Are you looking for gifts ideas that will stand out? Do you want your gift to be cherished for years to come? Handmade portraits from the photo are the Best gifts that bring joy to your loved one’s face. You can get a handmade portrait online for all occasions in Best Prices.


Birthday Gifts


Birthday is the most special day of everyone’s life. People wait for the whole year for this one day. And you obviously want to make your loved ones feel special, so what better occasion than a birthday? You must be having a photo of your friend/family member which you can get converted into a handmade portrait. You can also use a picture of you both to depict the friendship and the bond that you share which will make the best birthday gift of all times.

Pencil sketch as gift

Pencil sketch handmade portrait

Anniversary Gifts


You got this day to show your love for your better half (not that you can’t do that in the rest 364 days), but you dare not forget this one! 😛 So, how are you going to make her/him feel special? Flowers and chocolates don’t make them anymore, right? So, take some efforts and get the best picture of you two from the album and get it hand-painted. A handmade portrait brings a personalized touch to your gift and the most precious smile on your partner’s face. It will make your day for sure!

Couple Charcoal Sketch Anniversary Gifts

Couple Charcoal Sketch Anniversary Gifts

Custom Pet Portraits


A pet is like a family member for his owner. He enjoys his company and takes care of him as his own baby. Pets are not just cute and adorable but very loyal too. So, if you know such a person or you are an owner of one such soul, then a custom pet portrait is a must for your home. It is a great memorandum of the importance that he holds in your life. Click a playful picture with your pet and get it customized by portrait artists.

Custom Pet Portrait in Water Color as gift

Custom Pet Portrait in Water Color


A Handmade Portrait as a Pet Memorial Gift


Pet owners find it very difficult to overcome the pain of pet loss. When on hand they need their space and time to deal with their feeling, on the other hand, they need some care and support of their close friends. If you want to help your friend/sibling to come out of their grief, you can give him a pet loss gift. A pet remembrance gift is one of the best ways to help them deal with their feelings. A handmade portrait of the pet will always remind him/her of all the good times they shared and help to move on with life.


Pet oil portrait as pet loss gift

Pet oil portrait for pet loss

Wedding Gifts


The wedding is the biggest day of a person’s life and happens only once (usually ;P). You will agree with me when I say that people nowadays do not appreciate the cliché wedding gifts that they receive. You must think out of the box and present something that different and durable at the same time. Order a handmade portrait of the couple from their photo to gift them on their wedding. This will not only be a custom gift but will also most likely find a place in their bedroom wall. This will be the best wedding gift that the couple has received.

Color Pencil Sketch Wedding Gift

Color Pencil Sketch Wedding Gift

Housewarming Gifts


To buy their own house is everyone’s aim when they start earning. They save for years to buy their dream house, and when that day comes, it is undoubtedly very special to them. Housewarming is a celebration and occasion to congratulate them for their new house. You most likely gift something to decorate their house or some home utility items. So be creative this time, and give them a handmade portrait. You can get a family photo and get it painted online by professional artists. This will not only be wonderful decor for their home but also something that is very close to them because of its personalized nature.

Oil Painting for House Warming Gift

Oil Painting for House Warming Gift

Mother’s Day Gift


Oh, thank god for this day! Because the selfless job of a mother is often taken for granted. This day at least reminds to take some time out of our busy schedule and appreciate our mothers for all the efforts she puts in to make our life magnificent. Surprise your mother with a sweet gesture which shows how much you care about her. A handmade painting made from her photo is a perfect Mother’s Day gift that will always remind her of this day whenever she looks at it. You can make it even more memorable by adding a heartfelt note expressing all the love that you hold for her.


Custom Oil Painting for Mother's Day

Custom Oil Painting for Mother’s Day

Father’s Day Gifts


While we can speak our heart out in front of our mother, we don’t do so in front of our father. He is the backbone and the strongest pillar of the family with whom we don’t share emotional talk very often. But what you can’t say, a gift can do on your behalf. Allow our portrait artist to paint a picture of your father from the favorite photo of his and let colors do the talking. I would like to give you a disclaimer in this case- because you might be seeing your father overflowing with emotions for the first time in your life. So, go and get a custom handmade portrait as a gift today and make the most of out of this Father’s Day.

Oil Painting for Father's Day

Oil Painting for Father’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts


The hype of 14th of February, the designated day of lovers is not going to come down anytime soon. And if you are dating someone, you better keep up with the trend. 😉 Take your partner on a romantic date surprise him/her with some gifts and make the day memorable. Are you wondering what to gift your valentine? Do you need any help? I am here to give you a suggestion that will spare you from all the stress of hunting the best valentine gift.

Choose a romantic photo with your partner. Pictures make any gift very personalized. But photo frames, mugs, pillows are old news now. So, stay a step ahead and get the photo hand painted to make it even more special. Handmade portraits are the best boyfriend/girlfriend gifts. You can get the best prices online for a custom handmade portrait from a photo. So, what are you waiting for? Go, order now!


Couple Charcoal Sketch

Couple Charcoal Sketch

Thanksgiving Gifts


It’s that time of the year when like to tell your family and friends how grateful you are to have them in your life. Do you want to preserve a memory of this day? Well, take a handmade portrait with you when you go for the Thanksgiving dinner with your family. They will be, and I promise their reaction will be priceless. You will remember this Thanksgiving every year for all the wonderful memories it gave you.


Oil Painting for Thanks Giving

Oil Painting for Thanks Giving

Farewell Gifts


Farewells are hard. It’s difficult to part ways with someone you are deeply attached to. So, what kind of gift do you like to give your friend before he/she bids adieu? Would it be nice if you can give him something to remember all the good times you spent together? I can suggest you the perfect gift for this occasion. Present him a handmade portrait as a gift made from photo of you both which he can cherish all his life. The painting will remind him of the bond and friendship that you share and will always keep you connected.

Charcoal Drawing Farewell Gift

Charcoal Drawing Farewell Gift


Baby’s First Birthday Gift


Birthdays are special, we all know! Can you imagine how special will the first birthday be? Obviously, the infant doesn’t care, but it is the happiest day of his parent’s life. They celebrate it with all pomp show to celebrate their victory for having survived one whole year successfully! 😀 Jokes apart, it actually makes the parents really proud and delighted to see their kid grow. You can add to their celebration by presenting them a handmade portrait as a gift. This will be the most beautiful gift for them because it has their baby’s face and a personalized touch.


Infant's First Birthday Gift

Infant’s First Birthday Gift



Life is a journey full of ups and downs and what keeps us going are the people around us who make it all worthwhile. While do not thank these people enough, we must take some time out to tell them how important they are in your life. These occasions are an opportunity to make them feel special, hence surprise them with a personalized gift which they can cherish forever. A handmade painting from photo is the best option for this purpose. Let BookMyPainting help you with this and get your masterpiece delivered at your doorstep!


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