos)

Digital Photograph Restoration

A straight technical way to restore old photos is to use Photoshop. You can input your digital picture inside the computer and follow an online guide. It will help you to use all the Photoshop tools properly.

There are many other software tools too that you may try out.

And for those who are too lazy to do this, consult a professional! Of course, that is the safest way to ask help if you think that your old photograph is damn too old. You definitely need not experiment on it. We hope this will definitely help you!


4. Printed Cushions

Printed Cushions (Restore Old Photos)

Printed Cushions

The classical designing of your living room, while is good, is not funky at all. For those who love a little kinkiness in their home, this next idea is for them.

You can commemorate your favorite pictures by getting printed Cushions. You can get your cushion sheets customized. This picture can be one of your candids or your favorites. It can be your family picture as well. Short of just putting these cushions in your living room or in your bedroom, they also make a good gift for your loved ones.

Personalized cushions are just an idea to a huge world of customized items for your bedrooms like, printed pictures on your curtains, bedsheet and anything that you want.


5. Photo Pendants

Photo Pendants (Restore old photos)

Photo Pendants

This one’s for the old souls. Remember those old school movies where the lover had this photo pendant with the image of his/her love? It was basically a closed solid pendant that could be opened and pictures of small size could be fitted inside. These pendants are used as a memory keeper. Well, you can use your husband’s or wife’s picture. You can even gift your lover this beautiful pendant for the valentine’s day celebration.

Another awesome idea would be gifting your wife a pendant with a picture of her and the child. Now wouldn’t that be a good way to restore old photos?


6. Oil Painting Portraits

Wedding Picture Oil Portrait As Christmas Gifts

Wedding Picture Oil Portrait

If you want to make your portrait look more old and classy then go for oil paintings portraits. In oil painting, there are color pigments that are bound by the oil. This oil dries in the contact of air.

The thing about oil paintings is, that they look lively. You might just mistake the painting for an actual photograph. The portrait will look creamy with a pinch of smoothness.

BookMyPainting ensures the best and 100% purely handmade oil portraits of your favorite photographs. Go to our website and provide us with the desired size of the portrait and the photograph to be portrayed and simply wait for the portrait to be home delivered. This indeed is a good way to restore old photos.


7. Envelopes and Postcards

Personalized Postcards

Personalized Postcards

While thinking of sharing pictures online, why not share them in real life? If you think that sharing pictures of your wedding photoshoots, new-born baby, your photographic skills in your family will not be awkward and if it is, that is your intention; then you must look at this.

While sending invitations to the family members on Christmas, Easter, or any family gathering, use these personalized postcards. Get your favorite pictures printed on the postcard and write a message and post it. Moreover, you can even use pictures in the lining of the envelopes that you can send to your friends. You can put greeting cards inside or letters to your love. I suppose mass-printing a picture is a good way to restore old photos!


8. Calendar

Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendar

Many of us have a habit of using the spiral calendars that we keep on our study table, office desk or just on top of some stool in the living area. These spiral calendars have beautiful pictures related to each month. Whenever you change the month, a new picture welcomes you.

Instead of buying such calendars you can get your own personalized calendars. Each month’s display can have your pictures related to your most memorable moments related to each month. And at the end of each year, you have perfectly preserved moments and pictures that may mitigate the need to restore old photos.

Apart from having these calendars in your home, you can also gift them to your friends and family. It can prove to be a useful and simply creative gift from you.


9. Pencil Color Sketch Portrait


A Colored Pencil Drawing of a Baby


There is a pile of pictures that you want to display in a huge size in your living room. Those wall blocking pictures can be printed in a huge size and put in the room after getting them framed. But a better option is getting them portrayed.

Your Classy room walls deserve a classy look. Nothing is classier than a pencil color sketch portrait. You do not need a full-size portrait for that wall but just a big enough canvas of your favorite picture with your pet.

For that, send us that photograph at BookMyPainting and we will make it on the canvas with pencils, giving it a shady and shiny look. The graphite pencils will pour a grayish life to the portrait. That is another way to restore your photograph.


10. Photo Planner

Photo Planner (Restore Old Photos)

Photo Planner

For those who love to make planners, this is a bonus. While filling up your diaries with lots and lots of dates you can make it beautiful with your photographs to turn your planner into a Photo Planner. You can paste a relevant picture in accordance with an event related to that date.

This will make your planner more attractive and catchy. You can even keep this planner as an album later. Even if you are a journal-keeping person and are maintaining a journal currently, then here is a tip: take these printed pictures and paste it in some of the pages. This will increase the liveliness and beauty of it.


11. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets (Restore old photos)

Fridge Magnets

The fridge magnets are made for those who don’t have the strongest memory. Fridge magnets come in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can add something to these designs to makes these Personalised Fridge Magnets.

Get some beautiful pictures of yours printed on these magnets. This will make these photographs alive forever. Not only will it help to remind you to buy groceries, but also some of your life’s beautiful moments.


12. Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Photo Collage

Hanging your favorite photographs is a good idea. Making a collage out of them on paper is a better idea. And mixing the two is the best idea to restore old photos.

What we are suggesting is you take all your favorite pictures and get them printed, and put them on the wall as if it were a college. If you want them to be framed, then get it done and then hang them in such patterns that it looks filled.

Another idea is washi tapes. You can stick these pictures on the walls in different geometric shapes by outlining them using washi tapes. You can even put all the small pictures together in a certain shape. This will look like a real collage on the wall.


13. Water Color Portrait

Custom Watercolor Photos

Custom Watercolor Photos

Being creative, convenient and all that is good but nothing can replace portraits. When you enter an art gallery and look at a watercolor painting, the first word you say is “Wow!”. Watercolor paintings are that good! This is one of the best ways to restore old photos.

Watercolor portraits are transparent and lustrous. Due to the mixture of only the water and colors with a little filler, the painting gives a luminous texture. The colors are laid in the purest of their form on the portrait.

BookMyPainting gives you an opportunity to get a portrait for yourself. You can give us your favorite photograph and we will get it portrayed by the best professionals. This 100% purely handmade watercolor portrait is one of the best ways to restore your photographs.



Throwing or forgetting your photographs is definitely a heartbreak. In fact, even the realization that you might not be able to show off a specific picture is disappointing. But the ideas that you’ve read above will surely help you to showcase your talent or use your old photographs in a new form. I hope these ideas will help you restore old photos.

If nothing seems like the perfect way then contact us through BookMyPainting, and we will look for an artistic way that will suit you the best. But make sure that you do not give up on those pieces of memory. After all, photographs are a bridge to the beautiful past! Aren’t they?

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