Butterflies come to pretty flowers, they say. Although a photo frame may have a memory captured, a portrait painting can make the memory look majestic and royal, which is why, ardent, devoted love for handmade paintings wins over photo frames, even today.

handmade portrait painting

That smile is all that you need!

“The artist paints every portrait with a feeling which the admirer cannot claim”

-Oscar Wilde

There is a feeling with which every portrait painting is created. Also, the final painting conveys a certain message which connects with its admirer. The photo frame, however, is a work of the camera along with the skills of the photographer.

According to the National Portrait Gallery, the first acquired classical portrait painting was of William Shakespeare around 1600-1610. Also, the emergence of photo frames began from around the late 16th century to the early 17th century, as stated by Frame USA.

This indicates the fact that the existence of handmade portrait paintings has been earlier than photo frames in the world.

Apart from these facts, there still runs a debate between a handmade acrylic portrait painting and a photo frame.

The unending war between photos and paintings

With technology growing every day, the digitization in photos has also developed. However, handmade portrait paintings are also being distributed to the niche. Either of them cannot be forced on to the admirer for choosing it. A handmade portrait painting or a photo frame can only be chosen due to its beauty.

The beauty of paintings

An abstract portrait painting has its own beauty as compared to that of a photo frame. Portrait paintings have been trending due to their artists and auction volumes. Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the love for portrait paintings also lies in the heart of the admirer.

20 reasons to choose a handmade portrait painting over a photo frame


  • A handmade portrait painting lives an eternity

Handmade Oil Painting By BookMyPainting

Handmade Oil Painting By BookMyPainting

During a natural calamity or while migrating to a different location, if the photo frame gets affected by fungus or worms then it is hard to restore the same and may have to get a new frame altogether But in a handmade portrait painting, coating of varnish and other factors help in sustaining the quality and prevent the painting from getting spoilt.


  • Restorations

Restorations handmade portrait painting


Photo quality can be altered up to a certain level while paintings can be restored like originals. If at all the photo quality is not liked by the end-user, here is an option of getting a certain photo image edited up to a limited quality. On the other hand, even if a black and white portrait painting is not liked by a certain client, then the same can be restored like an original painting.

  • Durability



Canvas is more durable than a photo paper. Canvas being a cloth-like base or support for portrait painting is more robust than any other medium to last for the longest period of time. This is also the reason why canvas portrait paintings are sold more than any other format. Photo frames mostly contain photo paper which also varies in quality. However, they are less durable than the canvas.



  • Photo paper & Canvas



Photo paper has specific sizes while canvas can be customized accordingly. Frames are assembly lines and cannot be customized accordingly. They come in specific sizes and the customer has to choose from the given variants But when it comes to a portrait painting, the canvas cloth can be customized according to the needs of a particular customer.



  • Embrace Overlappings

Embrace Overlappings

Embrace Overlappings

You can embrace overlapping when it comes to handmade painting. It is true that the best brushes for portrait painting can be used for painting over an old or an existing painting in a way that the canvas can be reused. This recycling property, however, is not present with a photo frame as a completely new frame shall be used in order for a new picture to be hung.



  • Auctions



Painting auctions are more sought after than those of photo frames. Sotheby’s shall prefer auctioning a handmade oil painting portrait by certain artists and earn their revenue rather than auction photo frames or photos for the same. This clearly indicates the fact that photo frames are less sought after as compared to that of handmade portrait paintings.


  • More grandiose

A girl with the pearl earring

A girl with the pearl earring

A painting from a photo has more grandiose. A handmade custom portrait painting looks very royal and there is no pixel-ing or adjustment in the portrait. Whereas, if a certain image has to be brought about on a larger frame. The image needs to be edited and it shall pixel on to a particular size of the frame.



  • Micro Detailing

Micro Detailing

Yes, this is Art!

Paintings are worth the cost considering the micro detailing feature. A portrait painting that is handmade shall turn out to be more costly than a photo frame. as the efforts, of a particular artist such as minute details, are added to the masterpiece. The efforts of a single hand, whereas, a photo may not include minute details and may get blurred or spoilt in their picture quality if details are forced on to it.



  • Be in any photo you want to be!


Be in any photo you want to be!

Photos have their limitations even if they are highly digitalized in nature. If a particular photographer misses a certain event then the photo is missed forever. Whereas a particular portrait painting can be created anytime and anywhere for replenishing any memory even if a photo is missing.



  •  “Tackled effectively”

    Removal of the Spectacles

    Removal of the Spectacles

A picture detail can be “tackled effectively” in a portrait painting. If any detail needs to be added later on after the completion of a portrait painting. it can be tackled by the artist in a way that the customer is satisfied with the best lighting for portrait painting. A photo frame may not be able to accommodate such changes after the print and framework have been done.  The photographer needs to know all such changes in advance.



  • Depth of a Scene

Handmade Portrait Painting

Depth of Painting

Photography may lack depth while a painting may not. It has been mostly found that art lovers are engrossed in handmade portrait paintings rather than photos or photo frames. The reason behind this very fact is that a portrait painting may convey more to its onlooker than a photo captured in a frame. Photography may lack meaning at times, hence helping a portrait painting to score over it.

  • Studio & Gallery

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The studio set up for a photographer is a liability, but an art gallery is an asset. Along with the fact that the studio equipment is expensive, the cost of the set up also rises along with it. But when it comes to an art gallery, the cost of the entire set up shall be taken care of by the portrait paintings which are handmade by various artists and are put up for auction.


  • The Apparatus

The Apparatus

The Apparatus

A broken brush or spilled paint can be reimbursed earlier than a broken lens. It does not hurt if a certain paintbrush is broken or lost. But it definitely hurts if the lens of a particular camera involved in building up a photo frame breaks or gets damaged while clicking a certain picture. The camera lens is surely costlier than a paintbrush.


  • Portrait Specifications

Portrait Specifications

Portrait Specifications

The portrait specifications are different for a photo frame. As compared to a portrait painting, the specifications of a particular photo frame are different. Such specifications may not appeal to the eyes of the end-user always & leave them craving for better work like that of a portrait painting.


  • Multiple Aspects



A photo frame captures only one aspect at a time. Contemporary portrait paintings may capture multiple aspects. A photo frame, on the other hand, may capture only a single aspect even though the design of the frames may be different. Monalisa By Da-Vinci is the finest example of this thing.


  • Multiple Shades and Color

Pet pencil Drawing

More colors and Shades

A portrait painting can have multiple and compound facets of colors or shades. Without the hassle of brightness adjustment or color adjustment, a particular portrait painting can explore various aspects of colors as compared to a photo frame.


  • Scope of Modification

Removing the object in portrait painting

Removal of a Water Bottle from the scene!

Photo frames have limited scope for modification. The quality of a particular portrait painting can be altered even after the final painting is created by the artist. However, modification of a photo or its frame can hamper its quality.


  • Art Collectors

Art Collectors

Art Collectors

An art collector may consider a portrait painting anytime over a photo frame. True art lovers know the difference between a portrait painting and a photo frame and may not easily get cheated. Though there have been cases in the past, a handmade portrait painting is considered more than the latter.


Photography is a digitized art form which may not include a personal touch to the image except for clicking it through the lens. A handmade portrait painting, on the other hand, is handcrafted and shall involve a manual touch to the particular masterpiece by a certain artist. it displays emotion with far more depth as compared with a photo frame.

Is it not better to choose a portrait painting over a photo frame where all the colors come out lively and as if it were real?

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