Thinking of having a Dog Portrait soon? But Don’t have the right Picture? Here is the ultimate guide for Dog Photography to capture your paw.

Dogs are among the most perfect photography subjects for all sorts of photos. Their overall joyfulness, unpredictability, and energy can be transformed into striking dog portraits, complete chaos or both. Right now, Dog photography is popular, and it is also fun with an almost infinite selection of results starting from hilarious and crazy images to moving and sentimental ones. If you spent most of your time with your dog, a photoshoot is good memories you can keep that will bring you joy for years to come.

 “Think outside the square. Most importantly, keep it fun for the animal.”


Before you start, there are some things you have to remember before you start your Dog Photography shoot, which are:



Dog Portrait From Photos (Dog Portraits from Photos)

I am Paw-dorble


When it’s a human, you can communicate with them to understand their personalities before the shoot begins. When you have a better idea of their personalities, you know what to stay away from and how to give the subject instruction. You can use similar techniques when working with a dog.

If your pet is too energetic, you will be able to be ready for an unpredictable and fast-paced photo shoot. If your dog is lazy, you need to carry treats to bribe them so they give you their attention. Most importantly, observe your dog and understand what their habits and quirks are so you can include their strengths in the photos.  


  • Capture your relationship with them


Dog owner relationship (Dog Portraits from Photos)

Dogs are humans’ Best Friends


If your dog starts to feel uncomfortable or is misbehaving, you can always join them in the picture. Dogs usually feel most comfortable in the company of the people they love, so you can grab this chance to take some adorable, heart-warming dog photos.


  • Focus on their eyes for emotional shots


Eyes are the reflection of soul (Dog Portraits from Photos)

Eyes are the reflection of the soul


Portraits of people, when they are especially emotive, commonly focus on their eyes, which create depth, emphasize unusual eyes colors or create a feeling of familiarity. You need to know that your dog won’t start posing for you as soon as you pick the camera up. It is suggested that you take such photos at the end of the shoot—your dog will most probably be relaxed and spent of all energy by then. 


  • Use black backgrounds for classic portraits


Black Backgrounds for dog portrait from photos

Black Backgrounds!


You don’t always need to take your pet outdoors for dog photography. If you want to take studio shots, you can create backdrops using some simple tools. All you would require is cardboard, black paint, and the proper lighting equipment. A black backdrop will put the spotlight on your dog, create depth and make your photo look professional.


  • Take quick photos with burst mode


Burst Mode Photos (Dog Portraits from Photos)

Burst Mode Photos


Dogs that are active are unpredictable, which implies that you won’t be able to compose a shot calmly during the shoot. Instead of waiting for your dog to quiet down or wait for the right moment, take photos automatically. Burst mode is continuous shooting and it is a useful feature that helps you take many photos within seconds. This way you manage to capture all sorts of expressions and angles while your dog is being their best hyper self. 


  • Use Wide Angles

Use Wide Angles (Dog Portraits from Photos)

Use Wide Angles

Landscape photographers often use wide-angle lenses that have small focal lengths, and this allows them to create compositions that are wide and have more depth. You can use this kind of lenses to create unusual and funny dog photography.

Pro Tips


  • Go for natural lighting as much as you can

Natural light is the most helpful and accessible tool you will ever need as a photographer. Thanks to how light changes throughout the day, you can use it to shoot all sorts of eye-catching dog photography. 


  • Distract your dog if they aren’t well-trained

Some dogs can have limitless energy, which makes your photoshoot more demanding than it should be. You can try to keep your dog distracted by using these handy objects-

  • Treats
  • A squeaky toy
  • The camera shutter’s sound
  • Your level of engagement


  • Get on your dog’s level

Though it is enjoyable taking dog photos from uncommon angles, it’s important to sometimes get on their level. This will not only ensure that they feel more comfortable but it will also encourage you to try out new angles. To ante up the fun, take photos of your dog when they play, rests and run. You will love the unique photos.


