Are you planning to have a pet? I know what you should pet, A Dog. Here are 20 reasons to get a dog which will definitely help you in making up your mind.

A man’s best friend has always been a dog. Be it a labrador or a little poodle. Dogs shower us with their love, unconditionally. Never have we ever heard of a dog that didn’t enjoy cuddles and affection. As kids, we all have begged our parents to get us a puppy. Thanks to their clear rejection, we could never have our own little best friend at home. But it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams.

If not then, why not now? But wait, before you bring the topic on the dining table tonight, be ready with some solid reasons to get a dog first. Cause our families just can’t help but argue about getting one. Do not stress yourself more and leave everything to us. Below are some mind blowing reasons to get a dog and finally include the little animal in your family. 


1. Mood Lifters


Dogs are proven mood lifters

Dogs are proven mood lifters

Ever felt so lost and low that nothing could cheer you up? We all surely have. What if there was someone who could change that? Confused, right? Your dog is a proven mood lifter who can make your day special. A long day at work or trouble with your partner, everything vanishes, when one is with a dog. This surely is one of the best reasons to get a dog.

Speaking scientifically, the presence of dogs makes your brain release dopamine and serotonin, both being the neurotransmitters of joy and peace, in your body. Next time you feel lazy or sad, just call your dog’s name and all your worries will be gone.


2. True Friend

Dogs are humans' best friend

Dogs are humans’ best friend

Dog’s companionship is something that we call an epitome of friendship. They never leave our sides even in the hardest times. Even in their own sufferings, they still value the affection of their owners. Recent studies suggest that human-dog interaction curbs depression and loneliness.

Why is it one of the best reasons to get a dog? No wonder why so many people are happy to live with their dogs than to live with a human. Displaying the values of a true friend, they love us unconditionally. They never judge us for our actions or misdeeds. All they can give us is their warmth and friendship. 


3. Making us laugh, always. 

Dogs make us laugh always

Dogs make us laugh always!


From stumbling down the stairs to fussing with their food, dogs never miss out on an opportunity to make us laugh. Almost all of us feel guilty about spending hours watching funny dog videos and still not getting bored. According to stats, people who own dogs tend to laugh more than others. It is not a hidden fact that laughter improves our health and well-being. Even their stupidity is innocent enough to keep us laughing all day. Who else would look cute even when doing stupid things?


4. Best Sibling 

A dog can be the best sibling for your kid

A dog can be the best sibling for your kid

With changing times, family patterns have also changed. Now families tend to have only one kid. Being an only child can be highly traumatizing for some. No one to play or fight with is not just a small issue anymore. It can be a major cause of clinical depression in the future. one of the cutest reasons to get a dog.

However, your kid doesn’t have to be alone anymore. A dog can be a much better sibling than a human. With lower maintenance and high participation in activities, a lot of people actually consider keeping a dog than one more kid. Thanks to their playful and caring nature, they act like a true guardian of kids.


5. Develops emotions in us

DOgs Develop emotions in us

Dogs develop emotions in us

One might not be aware of the fact that dogs are capable of stirring emotions like love, happiness and joy like no one else can. As we grow, we tend to keep our emotions and thoughts hidden. This doesn’t let them develop which causes even worse problems. With unprocessed and undeveloped emotions, adults struggle with their life events. Dogs help us to overcome this by letting us develop our emotions properly. They help us grow spiritually and emotionally.


6. Keep us physically fit

Dogs keep us physically fit

Dogs keep us physically fit

They give you a reason to go out, be active and workout. Take your pup out to go play fetch, go on a run, play frisbee, whatever interests you. Dog owners tend to be much more active than those who do not own dogs because they are out spending time with their pups. It eliminates the time being spent in front of the computer screen, or television screen for you and your children. 


7. Brings responsibility

Dogs bring responsibility

Dogs bring responsibility

They are a great way to teach your children some responsibility. They will always want to be the ones taking care of the new puppy, and that is good for them to learn at a young age. Be sure to do your research on breeds to see which are good dogs for kids. Kids and dogs can be a challenging combo, but an undeniably great one! After all who would deny the importance of responsibility in life? Responsibility is a prerequisite to success.


8. Help us recover fast

Dogs help us recover fast

Dogs help us recover fast


Dog owners have a much higher rate of recovery from being sick than non-dog owners. In fact, humans with pooches who suffered from heart attacks were twice as likely to fully recover than those without! Why spend time eating medicines and soup when you can simply pay with your dog, and recover faster? Our immune system works better with the presence of dogs around. Moreover, we tend to build up stronger health when we are happy. 


9. Good listening skills

Dogs have good listening skills

Dogs have good listening skills

They may not understand a word you have to say but they do always look at you when you talk to them. It may be because your voice is the only one they hear all day long, but you can definitely say that your dog will listen to you when you talk to them. This also means that when you have a secret you are dying to tell someone, you can tell your dog and you won’t have to worry about it getting out to everyone.


10. Unlimited Kisses

Morning Kisses

Unlimited Kisses

None of us likes waking up in the morning. Leaving our bed requires motivation that a soldier would need to fight a war. But imagine a ball of fluff coming everyday in the morning to lick your cheeks and wake you up. There is nothing sweeter than waking up in the morning to a big slobbery kiss from your dog. It shows you that you are always going to have someone to wake up to in the morning.


