Looking for an office decoration idea? wanna spice up your boring walls? We are here to rescue you. 

In art, a portrait is not just a painting, it exhibits an emotion. A portrait painting is basically a representation of an animated being, whether animal or human. The face of the subject is the main focus of the painting. Traditional portraits commonly depict the subject’s head and shoulders, or they show the person’s body, either partially or fully. There are many kinds of portraits, for instance, there’s the common portrait of one subject, the group portrait or the self-portrait. Mostly, paintings are composed to show the subject and their unique characteristics.

Office decoration ideas

Offices should spread positivity around

“What my portraits are made of? 

10% showing the reality, 90% showing my philosophy.” 

                ― Scuro Chiaro

Your office decoration idea list needs art, and you might wonder why, but the reason is simple. When a client enters your office, a spectacular piece of painting on the walls will always create an impression in their mind. An unkempt office with stained walls or old furniture could have a negative impact on your client, which in turn will affect your business.

But if you put up a stunning handmade painting or any piece of art that represents the culture of your company, then the impression never leaves your client’s mind. The office decoration idea is steadily gaining importance today as it creates an invigorating environment. Additionally, art is not for impressing clients, it also motivates employees.

You might think your office doesn’t need art, but actually, it has many purposes. 

  • The word ‘office’ is often synonymous with stress and pressure. To allay this stress, nature paintings can be soothing to the eye, and to the mind as well. ‘Landscape with Calm’ by Nicolas Poussin is a good example.
  • Posters and art paintings that show motivational lines or character that encourages you to do more are amazing for any office decoration idea. For instance, if you are working as a part of a team, hang art that reminds you of the significance of teamwork.
  • Something as simple as paintings can influence you to do better too. A simple image of a stormy sea crashing on rocks with some significant lines below can remind you to stay trustworthy and credible.
  • Bold strokes of vibrant colors can enhance creativity and innovation in the workplace, and this has been psychologically proven.
  • According to Feng Shui, hanging koi paintings can attract wealth–however, getting advised by an expert on this matter is advised.
  • If you have a fun-loving personality, art that depicts that can bring in some fun into your office as well. Look for pop-art pieces, collages or quirky surrealistic paintings to bring some perkiness to your workplace.
Office decoration Ideas

The office is your Half-Home!

Here are some ways you can add some color and art to your workspace:


  • Variety is the spice of life


You can spruce up a waiting room or a conference room with an accent wall and art framed in different kinds of frames. You can just stick to portraits or mix them up with other kinds of paintings. It creates a lasting impression where the client will appreciate your creativity. This is a great office decoration Idea


  • Foamboards


Foamboards are a lightweight and easy-to-cut material that is used for mounting of prints, either digital or traditional. Since the substance is so light, you can put this up anywhere. It adds a cool DIY touch to paintings and can be a great conversation starter in the office.


  • Industrial statements


Bold is beautiful, and strong, heavy lines of industrial, abstract art can be perfect in the lobby of your office. It creates quite the impact and may help break the ice with clients. Andrew Myers’ screw art is a great example of industrial art. He uses oil paint, phone books and screws to create impactful 3D art with deep shadows. 


  • Rows and columns


If you have a narrow space in your lobby or personal office cecoration that you wish to jazz up, choose portraits and a mixture of pictures in small frames and hang them in columns. If you have more space horizontally, choose the row style. 



  • Moments in life

Office decoration Idea color pencil drawing

Keep It Personal

If you want to keep things personal, then choose artwork and photos from your life. You can create a wall montage of important achievements or days in your company. This can go to the lobby where new people can see all the things you and your team have done, thus creating a positive effect on others.



  • Classic comfort

A girl with the pearl office decoration idea

A Girl With The Pearl Earring

If modern art isn’t for you, then you can always choose from the classics. A huge print of A Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer above the couch in the waiting area against a warm-toned wall gives off a comforting atmosphere. Choose your carpets and furnishings accordingly for maximum impact.



  • New views

quotes for office decoration idea


This idea suits your personal workspace and conference rooms the most. Use simple portraits, quotes and other artwork to create a wall of inspiration and motivation. The best part about this style is you can change it by rearranging it anytime you want. 


  • Minimal and modern

office decoration idea

The Minimal and Modern

Take any classic or contemporary portrait and pair it on your wall with a mirror or a metal sculpture. It is minimalistic and chic, and if your office is a fashion-oriented one, this creates the right effect on clients especially when you put it in the lobby or waiting area in your office decoration


  • Pretty projections

Office decoration Ideas

Pretty Projections

Use plaster or double-sided adhesives to slightly raise your portrait drawings from the wall. This is interesting and quite eye-catching.


  • Impactful

Miguel Endara

By Miguel Endara

Black and white artwork can create a huge impact. Works by Elena Pimonova and Miguel Endara are simple but strong and the impression in your client’s mind will last longer. Get this for your office decoration.


  • Elegant but Easy

Elegant but Easy

Elegant but Easy

This idea is best suited for the lobby. Based on your industry, choose classic furnishings and colors to highlight your paintings, which you can use to fill one whole wall. To anchor the room, choose one piece for the opposite wall.


  • Useful and Unique

Useful and Unique

Useful and Unique

You can combine your portraits with an antique cubbyhole cabinet to create a contrast in your personal office. The cubbyhole has utilitarian purposes while the art keeps the room looking unique. 


