Your li’l champ & princess are having a new room & you’re confused about that? Here are 15 Kids bedroom decoration ideas,They will fall in love with.

None of us can deny the joys of childhood. If there was one thing we all could relive, our answer would surely be childhood. As we grow up, we realize the struggles of life. As kids, our world is full of happiness and fun. We just don’t seem to care about anything. No wonder why it is said that childhood is the most integral part of one’s life. Every memory of it can last a lifetime. Who as a kid would want to sleep in a dull room after playing and running all day? Our kids deserve the best bedroom for themselves, just like we do. 

1. Artsy World 

Artsy World  Themed

Artsy World  Themed

One of the most creative kids bedroom decoration ideas. It is never wrong for you to put artistic installation in your children’s bedroom. Putting many art stuff like music instrument, or artistic paintings. This is going to lead your children’s interest. The theme is simple and quite affordable to be the inspiration for playful children’s bedroom.

Add beautiful decor to hit the strings of your artistic kid. Scientifically speaking, the creative edge inside our brain starts blooming at this young age only. Kids bedroom decoration is the ultimate source of inspiration and creativity for them.  You can have their childhood photograph and can convert it into a Hand-painted Baby Portrait.

2. Bright Monochromatic Walls

Bright Monochromatic Walls (Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas)

Bright Monochromatic Walls Themed

The colors of life are the brightest during our young phase. It is almost as if the rainbow of life shines the most during this time. Want to add even more colors to your kid’s life? why not start with their room first? Having Bright colors with simple kids bedroom decoration is one of the inspirations for room for them to have a nuance of warm and calmness in their bedroom.

Style your room with pastel-colored beds and cupboards. Within its simplicity, your kid’s room will have a minimalist yet wonderful look. Decorate the room with minimal decor like lamps and frames.


3. Gardening Enthusiast

Gardening Enthusiast (Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas)

Gardening Enthusiast Themed

This is one of the best kids bedroom decoration ideas. In a garden, we tend to forget all our worries. Flowers blooming like little kids can ease anybody’s life, indeed. Many of us had a hidden desire while growing up. Desire to spend more time covered in soil and flower seeds. We all like the mere smell of flowers and wet soil. To be closer to your kid’s love for gardening, style their room like one, too. With flower and fence props available online and in-home depots. Decorate their bed with little bug toys and decor. Don’t forget keeping a grass floor in the room to add a special touch.


4. Culinary World

Culinary World (Kids Bedroom Decoration Ideas)

Culinary World Themed

One of the major hobbies among kids is cooking. Kids love putting on chef hats and trying out some cooking. Who knows their interest might become an inspiration for their career in the future? Why should one shy away from doing their bit in their kid’s journey?

Style up their room as their own little restaurant. Having simple and safe cooking tools for your children to play in their room is going to make them feel comfortable. The kids bedroom decoration should surround your kid’s love for cooking. Use little handkerchiefs and a table to complete the look. It is not just girls, but little boys also like to play cooking games with their toys.


5. LEGO-themed Kids Bedroom

LEGO themed

LEGO themed

The “LEGO”  is one of the oldest kids’ toys and it is still famous until today, even though it already had the movie. Having this toy as a theme is going to be just cool and great! The various colors of LEGO and its typical character can make the room does not look boring.

Choose over a variety of wallpaper art to fill your walls with the love for LEGO. Did you know that there was something called the LEGO table as well? Add one to the room for your kids’ playful study & snack sessions. It has been seen that kids who grew up around LEGO are smarter than others. 


6. Bookworm


Bookworm Themed

Reading isn’t a habit developed overnight. It takes time, patience and most importantly curiosity. Some kids love reading while some are not yet aware of its magic. Add a touch of the literary world to your kids’ life by filling their room with books. With cute bookshelves and cupboards available just for kids, you can create the best bookworm themed room for your little worm. These furniture sets are handy and in reach of your kids.

They would love the gift of books in their room and will surely cherish it. This spot is much recommended especially for the children who have grown up already. This spot is very calm and this makes the children interested in reading in which we know reading is very good for children. Here they can develop their love for some of the kid’s most favorite books of all times, like Harry Potter. They can even add elements to it to make it more authentic.


7. Tent Style 

Tent Style 

Tent Style Themed

We as kids have always loved making and living in tents. It is almost as if it is our own little space. This runs in our genes. Even our kids can’t resist loving tents. Why not give this unique interest space in their room?  Children like to have their personal space or spot, like to be alone or to just having their time. Indoor Indian tent-style can also be one of your inspirations in choosing main or big kids bedroom decorations. These tents are easy to assemble and don’t take up much space. 


8. Patterns



During our childhood, our mind is still growing and developing. It observes every detail, color, and shapes minutely. It tries to find patterns in things around it. This curiosity helps them become smarter. Add the world of patterns to their room to ignite this curiosity. Be it color patterns or shapes. With infinite ceiling arts, wallpapers and bedsheet designs, you yourself would enjoy decorating their space for them.

