Custom Paintings are a beautiful form of art. They are a mixture of compositions, colors, and subject matter, that work harmoniously to deliver a unified and well-executed artwork that is pleasant to the viewer.

Being one of the most underrated gifting options, art also tops the list of gifts that are most exclusive. And if you are looking for anything other than the usual run-of-the-mill gifts: a custom painting is a way to go!

Reasons for Custom Painting:

Handmade Custom Paintings from Photos

Handmade Custom Paintings from Photos

1. A Unique Gift

A Unique Gift

A Unique Gift

A concept brought to life by medium mastery and kept together by a shared artistic vision-that is, art in short. The vision and style of an artist set him apart from others, making every piece he paints unique – not only in comparison with others’ paintings but also in comparison with his own paintings. No two paintings are alike, even though made by the same artist.

When you give a custom painting to someone, it is this exclusivity, this one-of-a-kind experience that you are giving them. This is the awareness that they own this original work of art and only they own this; the special blend of ideas, colors and style to produce this particular painting.

If you gift a custom painting to another, you give them a little piece of the world which is theirs and theirs alone.

2. Personalization is a win-win

Personalization is a win-win

Personalization is a win-win

Since it is a custom painting, according to your requirements, you design, select and personalize, according to the occasion, and the receiver of the gift. You can choose a favorite memory, something they might enjoy, something customized, according to their house décor aesthetic. Maybe it is someone’s anniversary, make their memories timeless with a portrait. Maybe it is a festival, choose a special memory, or gift them a special painting.

3. Timeless Gift Idea

Professional Portrait Painting

Professional Portrait Painting

Twenty years down the road, the beautiful perfume you gifted runs out, those designer clothes won’t be in style anymore and the high-end phone will be out of date; but the custom painting you gifted? That continues to take pride of place on mantles and walls. It will then start to manipulate feelings and perceptions as efficiently as it does now.

Considering the concept of how a work of art could seem timeless, think of the world having two realms – the visible and the unseen.

Plato dealt with this topic in his two-world theory. He believed the perceptible material world was in there. A world of passing time and relentless transition, regression and flawlessness.

And a formal or perfect world. A universe not constrained by time , space or gravity.

Artists of great significance learn to be comfortable creating work that speaks to this other realm. And art of this type is not restricted to any particular style.

4. Good investment

Pet Oil Portrait on Canvas from Photo

Pet Oil Portrait on Canvas from Photo

Most options for gifting are pushed into one of two categories: practical or whimsical. Within this ‘either/or’ war, art triumphs when it is ‘both.’

Original works of art by well-known artists make a good investment, one that will certainly yield great future dividends.

And while your gift this time will certainly win over the recipient for its emotional bond, you will also be happy to know that unlike other gifts, your value can only continue to rise with time.

After all, how many gifting options can boast that they are both of tremendous sentimental value and of financial value? A custom painting can!

5. Great Price-range

Great Price-range

Great Price-range

The sheer array of options offered by custom paintings makes it the ideal gift for all budgets!

If you are a student scrapping your gift allowance together, an MNC employee trying to pamper someone with an infinite budget or a businessman – art has something for everyone!

Gifts are a way for the ones you think deserve something special to show your appreciation and love to. Indians are known to give gifts at every special occasion to their loved ones.

It is not a formidable task but a tradition that the people obey because they want to show their affection.

6. Ageless Gift / knows no age

Ageless Gift / knows no age

Ageless Gift / knows no age

The gift of art is ideal for people of any age, whether the young or the old. Everyone can enjoy a beautiful painting. The colors, strokes, shades synchronize so beautifully. And who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing view? If it is a custom painting, everyone would adore it, appreciate it and relive those memories.

7. Useful (can be used as beautiful décor)

Beautiful Decor Option

Beautiful Decor Option

Think about their house. Why should they decorate it? What kind of style do they live in? Will they like minimalist approach to home furnishing? Or they may prefer vivid colors to the eclectic surroundings. Think of the colors they have at home, and use that as an example of the perfect match.

Gifting to a business partner/shareholder? Art will inspire and open up new understandings at the workplace. This will put people back together, communicate, and open up new viewpoints and opinions. And even more. Art can be a tool in bringing forward healthy relationships. Respecting your employees, clients and investing in their happiness plays a major role in showing strong leadership. A well-chosen gift will help in the same. It shows respect for your employees and care for them. It also demonstrates that you are dedicated to them and to their work. The artwork that an artist produces, his vision and style distinguishes him from others, and makes it unique.

