Teens, They are the lot who rule the world whether it is music, trends, pop culture or any other area you talk about. It is pretty much the best age in a person’s life because then we are excited for literally everything, excitement for growing up, for the new marvel movie, for the new romantic novel, for the new fashion trend, for Anushka’s new hairstyle, Kartik Aryan’s new dance move and whatnot.

Teens at this age have a variety of interests, from those who are avid readers, to those that love sports or desire the latest and greatest video games or are technology/fashion maniacs. Also, teens have a different kind of excitement for gifts. There’s no single gift that will please them all​..​And for that reason, gift shopping for teenagers can be quite tricky and troublesome. While buying gifts for teens you need to figure out what’s cool going along with the current technology and fashion mania but still ranks age-appropriate.


To help you out, this article has gift ideas for every teen (both boys and girls), whether they’re into movies or the latest trends. From this list of innovative tech gifts, basic useful gifts and more, we hope to cross a few names off your shopping list. Trust us, gifts for teens will be so impressed by how much you know about the ongoing trends and their taste!


1. Slambook

Slambook (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)


Even with the dominion of social media in our lives, I don’t think slambooks have lost the weight. It is a gift item that is loved by the majority of teenagers(especially girls) so they could get it filled by their friends and can later read and reminisce who all were their beloved friends in school. With the slambook containing things like your friends’ likes, dislikes, their then Bollywood and Hollywood crushes, thoughts on love and friendship, your praises, their praises make a memory to laugh on at later in our lives.



2. Scrapbook

Scrapbook (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)


This one of some great things which would make good gifts for teens. With a little effort and plentiful of emotions you can gift a scrapbook that they can cherish for their lives. It is something that can be gifted to any age group because pictures along with some heartiest words and wishes can make the best combination as a present. A scrapbook can be gifted by a friend to another friend, by parents to their children, by a brother to her sister or whomsoever wants.


3. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)

Bluetooth Speaker

Gifts for teens these days must include products with the latest technology. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is in the latest demand. Whether they are going to a friend’s place to party or going for an excursion, teens will love being able to play their favorite tunes out and about.


4. MI band/Smart Watch 

MI band/Smart Watch (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)

MI band/Smart Watch

With technology engulfing every generation into itself, smartwatches which along with telling the time, keep a check on a person’s health, heartbeat, blood pressure, monitoring sleep cycles is ruling the popularity and demand charts. Every one of us wants to keep a check on their health and teens are super active in this area.


5. A New Video Game 

A New Video Game (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)

A New Video Game

Video games are the most sought after and appropriate gifts for teen boys because no matter what they are never tired of playing video games.


6. Headphones/Earphones 

Headphones/Earphones (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)


Wireless headphones and earphones are also becoming very popular these days. With the invention of Bluetooth speakers, AirPods and headphones, wired earphones are becoming obsolete. Also, it leaves a cool impression of the person who has headphones or AirPods because of which most of the teenagers are crazy about these things.


7. Backpacks 

Backpacks (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)


Backpacks or bags are one of the most useful items anybody can give a person to. Bags for regular school classes or funky bags for coaching or backpacks for a school outing, we can give a bag for any of the mentioned reasons. Also trendy and stylish sling bags, clutches and wallets are good options for gifts for teens.


8. Perfumes 

Perfumes (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)


A perfume is a sign of affection. People don’t buy it that often and that is why it becomes a special gifts for teens. Since they have beautiful packaging and lovely scents, perfumes signal that the recipient is worth the expense.


9. Coffee mug 

Coffee mug (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)

Coffee mug

A coffee mug is a gift that can never go out of style or fade in utility. You can give a personalized coffee mug with the person’s favorite picture or writing something for him/her or purchase a cute minion one. Every time the person drinks something in it he/she would be reminded of you and the sweet memories spent with you.


10. Soft toys

Soft toys (25 Best Gifts For Teens (#21 is the Winner)

Soft toys

As we grow older we lose the craze for soft toys but teenagers(especially girls) are fond of these. Some even sleep with their teddy bears or pandas held close to them. Be it a teddy bear, panda, or ele, giving soft toys or stuffed animals can make girls happy. These are one of the the cutest gifts for teens.


11. Straightener/Curler 



Here comes another gift for teenage girls. It is the time when they get into the fashionista class. They develop a sense of maturity regarding their looks and appearance and that is why straighteners and curlers are in every girl’s wishlist.


12. Makeup items 

Makeup items

Makeup items

Every girl is concerned about her looks and appearance during this age. In the start girls just try hands on their mother’s products but as they become older and develop a sense of maturity they start buying products for personal use. A little eyeliner and lip gloss never hurt anybody, so gifting these can be an option for gifts for teens.