  • Simply Stylish

Simply Stylish

Simply Stylish

You can take white frames and split one portrait into three and hang them up in the order in either your waiting area or your conference room. This draws your eye from left to right, which provides the illusion that the eyes in the painting are following you. 


  • Black & White and Green

Black & White and Green

Black & White and Green

If you have a white wall, and your painting is achromatic, then a splash of color brings much life to your lobby. Choose indoor plants to add some green since black and white with green looks exceptionally good and gives your office a clean look.


  • Framing Frames

Framing frames

Framing frames

You can frame your already framed portraits either ornately or simply. Then put it against a contrast wall and it immediately makes your painting pop out more. 


  • Monochrome minimal

Monochrome Minimal

Monochrome Minimal

The best way to make your lobby or conference room look more vibrant is by making sure your portrait painting goes well with the decor. If you have black and white decor, choose monochrome art. If your decor is warm browns, then choose warm-toned art. 


  • Taupes



If you want to evoke serenity, or have your hands on a Nikki Rosato piece, choose a taupe wall to hang your painting up. For best results, use similar muted shades in the frames as well. This office decoration idea will definitely do well.


  • Branded walls

Branded wall office decoration idea

Branded Walls

The best way to tell your clients what you do is through a branded wall in the lobby or the waiting area. You can take motifs from your brand and create a portrait with the help of Cube Works Studio, who use Legos, crayons and dice to create stunning portraitures. 

Listed below are some crazy art ideas to doll up your room into funky portraits:

It is incredibly hard to plan spaces that are stylish, contemporary and exude the personalities of the primary users. Over the years, a lot of design trends have changed. Rooms have shifted from safe neutrals on the wall and colorful accessories to bold colors on the walls and monotone accessories. The challenge of getting the latter right is wall art. While in previous years, one could get away with colorful wall art, the vibrant walls of 2019, will not allow paintings or photographs in bold colors to survive. Here are 3 ideas that will make your walls look fantastic while also personalizing your space to reflect your unique personality

1) Pencil Drawings

Pencil Drawing for office decoration idea

Pencil Drawing by BookMyPainting

There is something remarkably bohemian and chic about pencil drawings. If your personality finds interesting people on one hand & mysterious on the other, then your pictures rendered in pencil by our artists are the perfect accessory for your room. Pencil art is complex because interest is created through details and shading rather than color. This quaint sketch style art has a natural old-world charm since the medium creates complexity by using a single tool. This is what makes pencil drawings perfect for capturing memories. We remember occasions and milestones as a complex tapestry of rich details rather than as a perfect color spectrum.

What we offer:

Our artists at BookMyPainting can help re-create glorious moments captured through your photos. We offer pencil sketches for as many as 4 subjects in a single photo. Drawing interest to not only your unique personality but also your experiences and memories with loved ones. Once you get your pencil sketch, all you have to do is clip it to the wall, frame it, and voila! You now have a wall that is truly representative of your uniqueness.


Use pencil sketches to tell a story on your bold walls for office decoration. Whether it is the story of how you met your spouse, how your love evolved from beer (or coffee!) to your extended family, pencil sketches are great storytelling tools because they are understated, have lovely details and are remarkably poignant.

An idea of how you can use pencil sketching art in your living room

2) Charcoal Art

Charcoal Painting for office decoration Idea

A Charcoal Painting by BookMyPainting

Charcoal is an interesting medium for custom art. Whether you’re trying to convey the quirky or the elegant, this monotone style is sure to deliver. It combines an extremely custom, handmade feel with an urban aesthetic.

What we offer

The highlights that our artists at BookMyPainting select within your photos often complement either the sentiment behind the picture or the unique elements of your personality. You can use smart geometric metal frames with clean lines if you’re trying to achieve a modern minimalist look or you can frame your charcoal portrait in an ornate neutral frame for an elegant room. 

Of the frame, or the stormy greys from your art in a few places around your room to compel your visitors’ eye to travel around the room & return to your statement art piece after appreciating the rest of your office decoration.


Don’t forget to repeat the color

3) Oil Paintings

Oil Painting for Office Decoration Idea

Oil Painting by BookMyPainting

This is probably the best office decoration idea. All these colors and contrast gonna spice up the wall and make your office look more classy.

What we offer:

Our artists can render custom Oil Painting in A3 or A2 size for you. The rule with custom art is that it needs to be large enough to occupy a feature wall alone & it needs to be unique enough to evoke interest. Adding even a simple frame to a large silhouette creates a dramatic effect on feature walls and is sure to add the wow factor to your office decoration idea list.

Pro tip:

Using an old frame (or adding an aged effect to a new frame with paint) will also make your Oil Paintings really stand out and will soften the stark bold walls of your office by adding visual interest and depth.


It is incredibly hard to plan spaces that are stylish, contemporary and exude the personalities of the primary users. Over the years, a lot of design trends have changed. Rooms have shifted from safe neutrals on the wall and colorful accessories to bold colors on the walls and monotone accessories. The challenge of getting the latter right is wall art. While in previous years, one could get away with colorful wall art, the vibrant walls of 2019, will not allow paintings or photographs in bold colors to survive. Here are 3 ideas that will make your walls look fantastic while also personalizing your space to reflect your unique personality.

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