What words or feelings come to your mind when I say the word ’marriage’?- A lifelong association of two individuals and families, right?

A great wedding gift is something personal, thoughtful, and that says in bold that ‘we love your love!’ That’s where SmileMiddle steps in to help you move a level-up, from conventional and useless gifts and bouquets- to meaningful lifelong treasures, that too, handmade.
So next time, you have a wedding coming up in your social or familial circle, do refer to our suggestions below:

1. Live Couple Portrait:

It is often said that one should live while you’re young, and cherish those memories when they’re older. Weddings are generally filled with abundant typical photo poses guided by the age-old photographer. However, SmileMiddle will be happy to send over an artist to sketch a different funny or candid pose of the just married couple, once they are settled from the festivities et al.
You could also give us the couple’s memories clicked anywhere, and we’ll create a beautiful frame out of it.

Grayscale Photo of Man Wearing Black Dress Shirt With Hat Sitting on Folding Armchair Beside Family Sketch

Live Couple Portrait

2. Heart Melting, Lifelike Pet Portraits:

Know of a couple who love their pet nearly as much as they love each other? Well, that’d be every couple who owns a pet together. Or a bride who is heartbroken she will have to leave her pooch behind? Every #Cat(or dog) Mom EVER. To make them feel loved and special, and equal parts surprised, gift them a unique pet portrait!

Yes! Immortalize their beloved four-legged companion, and remind them that you know their love for their pet knows no boundaries. And in this endeavor of yours, let SmileMiddle help you out in preparing the best portrait gift for the just married couple.
We promise you; it’ll be a gift they won’t ever forget.

Custom pet portraits

Custom pet portraits

3. Honeymoon Package –

There is a mountain of expenses of either of the families involved during the whole wedding process, and hello! We’re talking about a ten-day Indian ritual here.
If the couple is close to you, we’re sure you must have had light-hearted discussions with them, concerning their vacations, quality time together, etc. What a fun idea it will be for 3-4 friends /relatives of you to pool in cash, curate and give a honeymoon package as a gift to the newlyweds.

Man and Woman Kissing

Honeymoon Packages

4. Health and wellness gift cards –

Week-long celebrations, social commitments, dance, and running errands naturally bring about physical and psychological exhaustion.
We live at a time when businesses are increasingly paying attention to well being of everyone and introducing interesting schemes, combos and even gifting options.
So why not, present a token of physical, mental and spiritual well-being to your loved ones. It could be of a meditation class, premium spas, essential marriage counseling or anything.

Man and Woman Doing Yoga

Health and wellness gift cards

5. The most memorable moment-portrait-ed-

Instead of loading the couple with another stereotypical gift that may just get camouflaged in their heap of blessings and other things why not present them with something that will be a source of love throughout life.
So, while the assigned official wedding photographer is making them post quite conventionally, why don’t you take your fun- snap with them too, during the wedding photo shoots session.
Or just ask the photographer dude for his expertise and equipment help.
Voila! You have an excellent capture of the day, and what now > hand it over to us, ie. The SmileMiddle team.
We shall duly convert this into a beautiful, hand-made portrait — colored or charcoal effect.

Old photos in the box


6. Matching Luggage!

For the couple bitten by the wanderlust bug, there couldn’t be a gift more fitting than suitcases that look alike. Imagine the globetrotters thinking about you and your thoughtful gesture every time they’re ready to travel again!
It isn’t just cute, this gift is beneficial for the just married couple, and you can be sure that your gift won’t be buried in a pile of dust, or buried in the trunks of their home.

Brown Leather Handbag Selective-focus Photography

I’ve got matching luggage, honey!

7. Succulent Plants-

For the Nature Lovers and the Carbon Conscious Couple.

The world we live in is always in need of a breath of fresh air, literally! And with a gift as unique as tiny succulents, you’d be a star gift bearer. Think of how wonderful it’d feel to be the reason for the happy couples’ well being?
Be it the Good Luck Jade to help bring good vibes to the just married couple, or the Cereus Monster Cactus that’ll help purify air, these tiny pots will mean so much more to the couple than their actual size.

Red Heart Ornament and Aloe Vera Plant Covered With Paper

Succulent Plants

So next time you’re planning to surprise your loved ones with amazing gifts and make their day more bright and happening, think about the gifts we suggested you rather than just flowing loads of bucks in finding a perfect gift in the mall. You can also check out amazing customized portrait sketches for your loved ones at exclusive prices on https://www.smilemiddle.com/. We are also providing a wide range of customized gifts for different occasions at best-ever prices.

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