“When you gift someone a painting, you gift them a little piece of the world that is theirs and theirs alone.”

This is what makes them a perfect gifting solution! You can get a customized artwork for your clients, employees or colleagues, according to their tastes/requirements. Your partner companies, clients, etc. would love a little pop of color on their walls, and you may even customize it to match their existing corporate artwork/theme.

This is one of the very few gifts that would actually be valuable and of use, to them

8. Express feelings


Express Feelings through Handmade Paintings

Express Feelings through Handmade Paintings

When you donate something materialistic like a new cell phone to your loved ones, sure they would be happy for a few weeks or months. What happens next?

In the span of a few months or years, your gift will be replaced by something better that pops up on the market (considering how fast the advanced phone models come).

In comparison, paintings are not replicable.

Even if a better painting comes along, they would not remove yours, as it has a certain sentiment attached to it.

9. A Thoughtful Gift

A Thoughtful Gift

A Thoughtful Gift

Maybe they like flowers, and are an absolute fan of gardening? The floral paintings will then be a perfect gift to your unique personality. Or your friend is enjoying the outdoor life, hiking trips, mountains, and just loving nature. So it would be a great pleasure to paint a landscape in historic, historical, or abstract form.

You can think about their choices/likes/preferences, and make it a custom painting. They would love this very thoughtful gift.

10. Becomes more valuable with time

Valuable Timeless Gift

Valuable Timeless Gift

Suppose it is the anniversary of your brother’s wedding and you cannot decide what you would like to give him.

You can choose an iPad, a pair of wristwatches, or any other object. But what if you gift him a beautiful, custom painting?

Gifts like iPads, watches, etc. get old with time, and one day, would become outdated, as the new technology rolls in. A painting would always remind them of you! No other gift becomes more valuable with time, the way art does.

A painting on canvas would have a really long life, and would not go out of fashion. It would also become a memory for them, and they would always appreciate you for this. Also, you would be mentioned in their parties, and dinners, as they would tell everyone about your beautiful painting!

11. Would become a memory

Memorable Gift

Memorable Gift

It is important to get motivated in life every now and then. Like, if you wake up early morning and see the laptop gifted to you, would you feel inspired?

You might feel happy (in the beginning), but eventually, it would stop.

On the other hand, if you wake up and see a custom, custom painting, you would feel motivated and happy in life.

That is the beauty of an astonishing painting. You always feel motivated.

12. Great Impression

Handmade Portrait Painting

Handmade Portrait Painting

A painting can make for an amazing gifting option if you need to make an impression on someone. Gift them a thoughtful, custom painting. They would appreciate the thought you put in while selecting the painting. You would come across as really thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate.

We always try to tell you the essence a beautiful, custom painting has to offer. Check this for yourself.

See the feelings in the color waves, and see how calming it can help you interact with a painting. Again I would say custom paintings make the perfect present, whether it is festivals or occasions.

They keep you in memory always, because your gift is purely timeless.


Is there any gift out there that can last a lifetime? Was there any gift that reminds us of the wonderful time you have spent together? The gift that will maintain your link to the one you are giving it to? Yeah, there are certain kinds of gifts and there is an art among them.

Unique and stunning! This is what they would think of your gift, and would always keep you in a special place in their hearts.

You may wonder why all these things are so important to our everyday lives, and that you could probably survive just fine with non-artistic critical objects. That’s just why paintings are so precious! Although art may not be critical if our basic needs are to be met, it does make life enjoyable. You feel content as you look at the painting or the poster you have selected to hang on the wall of your living room.

Art is everywhere and affects us every day, whether we know it or not. For the art we ‘re surrounded by, it can have a major effect on our attitude and feelings whether it’s a painting, music or even images. Some art is of course very dark and can trigger upsetting feelings, anger or even depression but we can choose what kind of art we want to be surrounded with.

We, at Book My Painting, would love to help you out, with this amazing gifting solution!

Just visit BookMyPainting, and get in touch with us! We make artwork in various mediums such as: charcoal sketch, pencil sketch, colored pencil sketch, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic painting, mixed media art, etc. The painting can be custom in terms of size, and other attributes, according to your personal preferences. Just get in touch with us, send us a picture to paint, give us the specifications for the painting, and after a few days, voilà! You will have a beautiful painting delivered to your doorstep.

We, at BookMyPainting, create beautiful Hand-painted Portraits from your memories! Send us your favourite pictures. We will deliver a masterpiece at your doorstep very soon that you will fall in love with. So, let's get started!

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