11. Protection

Dogs are protectors

Dogs are protectors

This reason might be annoying at times, but it also comes in handy. When you have a dog, they are always the first ones to let you know when someone is approaching your house, so you know you are always going to be safe when you have a dog.

Yet, what your dog may not know is that you don’t have much to worry about when there is a squirrel in your yard, but they are still going to warn you that an unfamiliar creature is in your yard. Nobody can deny the increase in crimes. What can be better than appointing a cute little soldier in your home? This is surely one of the perfect reasons to get a dog.


12. Companion for your parents

Best companion for your parents (reasons to get a dog)

Best companion for your parents

Aging is a hard but true fact of life. With increasing age, our parents get weaker and lonely. Even after wanting to be there with them, we can not make it. Thanks to our busy life and work. But a dog can brighten up the dull life of any old person. Merely by playing and cuddling with them, dogs encourage older people to live a happier life. Dogs make great companions and great friends, so why not get one?

13. Super Instincts

Dogs have super instincts (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs have super instincts

Quite often dogs have acted as an early warning system for patients suffering from diseases like cancer or tuberculosis. Not just humans but cats are also saved by the instincts of a dog. This has not only saved lives but also increased their chances of recovering faster. A lot of times, they also alert everyone about someone having a seizure. This becomes essential especially when we live alone. They are known to recognize irregular behavior in their owners. They can even sense a seizure 15 minutes before its occurrence. 


14. Purpose

Dogs fill our lives with a purpose (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs fill our lives with a purpose

Other than being our friend, dogs also fill our lives with a purpose. We wake up every day to feed and walk them. This sets a defined purpose in life, making it more meaningful. The lack of a purpose alone can make us feel low and depressed. The same routine of our life itself can be the very cause of our doom. No wonder why it is suggested to have a pet dog in your life to fight this depression. 

15. For Good Blood Pressure

Dogs help controlling blood pressure (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs help controlling blood pressure and make you happy!

One of the most fascinating benefits of dogs is their amazing ability to make us feel calm – and that has a brilliant effect on our health. According to Harvard University, studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure which is both due to the increase in exercise and that blood pressure goes down when you merely pet your pooch. It may surprise you to learn that our blood pressure actually has a big effect on our wellbeing too, so next time you feel stressed, or just need some time to relax.


16. For Good Confidence

Dogs boost your Confidence (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs boost your Confidence

This might come as a surprise to many but dogs boost our confidence and self-esteem. They let us have a better lifestyle and well-being, leading to a confident individual. Studies suggest that the owner of a dog is known to be more confident than others. Their sense of confidence lets them thrive in life. We bet that you would have never seen a dull or nervous dog owner around you. Getting a dog might be the ultimate confidence booster for you. So why wait?


17. Resistance to allergies

Dogs are the strongest

Dogs are the strongest

While dog dander can be a trigger for people with allergies, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to develop allergies over the course of their lives. And the benefits can start during gestation. Kids who grew up with a dog showed no signs of allergies as compared to the ones who didn’t. Thus, allergies will never knock on your door, if your dog is already sitting there to guard you against it. This ability surprises, not just us but doctors and scientists as well. 


18. Stress-free work

Dogs help us for Stress-free work (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs help us for Stress-free work

The benefits of bringing a dog to work are so increasingly obvious that more companies are catching on. Studies show that people who interact with a pet while working have lower stress levels throughout the day, while people who do not bring a pet see their stress levels increase over time.

Dogs in the office also lead to people taking more breaks, to play with or walk the dog, which makes them more energized when they return to work. This, in turn, has been shown to lead to much greater productivity and job satisfaction.


19. Cardiovascular risks

Less chance of Cardiovascular risks (reasons to get a dog)

Less chance of Cardiovascular risks and More Happiness!

one of healthy reasons to get a dog is that studies have shown that petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. Therefore, dog owners are more likely to have a healthy heart. In fact, some research has shown that dog owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack compared to non-dog owners. Male pet owners, in particular, tend to experience a reduced rate of heart disease. Doctors have appreciated dogs for reducing the cardiovascular risks, well. This adds to numerous reasons to get a dog. 


20. Being yourself

Dogs help you being yourself (reasons to get a dog)

Dogs help you being yourself

Lastly, a dog teaches us to be honest and real. Be it being awkward or being clumsy, they just never hide anything inside them. No wonder why we shower them with love and affection. This trait teaches us to be a better human if not a perfect one. In the end, nothing matters more than having honesty inside you. You are one of a kind. Dogs ease our journey to this realization sooner in life. This is one of the most perfect reasons to get a dog. This may be one of the best reasons to get a dog.


We can still go on and on but do we need to say more? Here are many reasons to why we love having dogs in our life, now you just have to find your own reasons to get a dog in your life. 

It’s a long list of questions, but it’s important that you think through the responsibilities associated with bringing a dog into your life. Too many dogs wind up in shelters because people didn’t ask themselves these questions. Please try to avoid repeating this common mistake. Think seriously about how life will change once you have a dog. Having a dog is incredibly rewarding – if you’re ready for the responsibility.

We have an article about how to take care of a puppy. So if you are going to have one, this might help.

Let me know what are your reasons to get a dog in the comment section.


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