13. Goggles 




If you are thinking of a unique gift, sunglasses/goggles can be a big surprise and something that can make a huge impact. It’s a non-conventional gift but you need to make the right choice and if you do so, you’re sure to make them feel special. You need to consider the person’s face shape and his/her style and there you go! these are one of the classiest gifts for teens



14. Sports kit 

Sports kit

Sports kit

For sports fanatics, giving a sports kit is the best option. According to the teenager’s interest, badminton set, skates board, cricket kit, football or basketball can be gifted. These can also be gifted to those who are not very much into sports as it will encourage them to play and keep themselves physically fit.


15. Books 



Many of us turn into book enthusiasts during our teenage and if the habit of reading is once inculcated it remains with us forever. Parents must make sure that their children have reading habits because reading makes people more empathetic. Also unlike other materialistic things, books remain with a person forever. They come in every genre and style so you can gift a book according to the person’s interest if you know it otherwise motivational and quotation books can do.


15. Keychains/keyrings 



This is a gift that is very common yet the most loved amongst teenagers. It is a useful one as we always require a keychain whether it be for the bicycle’s key or of the scooty’s or the cupboard. Keyrings of all variety-cute, funky, stylish, designer are available in the market. Also, you can get it personalized if you are giving it to a friend by getting your picture or names engraved together.


16. Photo frames 

Photo frames

Photo frames

The most underrated and cliché gift item for any occasion. I remember giving a photo frame to each of my friends on some occasion or the other. A pretty photo frame gives a new life to the photo. The memory of the picture will remain in their hearts and homes forever. Also, they make for the best showpiece items.


17. Printed t-shirts/sweatshirts 

Printed t-shirts/sweatshirts

Printed t-shirts/sweatshirts

Tshirts or sweatshirts with cool funky captions can also be gifted. These days t-shirts with captions as dialogues of series or movies are very much in demand. You can gift an at-shirt related to the favorite fandom of the person you want to gift to. Also, you can gift a t-shirt with that person’s photo on it.


18. Artwork t-shirt 

Artwork t-shirt

Artwork t-shirt

You can also gift a t-shirt by painting it yourself, acrylic and fabric paint being the most popular. You can purchase a plain t-shirt and can paint it in your style. I remember getting a painted t-shirt by my friend once and the happiness I had after receiving it.


19. Accessories 



With the changing fashion trends, accessories have become an integral part of today’s fashion. Bracelets, rings, earrings, chokers, and neckpieces are some things that attract the teenagers and gifting these can add to their style statement.


20. Phone cover


Phone cover

Phone cover

Nowadays fourteen, fifteen-year girls and boys also have a phone. So you can also gift them a phone cover because you know the model of their phone. Also, personalized phone cases and covers with the person’s picture or text is in trend.



21. Portraits



It is a unique and astonishing gift and is in the latest gift trends. You can gift a portrait of their favorite picture or their family picture. Portraits make a good option as gifts for teens because art is one thing that people rarely forget. The memories attached with portraits and sketches are etched forever and they remain fresh in the recipient’s heart and mind.


22. Art kit 

Art kit

Art kit

For the artsy, crafters and makers in the house, giving an art kit or DIY craft kit would be the best option. Sketchbooks, brush pens, paint pens, oil pastels, clay modeling kits, color sheets and many more art and craft related items would elate them.


23. Diary/journal 



If the teenager you want to give a gift to has a knack for writing, then a diary is the appropriate thing. It is also a brilliant way of expressing yourself and confiding special secrets.​Diary writing is a brilliant idea for children because it helps them organize their thoughts and express themselves. They get used to writing every day and become fluent.

Keeping a private diary enables children to explore thoughts and feelings that they may not want other people to be privy to. Writing them down can help children to process these feelings, work out how they feel about people, events and situations, and even come around to new ways of thinking​. This is one of the most useful gifts for teens.

If​ they like to stay organized and write everything down, a​journal is a beautiful gift to remind someone you care about that the life they live is worth recording and that you believe in their ability to create a kick-ass life story. Also, both journals and diary can be used to note down important things and events.


24. Handmade stuff 

Handmade stuff

Handmade stuff

Handmade cards or gifts are anytime way better than materialistic gifts because they depict the true emotions and love of the giver. If you can put in a little effort and time, then nothing is more valuable and cherishable than handmade stuff. When they will look back on those cards and notes after 20 years all the memories will flashback.

Teens are a daunting demographic to buy for. They’re often the first people clued into hype products and cultural phenomena that you’re probably not as aware of but they also don’t have the pockets to buy everything for themselves, this leaves plenty of opportunities open for you. Gifts for teens should be such that it is of their area of interest as well as useful. We should encourage them to do whatever they feel good at doing and accordingly give them gifts so that they feel and know that their elders want them to outshine in whatever they do.

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