Shifting to a new house is a dream everyone waits and hard works for years. Hence it is the most overwhelming feeling one can have. The emotions the Joy the happiness all is eternal and heavenly. So when selecting for the best housewarming gift you must keep this thing in your head-

The housewarming gift should go in coherence with the personality of the receiver of the gift. If they are bold and sassy you should not be giving them an old-style wall clock or a boring old school frame

Here is the list of 25 mind-blabbering Housewarming gift Ideas Which are going to make you stand out of the “Boring Queue”


1) Bouquets

Bouquets as housewarming gift

Flowers are never out of the trend


This may sound old school but Flowers are one of the best and the first pick of every person to grace any occasion and the best part is even hosts too like them as they take it as a very polite gesture. Bouquets are never going to disappoint you if you’re not able to decide anything specific to give to somebody on a housewarming party. You can find good bouquets of every range as per your budget and you can go as high as you want by customizing the flowers. You can make a good mix of orchids, roses, carnations, and tulips with a personalized wish as well.


2) Handmade Painting

Handmade painting as housewarming gift

Paintings are made of colors and pure love!

A gift that lasts for a lifetime. A handmade portrait of the couple hosting the housewarming party is the blooming talk of the town. Since you’re giving not only a housewarming gift that will fade away but also a really cool option for them to make their new house’s living walls more quirky and lively. We bet they are gonna love it, but the fact is the painting really needs to be good for them to show off. You can choose an Oil Painting on canvas for their family picture since it looks very realistic and can also add on to their monochrome walls.


3) Windchimes

Windchimes as housewarming gift


Definitely, a good pick for the new house owners since they sound and beauty of a wind chime can never get dull. But be sure to choose a good quality wind chime with a melodic sound as they don’t break easily with strong winds and also their soothing voice can light up your friend’s evenings. You can choose metal, glass and wooden wind chimes as they are not only aesthetically beautiful but are actually very strong.

4) Personalized Crockery

Personalized Crockery Set as housewarming gift

Personalized CrockeryA good quality Crockery set is a really good option for a housewarming party gift since a new crockery set is obviously required by the new house owners for the shining new dining table. A bone china crockery set is what you should get your hands on as they not only look elite but are actually of very fine quality. It would definitely make your friends go gaga over your gift. You can customize the crockery with their names and photographs on it. It will give them a personal touch and long remembering feel.


5) Silver Coins

Custom Silver coins as housewarming gifts

Custom Silver coins

This is the Premium type of housewarming gifts. You can have it according to your budget. From 1gms to s much as you want. It will make you the premium giver in the crowd of hundreds. you can engrave the hosts’ name or their family name on the coins. It will surely make you the best guest.


7) Set of Digital Watches

Set of ewatches as housewarming gifts

Set of Digi Watches


This can be a wonderful housewarming gift for the family which is shifting into the new house. You can give them each a watch specially personalized for them. You can customize with their names and photographs.


8) Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha as housewarming gift

Laughing Buddha

it’s the sign of Goodluck and happiness. It means blessings and love for the family and the new house. Everyone will be happy around seeing it. The charm of good luck will surely work.

9) Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings as housewarming gifts

Wall Hangings

people who shift to a new house are usually pretty confused about their inhouse Decoration. Gifting them wall hangings are really gonna be a superb option. They can hang those around the house and remember you for gifting these.


10) Silver Glass Set

Silver Glass Set as housewarming gift

Silver Glass Set

This is a premium class housewarming gift. You can give them a set of sliver glasses. The number and size of the glasses can be varied according to the budget and number of people in the house.

11) Chinese Decorative Vase

Chinese Decorative Vase

Chinese Decorative Vase

One more decor based gifting option. Flower vases are classic and beautiful. Gift them an antique Chinese vase and it’ll look marvelous in their living room.

12) Customized Bedsheets

Customized Bedsheets

Customized Bedsheets

This can be the best housewarming gift for the host. You can get them a Customized bedsheet. You can print their happy faces on a bedsheet and pillow covers and it’ll look stunning in their bedroom.

13) Home Decor Books

Home Decor Books

Home Decor Books

Books are always an old school classic. You can gift them a book related to Feng-shui or House decor Ideas. This will help them out designing the house. 

14) Shawls



A Shawl is going to be a good option for the hostess. You can go for some high-quality shawls. The price range can vary according to the quality of the shawl. Every time she’ll be wearing it, you will be in her head and heart.

15) Personalized Cushions

Personalized Cushions

Personalized Cushions

After bedsheet, this will be a great bedroom gift option. You can Customize the cushions with their photos or with some quotes about family and relationships. This will make them feel positive every time they’ll see it.

17) Ornaments

Custom Ornaments

Custom Ornaments

You can Customize ornaments on Etsy with quotes and pictures. They can hang those around the kitchen or the living room. This will enrich the overall look of the house as well give your gift a personal touch.

18) Funky Chairs

Funky Chairs

The BaseBall Chairs

One more housewarming decor related gift idea. You can get the family a set of cool Innovative chairs. These can be placed in the living room or in the kitchen. Definitely two birds with one stone.

19) Personalized Candle Stands

Beautiful Personalized Candle Stands

Beautiful Personalized Candle Stands

Some people might think this isn’t in trend anymore but true classic people still put candle stands in their houses. Hence this will also make a great housewarming gift. An out of the box idea which will make you stand out of the queue and cherish the new house. You can get them personalized with their surnames on it anywhere online.

20) Cool Table Lamps

Cool table lamps

Cool Table Lamps

You guessed it right. After candle stands, we can’t leave the Table Lamps. You can have a pair of bedside lamps or can even prefer tall lampshade for the living area. There is a huge range of such lamp shades online and they come as low as $10.

21) Personalized  Wooden Coasters

Personalized  Wooden Coasters

Personalized  Wooden Coasters

In the cold out there, you might want to have them the warmth of real love. You can get a personalized Wooden coaster with their name printed on it. This will give it a personal touch and a real feeling of affection. The next they will be having coffee you will be in their hearts.

22) Fine Wine

Fine Wine

Everything goes fine with wine


 A bottle of high-quality wine will make you look the classiest among the guests and the hosts will even love to show off the bottle to the others. There are plenty of brands and bottle shapes available online you can choose accordingly to the personality and choice of the host.

23) Plants

Plants as housewarming gifts

Plants are humans best friend

These are really the out of the box idea. A new empty home needs a lot of positive vibe and plants are the best providing it. If you care very much about the hosts, you must prefer gifting them plants. These will go wonderful with their walls and furniture. You can pick for bonsai’s or any other little plants which will work well inside the house.

24) Personalized Wooden Hangings

Personalized Wooden Hangings

Personalized Wooden Hangings

This is something in the field of house decor. You can out some loving family quotes on the wooden wall hangings which will always remind them about loving each other and living together. A family needs a lot of love to behold everything together and it’ll definitely support them in all their new times in the house.

25) Stunning Charcoal Family Portrait

Charcoal Family Portrait

Charcoal Family Portrait

A house is just a house but the people living in it, make it a home. A family is a person’s biggest strength. To embrace their love for each other you can have a family portrait of them hand-painted. Even if they are not having a picture together BookMyPainting can work it out with their separate pictures and make them stand together for eternity. This will be the best housewarming gift they’ll ever receive.


So here ends the list. When you go for a housewarming party you must try gifting them something which will be in use on a regular basis. A new fresh house always needs something so you’ll never get out of options. Once you decide what you gonna gift to your hosts, let us know in the comment section or if you have something in head and heart which we left? 


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