Now that you are ready to shoot some amazing dog photos, here are some cool ideas:


  • Kids and dogs

Kids and Dogs (Dog Portraits from Photos)

Kids and Dogs

If you have children or know any small humans, you can ask them to join your dog photography shoot. Dog photos that have children in them are usually heart-warming.


  • A full family portrait

A Picture Together (Dog Portraits from Photos)

A Picture Together

If your dog is just like any other member of your family, then get in the portrait with them. If you don’t want the focus to be on you, just let parts of your body show in the portrait.


  • Birthdays

Birthdays! (Dog Portraits from Photos)


Who doesn’t like celebrations? And if you are planning a birthday party for your furry friend, take that opportunity to take some cool dog photography.


  • Naptime

Naptime (Dog Portraits from Photos)


There is probably nothing more precious than a little puppy sleeping. So, you can choose a day when your puppy has had a long, fun day and gets tired quickly to take some cute portraits.


  • A Beach Day

A Beach Day

A Beach Day

On your next beach day with your dog, don’t forget to carry a camera. And if you stay till the sunset, be sure to take some stunning portraits.


  • Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage (Dog Portraits from Photos)

    Bon Voyage


Often when you travel, your dog usually is left at home and when you pack, they tend to crawl into your luggage. Dog photography that have luggage in them have a feeling of separation but it also lets your dog have fun on set. 


  • Tie Some Balloons

Tie Some Balloons

Tie Some Balloons

Most dogs are utterly fascinated with balloons. Some may be scared, but either which way, if you tie some balloons around their neck or place it anywhere close to them, chances are you will manage to make some fun, silly photos.


  • Accessorize them

Accessorize them

Accessorize them

The easiest way to inject some humor into your dog portrait from photos is to put some accessories on them—preferably some human accessories such as some boots or your favorite hat and scarf


  • Swathe them in blankets

In The Blanket!

In The Blanket!

Keep them warm and cozy in blankets—and not only will they feel comfortable in their favorite blanket but it will also produce some adorable portraits. Additionally, if you go for a black and white aesthetic, it ends up looking very dramatic.


  • Quirky Human Moments

Quirky Human Moments

Quirky Human Moments

Nothing makes anyone laugh more than seeing animals do very non-animal things, why not choose to have some fun with your portraits? You can do many things here, like read a newspaper together or make them row a boat.


  • Hello From below

Hello From below

Hello From below

If your dog is calm and of a smaller breed, you can place them on Plexiglas, elevate it and take photos from below. If your dog has a lot of furs, it makes for some really adorable dog portrait from photos. 


  • Just Eyes & Ears

Just Eyes & Ears

Just Eyes & Ears

This pose is plenty playful and keeps you engaged in the process. Play a little peek-a-boo game with your dog for some humorous photos.


  • Flower Child

The Flower Child

The Flower Child

Summer is here, so besides a beach day, bring the outside indoors by placing a flower crown on your dog’s head. However, make sure your dog isn’t allergic to pollen and that they are okay with things placed on their head before taking photos. Post-production, you can even tinker a bit with effects and filters to make the photo dreamier.


  • Shampoo ad


Shampoo Ad

Shampoo Ad


A quirky but easy idea: just prepare your camera on a bath day and go snap-happy. 


  • With Their Feline Siblings


With Their Feline Siblings

With Their Feline Siblings


If you have a cat and a dog, don’t be afraid to put them both in a photo together. It creates a charming contrast and gives a sense of family. Even if they have some unusual friends, don’t be afraid to pair them as well.


  • Underwater Portrait


Underwater Portrait

Underwater Portrait


If you think you’re advanced enough or have the right equipment, and your dog is comfortable with it, you can take some cool underwater shots for your dog portrait from photos. 


Hope this guide helps you in taking some really cool portraits of your dog and hope it helps you in sharing and capturing some beautiful moments in your life with your dogs. So go ahead and try some now! You can stalk our wide range of custom pet portraits for transforming these cool photographs into the Piece of Art.

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