Dogs are the cutest creature on this planet. For a dog owner, they are more like a child to them. They care, love and worry for them the same as their kid. They love, care and worry for them as their own kid. Have you wondered why a 10-year-old dig looks so tired than a year younger one? Here’s the answer, the dogs don’t age as we humans do. They have a different aging cycle. As a dog owner, I always wondered if there can be an exact method to measure and observe their life-cycle.

For years and years, Vets and pet scientists are working on a method for calculating the exact solution. There was as 7 year to 1-year formula, there are other methods as well. We’ve gathered a few techniques here, to aggregate a solution on how to determine, “How old is my dog”. The answer to this very question is waiting for you below. Make sure nothing’s left and keep your dog with you while reading this 😉

The old school technique

So I’m coming to the long known and discussed technique. That is a 7-year formula. It’s a very simple mathematical approach. The number of years of your dog’s age and multiply it by 7. That’s all. You got it. For example, if your dog is 5 years old, that implies he is 35 years old in dog years. Simple enough to understand?

Might yes but the accuracy and reliability of this technique are questioned by many over last so many years. This is moreover folklore or a myth and there has been no proven scientific factoid to support this. So this one goes down. Accuracy, reliability, and perfection are going to be the factors to reject this theory to answer how old is my dog.

Modern techniques:

Here is a quick table-chart to help

How Old is My Dog?

How Old is My Dog?

When we rejected the old technique the only problem we faced with accuracy and reliability so when moving on to the next method of theory by which we can determine the age of your dog is simply going to be something more accurate but less mathematical and calculative. So in these new techniques, we started looking for signs on their bodies. all these methods are a bit tricky

Teeth method

Teeth Method (How old is my dog)

Teeth Method

The very first technique is related to dog teeth. in this what you gonna do with unaccounted teeth a dog is having and the color of the teeth. So if they have all baby teeth in that means there is somewhere around 6 to 7 months old not more than that. Secondly, if they have with your teeth adult eats they probably somewhere seven months to 15 months.

if your dog is somewhere around two years old the teeth are duller and the back teeth may have started becoming yellow. 3 to 5-year-old dog the teeth have tartar and teeth wear. para dog somewhere between 5 to 10 years you may find a sign of disease in teeth and some teeth have started losing. Pocket dog the teeth have loosened up to find more teeth missing and blackened.


Dog Eyes method

Dog Eyes Method

Coming to the second major factor that is the eyes or vision of your dog. There is no clear relation between your dog vision and the age of a dog but you can somehow figure it out with the way it is as with humans. Low eyesight means high age. your dog will find difficulty in seeing things will get crashed into walls other stuff you can definitely see if is aging it starts somewhere around it is to 12 years and which can live up to demise.

Furr coloring

For coloring, the method is more like determining the age like the I method the forest Shiny and flourished with young dogs and pups but they are definitely dull with the older dogs. you notice major hair fall and lightning in the color of the form of a dog while he is aging. Older dogs lose more hair and their cost is less than the young ones.

Hearing capacity

As vision, hearing capacity also gradually decreases with the increasing age your dog will not come to you listening to his name if he is getting older this capacity of hearing will also decrease related to some food materials you are not supposed to gift your so better chat for that but yes old dogs to have a problem in hearing. try saying his name of loud if he doesn’t hear toward make sure you treat him well with this if you can take him to wait I can prescribe some drugs for that.


Skin is more related to the court method the scanners more loosened. Will see more signs of diseases there will always be less fat beneath the skin which will hold the skin to the muscles.

and all this time you need to make sure that the dog is well hydrated and moisturize there is no skin allergy is related to him take your dog to a doctor if you find any signs like that.

Factors responsible for a dog’s age

so if you have not of doctor dog under planning to have. Make sure you adopt the right one there are many factors which lead to the age of a dog when asking how old is my dog make sure you know everything about the factors which affect the age of a dog. I have a list of few factors which directly contribute to the dogs’ aging process.


The first and most important factor is the breed of your dog. Some breeds tend to live longer and some don’t. Pugs are supposed to live longer than dabermen. while opting for Dog go through a well-researched content about different breeds and their life cycle. This will help you a lot adopting the right dog. my suggestion is to make sure you adopt the right dog for life, no matter if he lives longer or shorter. all love and care you can give him is necessary and needed.


Does this factor moreover relate to the breeding of a dog & answers the million-dollar question “How old is my dog”? Breeds implicate size. dogs which are smaller in size live longer than the larger ones have already told you about the pug and Doberman. The big dogs live for a span of 10 to 12 years when a small dog can live up to 15 years.


The environment or atmosphere in which the dog is living affects more than anything else. if a dog is living in a healthy environment and a loving and caring family this will definitely make a longer than the stray dogs or the dogs which are not getting proper care and affection. the environment definitely puts a major factor make sure you live with greenery around where can move around play be active. You doing a dog owner should make sure that he is living in an environment where there is less or zero pollution. Make sure there is nothing that is making your dog uncomfortable uneasy and unhealthy.

Tips to make your dog live longer

Apart from, “How old is my dog?”. You may want to know how to keep them healthy. here are a few things you can consider doing to make sure your dog lives a healthy and longer life

  1. Give them only a healthy diet whatever is necessary for his growth and healthy life consider meeting a pet doctor who can suggest you the right diet chart for your dog.
  2. Get him a habit of walking around playing on being active all the time.
  3. Take them for a checkup every month to a doctor to make sure there are no diseases
  4. Always make sure that all the vaccinations are on time and right
  5. Get him away from stray and diseased dogs

The question how old is my dog is totally worthless till the time you are not giving him proper care and all the medications required to make sure you for me the mall and try helping about living in a healthy life



show all the methods techniques we have seen or more over the same as we do for your dogs are no different from humans need love care affection. I hope this answers your question, “How old is my dog? the way we treat humans with medications and love we should do the same for the dogs is well adopt a dog in even know what is his age this article will surely help you out if you want to plan a new dog make sure you remember all the factors which have mentioned in the article. at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long a dog lives but it definitely matters how happy he was he died.

For a friend who has just lost a dog, we have an article that’s called how to deal with pet loss. This article has everything which you need to know about losing a pet. Nobody wants to lose a loved one but death is a truth we all need to understand agree too.

Let me know in the comment section if you have tried measuring your dog’s age &  how old he is right now in human years!


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