The collection of children’s books and the mixing of patterns on this bed complement the cool tones in the rest of the kids’ room, leading to a youthful-yet-sophisticated style. Do not think more and go for it now!


9. Jungle Joy 

Jungle Joy 

Jungle Joy Themed

It is always a fun thing for children to see and to get to know the jungle. Putting many jungle stuff like ropes or pictures with wooden materials for the bed and its frame is also a good recommendation for parents to not make children’s bedroom feels boring. 

Did you know that even grass themed bed sheets exist? You can even hang around a rope to make your kid feel like Tarzan of his family. Nobody can deny the fact that nature is closest to our hearts. We all admire it the most. Unfortunately, we can’t take our kids to a forest. So, why not bring the forest to them?


10. Sea World 

Sea World 

Sea World Themed

The world of blues fascinate not just kids but all of us, as well. Your child loves water and its beings so much that he can spend a lifetime at an aquarium. Even though we can’t afford a trip to the aquarium for that long, we can make their little space an aquarium itself. Use stuffed fish, rocks etc to make their tank full of life. Add the cool shades of blue to their room. Be it bed sheets or wall colors. The soothing tone of the color blue will make your kid calmer and your life smoother. 


11. Triangle Themed

Triangle Themed

Triangle Themed

The accents of triangles, stripes, and circles in this room add interest and playfulness to this space. Use the shapes efficiently to cheer up your little one’s living space. Having shapes around makes their brains work more and in a better way. Be it square bed, rectangle table, circular stool, and triangular mirror.

They would love all of them. You would also save yourself from making them learn about shapes! As they keep growing, you can keep introducing them to newer and fancier shapes. Stars and diamonds can beautify your kid’s ceilings. Love working for your kids? Well, this kids bedroom decoration would be worth all your efforts.


12. Sports

Sports Themed

Sports Themed

Playful has always been an adjective to kids. Be it cricket or badminton, children can’t stop playing. If they could add more hours to the day, they wouldn’t delay anymore. As they could play even more. This joy of playing isn’t just a phase. These can be future athletes and sportspersons. Coming back after a tiring day in the field, nobody would want to come back to their dull and lifeless room. Sport is a perfect theme for kids bedroom decoration Ideas.

Sporty wallpaper and the combination of neutral color in a bedroom. The wall color and the bed cover are also good for the kid to sleep in such an environment. This theme is perfect for parents who want to set their little one’s bedroom.


13. Astronaut

Astronaut Themed

Astronaut Themed

Ask any kids about their plans and almost all of them would have this one of their lists. All kids want to explore the world of heavenly bodies. Looking at the ceiling of the room but feels like looking at the sky in the night is a great concept for children’s bedroom.

Putting stars in the ceilings and other cosmic accessories with glow in the dark effect for some of them is a unique concept for your children to sleep in such an environment. Add hanging planets for unique decor for them. You may even want to gift them a telescope to put in their room’s corner. Do not forget to hang a picture of Neil Armstrong for extra points.


14. L-shaped Bunk Bed

L-shaped Bunk Bed

L-shaped Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed can provide two beds in one room with one is in the top and another one is in the bottom. Both beds are connected by stairs. Bunk bed is also recommended since this can save the room space as well as making your children sleeping in one room which is good for their bonding.

Bunk bed can also be decorated in accordance with the children’s interest and it is also able to occupy the floor space. You can try this idea to add more love between siblings. This also gives them bunk bed stories that they can save for their kids, as well. This is one of the easiest yet the most loving kids bedroom decoration ideas.

15. Mickey Mouse Themed

Mickey Mouse Themed

Mickey Mouse Themed

If there was one person who earned every kid’s love, it will surely be Mickey Mouse. Huge ears, round nose, and cheerful eyes. This character made everybody’s childhood worth living. So, design a room inspired by this wonderful Disney character. Adding an element of Mickey Mouse wallpaper art will bring comfort and fun to your kid’s room.

With a variety of art options available, choose the best for your son or daughter. A mouse-eared bed, paired with Mickey printed bedsheet, is probably the cutest napping place for your adorable little one. Give your own little finishing touch by buying a Mickey inspired dressing mirror and stool. This one tops the list for the best kids bedroom decoration ideas.


We’re sure that these ideas would have saved you from googling and finding inspiring ideas for your kid’s room. We bet that you would want to try out almost all of them with easily available decor options. Having a better space can do wonders for your kid. This allows them to be happier and playful. Let them live their best phase in the best way possible. We bet that your kids would love to show off their rooms to their friends and cousins, as well. After all who would hide their pretty room from others?

Today’s learner is tomorrow’s leader. Nobody can stop your kid from learning when he is around this great decor. So, what is stopping you? Go out and start shopping already. You would not regret doing all of this for that person you love unconditionally. 


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