Did you know that there 500 million domestic cats in the world? Well, that’s absolutely true. Yes, cats are a popular choice when it comes to adopting a pet and they have always been one of the most preferred pets out of all. If you are simply planning to have a pet or gift a portrait to someone you love then why not a cat or a cat portrait? Here are some of the best reasons why cats make the ultimate best pets of all.


1.Cats are cost-effective or cheaper than dogs


cats make the best pet in money

I am here to save money


Yes, cats usually cost less than a dog, they require less food as compared to medium or large dogs. Cats require fewer play tools and they are cheaper than tools used by a pet dog.

2. Cats look wonderful in handmade portraits


Handmade Cat charcoal Sketch

Handmade Cat charcoal Sketch


Another reason to have a cat is that they look stunning in handmade sketches an portraits. Their furr and eyes can be captured beautifully and these moments can be preserved for eternity.

3. Cats are cute and adorable


Cats are cute and adorable

Cats are cute and adorable


Cats have always been the cutest of all pets. They are very playful and loves to cuddle with their owners. There are several breeds, however, Exotic Persian, Scottish Fold, Himalayan, British Shorthair, and Maine Coon are some of the cutest of the cat family.

4. Cats are cleaner than dogs


Cats are cleaner than dogs

Cats are cleaner than dogs


One of the major reasons that cats are better pets is because of its cleanliness. Cats are cleaner than dogs. Cats can bathe themselves and also knows how to use a litter box on their own.

5. Cats are intelligent


Cats are intelligent

Cats are intelligent


Yes, those who already own a cat must know that cats are intelligent, smarter and quicker. Owners love to boast about their pets and cats would give them a ton of reasons that will make them proud to have one in their house.

6. Cats are Good with Kids


Cats are Good with Kids

Cats are Good with Kids


While dogs can be a little dangerous with your kid, cats will always be friendly from the very first day of its arrival at your home. Cats can be playful and one can cuddle with it very easily. There is no risk of leaving your baby with a cat alone.

7. Cats are hunting ninjas


The Hunting Ninja

The Hunting Ninja


Cats are bug killers. They can hunt and kill any kind of pests and insects such as bugs, spiders, flies or any other insects harmful to humans. As long as a cat is prowling the ground, there is no safe hiding place for these unwanted rodents and cockroaches. The hunt is a game for cats.

8. Need not to be taken outdoors


Cats are the best pet

Cats & Bed, Name a better duo


Even in bizarre weather conditions, dogs are quite an insistence that they have to be taken outdoors, while cats can just look out of the window all day long and take care of themselves without bothering you when you are busy.

9. Cats are quiet


They are cute and quite

They are cute and quite


Cats have meawing tendency whenever they are annoyed with something or hungry. However, their volume level is significantly lower than that of dogs. Dogs can annoy you with their barking.

10. Cats are friendlier with guests


cats make the best pet

We are friends now!


Cats are more apt in size and less likely to harass your guests while dogs can frighten them with their bigger shape and fierce looks. They are less likely to scare your guests and become loved. They have less tendency to nailing your fabrics.

11. Cats are independent


Cats make the best pet

Style is Independence


Cats are stereotypically more independent than a dog, they don’t need much attention or affection. They are more self-sufficient animal and if you are very busy than adopting a cat is better than adopting a dog.

12. Cats are funnier than dogs


Cats are funnier

I am funnier than you Bow-Bow


Cats are fun to be around. They can make you laugh with their kind of expressions and behavior. If you want to see a cat’s playful mood then you should get him some small attractive toys or just a laser pointer, which the cat will chase around entertaining you at its best.

13. Laser pointer and cats make the most entertaining pair

cats make the best pet

Major Laser



Cats are very quick and can play within fact anything. However, the most entertaining thing that one may have seen is a cat chasing a laser pointer. This can be very entertaining and funny at the same time.

14. Cats Are Great Companions


You are my true companion

You are my true companion


Cats like to be around their favorite humans however they need everything less than their canine counterparts. They usually sit quietly near their owners while they are busy working or reading a book. Cats can as affectionate and loving as dogs.

15. Cats Are Ideal Apartment Pets


cats are the best apartment pet

Ideal Apartment Pet


If you live in a flat or an apartment, you are more likely not to keep a dog as a pet, but cats are most convenient. Cats need less space and they can stay longer inside than a dog, who would require an outdoor trip regularly.

16. Cats groom themselves


Cats groom themselves

Cats groom themselves


Sure, you’ll still have to take your feline to the groomers every once in a while, but cats generally take care of themselves in that department, saving you time and energy.

17. Cats have low maintenance


cats make the best pet due to low maintenance

Cats have low maintenance


As per researches, Cats don’t need to be taken for multiple walks. They can be left alone if they have access to their food, water and litter basket. However, one should always consult a veterinarian before leaving the creature alone in the house.

18. Cats don’t make you feel bad when you leave them alone


Cats can live alone

I can sleep alone the whole day!


While dogs will start barking and jumping when you leave the house for work making you feel guilty, cats never behave the same. They are happy to be left alone in the house as most of the time their favorite work is to take a nap. Cats sleep 15 hours in a day.

19. Cats are good for your health


Cats are good for health

Seek your health and happiness


In case you have a record of high blood pressure, cats are the best pets to have around. According to some research, cats can reduce the risk of having a heart attack as it helps lower blood pressure. Their purring is therapeutic and also releases tension.

20. Cats have a longer life on earth


cats have longer life

Many more Birthdays to go!


Losing a pet is the saddest thing for a pet lover. And you would be happy to know that cats have longer life i.e. up to 12 years, which is quite comforting.

21. Cats are easier to travel with


Cats in Carrier

A Cat in Carrier


Cats can be moved easily in a car while dogs take a hell lot of space. You just need a cat carrier to move an unwilling 12-pound cat than a huge dog like a Labrador.

22. Cats are less attention seeker


cats are less attention seeker

I don’t want attention, I just want my mice!


Cats are affectionate and attentive, but only up to a point. They become bored more easily than dogs and at that point, they want to be left alone. Hence, if you prefer a pet to keep you company only at times when you are actually not busy or occupied with important work than a cat is the best pet you can have.

23. Cats rule the internet


Cats rule the internet

Cats rule the internet


Yes, cats or kittens are ruling the internet for a while now. Cat owners are often seen posting cute and attractive photos of their pets on social media. They are very popular and their photos are used as wallpapers in various devices. Indeed cats make the best pet.

24. Burmese Cats


Burmese Cats

Burmese Cats

The Burmese species of cat family make one of the best pets. They stick by your side all day long and can even fetch you a toy. They have changed the perception of people and have won over those who don’t like cats.

25. Cats are eco-friendly

Cats are eco-friendly

Cats are eco-friendly


Lastly, cats are very eco-friendly and have smaller carbon footprints than that of dogs. Hence, a lot of people prefer a cat than having an expensive, high maintenance dog.


Interestingly, Cats were once worshiped by Egyptians, they are graceful and loveable. The scientific name of the cat is Felis catus. They are domestic as well as wild in nature. The major reason that cats make the best pet other than dogs is that their love must be earned while a dog’s love is automatically given to their master. So why not adopt a cat or buy a cat portrait asap so that you can cuddle with it after a tiring workday?

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