If you are thinking of having a cute little baby dog or if you already have one, you need to look towards this piece of information. We know that you already have done your shopping. But you need to focus on this list. We have jotted down all the items that are the first necessity of a dog owner.

Dogs are very cute and easy to be handled pets. Their needs can be easily judged. You can ask the parents of any dog to guide you in the shopping.

Your little furry brat needs a parent that can provide them a comfortable environment. For that, you can go to the below list. Just for the start, this will work perfectly. You can add more requirements to the list later.


1. Harnesses and Leashes

Dog Owner Essentials


The very first item to think about is something that can stop the dog from running away. For that, a leash is necessary. Well, this part of shopping does not include a piece of rope or chain to tame your pet. Rather, make sure that the leash is comfortable for your pet. It should be a maximum of 56 inches long. You should choose a soft leash so that it does not make your palm uncomfortable.

The collar attached to the leash is another factor. You should make sure that it is comfortable with your pet. As it is the closest to your pet’s neck, it should not tighten it. It should not even be loose enough for it. A little metal pendant with your dog’s name can be hanged on the collar. It will make your dog look handsome (wink)!

Harnesses are not really common to be used but we suggest you do. It helps to remove the overall pressure from the dog’s neck. It distributes the pressure to the backside of the dog’s body.


2. Ear Cleaning Kit


Dog Owner Essentials

Ear Cleaning Kit

Cleaning the dog’s ears is not that easy task. If you are a new dog owner, then you can ask your friends who have a dog. You will always fear from the accident. The accident of letting the soap water go inside your dog’s ears. You can definitely not skip this grooming part for sure. Then, parents here is the solution!

Look for the air wiping products. This can help you in effortlessly removing the ear wax and dirt in the opening of the ears. These products are available in the shops. You can easily get them online. Do try keeping it with you.


3. Eye Cleaning Kit

Dog Owner Essentials

Eye Cleaning Wipes



If your dog keeps having clumsy clumps in its eyes, you need to have this item. Eye wipes help to remove the clumps and even the tear stains. If your dog is of the small breed, then it will likely have more of the tear stains.

These eye wipes are a bane. It carefully cleans the area around the dog’s eye. Without making you hustle hard yet carefully, it will do its work.

You can carry it with you when you are out with your dog.


4. For the Bad Insects

Anti-Tick Powder

For the new dog owners who are going to welcome a new dog in their family, there is a problem. A dog comes with many other problems, primarily, ticks. These insects can irritate the skin of your dog. It does not only make your dog ill but can also harm you.

To get rid of it, you have got to have anti-tick powder. During summers, when infection due to the flea and ticks is on the peak, rub this powder all over your pet’s body.

If you are unsure, do consult a veterinarian. They know better for your dog and definitely help you.


5. Bottle for Hydration

Bottle for hydration

If you are looking forward to having a playful dog, then this is your type of information. A water bottle for the dog is necessary. While walking in the park or playing with your dog outside, there are no facilities for it to drink from. You cannot carry its meal cup or water cup everywhere.

A water bottle specially designed for a sporty dog can be a solution. This can prevent your dog from overheating. Many times, dogs are so thirsty that they drink water from any water place. This proves to be very harmful.

But don’t you worry about that. After all, you are a careful parent and surely are carrying the water bottle with you.


6. Pet Hair Brush


Hair Brush

Some dog owners mistakenly use the same brush for their dogs that they use for themselves. This harms them as well as their pets too. Those hard brushes can cause pain to your puppy.

A rubber brush that you use to brush away dust from your couches and rugs, will go perfectly with your dog’s fur too. It is the most convenient way that can go right with your dog’s health.

There are other brushes that you can look for. They are specially designed for any dog’s requirements.


7. Treats for your Pup

Treats for your Pup

Now, tell us a thing. Do you believe that appreciating makes people learn faster? True, right? The same theory works for your pet too. Well, appreciating can mean petting, kisses. But here awarding your dog with a treat will work like magic. A packet of these treats should always be there in your bag if you are with your dog.

The treats that you should look for must be grain-free. Whenever you visit the veterinarian, do ask for their suggestions too. After all, you have to trust the doctor more. He only wants to make you a good dog owner.


8. Poop Bags

Poop Bags

Whenever you are out with your dog, a bag for its excreta is required. As a Dog Owner, this is your responsibility. You can get these poop bags anywhere in your nearby pet store or online.

You should stock these bags up. This is a very, very necessary thing that you should have before you bring a puppy in your home.


9. A First Aid Kit

Dog Owner Essentials

First-Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a very important part of your medical kit. Remember, the last time you cut your finger, you put a bandage on it. What if unfortunately, your dog got a cut on its paws? Of course, you will not use the medication that you use for yourself.

After consulting the veterinarian, stock up all the necessary medicines that can help to aid small injuries to your dog.


10. The Body Grooming Kit

The Body Grooming Kit

The unpleasant smell and dirt may annoy you sometimes. Dogs are very playful pets. They will escape out on the lawns and get themselves dirty. For that, you need to have a body grooming kit with different products.

The dog body deodorants can prove to be a bliss when your dog keeps irritating your nose’s environment. For bathing, there are many products for the cleansing. Do keep in mind that dogs are not good with the shampoos that we use. So search the stores for the product that is good for it.

If you do not have time to give your pet a bath someday, then do look for the bath wipes. This awesome invention suits your lazy yet caring attitude towards your dog making you an awesome dog owner as well.


11. The Gloves

The Gloves

If you are one from the many, who think that brushes do not do much of the grooming. Then, this piece from the grooming kit is for you. The grooming gloves are the same as the dog brushes.

They will help in removing the loose hair from the pet’s fur coat very easily. It will not even feel as if you are brushing. Keep petting your dog, and the glove will do its part.

This is another thing that you should add to your bag.




There is much more to add to the list. You will feel it as soon as your dog grows. But for the start go for everything mentioned above.

Many of the things mentioned above need to be kept in your bags. When you take your dog on a trip or to a walk, these will prove to be the basic necessity. Just like you care for a baby, you need to look after your pup too.

We hope that you got enough to help through this article on how to be a good Dog Owner.

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