It could be your wedding, Valentines’ Day, your tenth year anniversary, or you just got engaged and you want to capture that special moment in your life. You want to celebrate your love for each other and what better way to do that than a couple portrait photo? Down the years, when you pick that photo up, you can look back on this moment and cherish it forever! There is just something so magical about the way couple portrait photos can capture and freeze our feelings and memories.

Couple photo sitting together

Memories are forever

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

– Edward Steichen

Every two minutes, we, today, take more images than people took in the 1800s. We take photos of our pets, ourselves, our friends, etc. We all want to freeze time and preserve the memory, thus, it’s not the person taking the image that matter but what they are capturing. So, if you want to retain the joy you felt on your special day or moment, nothing is better than a couple portrait photo. Here is a comprehensive guide on 20 couple portrait photos that you can use, and it has been divided into 4 categories, so you can pick and choose as you want!

Locations filled with love For Couple Portrait Photos

Location is crucial, so you have to decide beforehand to make your couple portrait photo special. Think about the kind of location that really represents you and your significant other as a couple. Here are 5 location ideas you can take inspiration from:

1. Fireside

If you and your significant other are both outdoor enthusiasts and take hikes or hiking trips together, you may choose a camp as your location. You can snuggle up under the same blanket, facing the fire; or sit side by side and let your photographer capture you naturally.

Couple Portrait near fire

The warmth we have!

2. Wildflower field

Nature and romance go hand in hand, so if you are anywhere near a field of flowers, take advantage of it for your next couple portrait photo. Choose a scenic background, snuggle up amongst flowers for a clean, simple image; or turn up the romance and get closer for the perfect picture. And if you want to play on the aesthetics, go for a close detail shot.

Couple portatit in wildflower field

You are beautiful than flowers!

3. Beach

A beach photograph is quintessential for a couple. Sunrise or sunsets on beaches always give off the right dramatic flair for couple portrait photos. It’s a bonus if you take the photo on a beach that you have been to many times and really like going to again and again. You can run across the shoreline, cozy up on the sand or get into the water for the right photo!

Couple portrait at beach

Run Ashore!!

4. Amusement park

If you’re both fun-loving people and some of your favourite dates were in amusement parks, then why not take the opportunity to capture that fun in an image forever? Amusement parks let you be your silliest self, so get on some rides or celebrate winning a stuffed toy from a game stall.

Couple portrait at amusement park

Amusement is not for the kids only.

5. Sunsets on a mountain/against a cityscape

The magic of sunsets has enthralled humanity forever. Images captured during sunset are always beautiful, so why not get your couple portrait photo right as the sun dips? The possibilities are endless and you can choose any backdrop you want: you can go up on a mountain or stand against your city’s skyline.

Couple portrait at city sight

City sight is not that gorgeous, huh?

The Most Romantic Poses To Try With Bae

It is important you enjoy your photoshoot, so if you are struggling with poses, take inspiration from these ideas:

1. Hand-on-chest

Ask your significant other to place their hand on your chest or place your hand on their chest for this pose. Make sure your hand is close to their heart since this makes for quite the romantic photo and tells others that your hearts are connected and you are very committed to each other.

Couple portrait with hand on chest

I am yours!

2. Arms from behind

There’s something very pure and happy about a back hug, so throw hands around the other’s waist and a surprise cheek kiss is highly recommended because the surprise and joy on their faces will be worth capturing.

Couple portrait back hug

And you are mine.!

3. Dancing

Even if you have two left feet, you can still dance. Dancing brings out the joy in all of us, so why not put on some music and let the music guide your body for some spectacular images? You can twirl, do a dip or just do jazz hands for some amazing couple portrait photos.

Couple portrait dance

We dance together, we live together

4. Nose bump/kiss

If you and your significant other have a considerable height difference, a nose bump captures affection, and so does a nose kiss. Again, it’s recommended that you don’t inform the other about the nose kiss for some delightful candids.

Couple portrait nose bump

Your eyes are the most adorable!

5. Being silly

This is kind of self-explanatory, but when you’re being silly, it is easiest to capture your personalities. Pick them up or find the nearest grocery store for an empty trolley and let loose, have fun and let the camera capture your best moments.

Couple portrait with one on shoulder

I got you!

Proper Props For Couple Portrait Photos

What makes a good picture different from a great picture? The details. So remember to add some interesting props for that little extra something. The best props are usually the ones that aid you to interact or have special meaning to you both. Pick props that really customize the image.

1. Pets

Of course, animals are harder to take pictures of than humans, but if your pets are like a family member to you both, then put them in your couple portrait photo. You can cuddle your furry friend, put them between you both or let them loose and come to you. Usually, couple photos with pets have warmth and who doesn’t like cute dogs or cats?

Couple portrait with pet

I am here too!

2. Lights

Fairy lights have a charm of their own, and if you use it for your couple portrait photo, it can add a whimsical touch to your photos. You can choose to stand under strings of light or better yet, wrap them around yourselves for the best effect.

couple portrait with lights

Your smile is still brighter!

3. Umbrella

Sharing an umbrella is easily amongst the most popular romantic tropes ever. It used in fiction, in movies and songs. So take this trope and use it to your advantage. You can keep it simple and embrace under an umbrella, or take the prop to the beach and stand against the sunset to let the light fall on you, thus making a silhouette on the other end.

Couple portrait with umbrella

Under the same shade!

4. Picnic

Picnic dates are popular among couples and it is also a relaxing time for you both. The props are great aesthetics for any kind of photo, so cozy up or keep it casual, if you don’t want to indulge in PDA, for some stunning couple portrait photos.


Picnics aren’t that boring!

5. Flowers

Flowers have been given and received by couples forever. They have been used to celebrate or just used as gifts. For engagement shoots especially, flowers are an excellent prop. You can use the bouquet you give to your significant other or you can wear a flower crown for a playful touch.

Couple portrait with flowers

You are, all I look for!

The Perfect Wedding Picture

Weddings are an important milestone in any couple’s life. They are all about love and your commitment to each other. You want to take many, many photos of this day so you can come back to them someday and reminisce one of the most important days of your lives. Here are some suggestions for some wedding poses:

1. Lie down on the grass

For a unique, playful shot, you and your significant other can lie down on the grass with your heads touching or facing opposite directions. You can keep your eyes closed, touch your noses only or for a sweet touch, have them place their hands on your face.

Couple portrait lying at grass

Together Forever

2. Blindfolded

As tradition states, the groom cannot see the bride in her dress before the wedding, so to make your couple portrait photo really special and fun, have your significant other covers your eyes or you cover their eyes just before the reveal. This is an excellent pose to start with and you can ask your photographer to begin with this pose and consequently create a story from there.

Couple portrait blind folded

Guess who am I?

3. The first look

Make sure you tell your photographer to capture the first moment you as a groom see your bride in her dress. You can get this shot in private if it’s okay with you and your bride before the ceremony begins or you can have the photographer take it candidly when the ceremony begins.

couple portrait of first look

you look beautiful

4. The first dance

Everything you as a couple do for the first time is very important. So, take some photos of the dance during the reception, or better yet, take some photos before the reception when you and your significant other are rehearsing and trying to execute the perfect waltz.

Couple portrait of first dance

Dance with me honey!

5. The kiss

Only opt for this if you and your significant other are comfortable to kiss in front of the camera. You can get the other to laugh to make the photo lighter. Or, if you want to create a more intimate aesthetic, take the veil and place it over yourselves as your photographer takes the photo of your first kiss as a wedded couple.

Couple kissing portrait

Happily ever after!

Commemorate and celebrate the bond you share as a couple through these ideas for couple portrait photos. You can choose anything you want, let your personalities shine and don’t forget to have fun while taking photos!

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