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Dogs and Christmas


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way oh what fun it is to celebrate it with your four-pawed friend for a day. The most awaited festive season has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. You all must be busy with the preparations to make it a memorable one for your friends and family. But ever ruminated how could you make it an indelible day for the four-legged member of your family too? Getting an ideal Christmas gift for dogs is the best way to do this.

It’s the day of immense joy and happiness and the best occasion to stick a joyful glee on your dog’s face for the rest of the year by just making few exceptional changes in your Christmas spree. Dogs get well aware when a festive season arrives through their natural instincts and by sensing the preparations going on at home. dogs can’t express their wishes and demands through speech but we, being their guardians have an obligation towards the four-legged member of our family to recognize their needs. They don’t desire much; only yearn for love, affection, and acceptance. So let’s all of us vow to make our dogs feel special on this Christmas.

How to make them feel special?

This could be done by involving them in our Christmas carols and noels just like the other members of the family. Including our furry companions in the Christmas family photographs would palpably uplift their spirit. There’s a tradition to give gifts to our near and dear ones on Christmas, but Christmas gifts for dogs on this occasion would take these little ones on a roller coaster ride of joy and jubilation. Its a symbol of showing your care and attention towards them. You could also gift them a pet portrait, they would simply love it on catching the sight of a creature who looks like them. There are a lot of sources where you could get your pet portraits, being one such source you could refer to.

You could bring Christmas bells for your dogs and tying them around their neck would show and mark their presence wherever they would go with the constant jingling sound of bells.

Dogs never want to be left alone, so pampering them with materialistic gifts is a whole different thing, you could show your affection to them by just being with them and involving them in your Christmas activities. Making a Christmas video diary of your dog when it is a little one and showing it the same on successive Christmas would take your dog to the memory lane of its last Christmas. Appealing Christmas gift for dogs includes footwear & cloth wear. So You should also take your furry friends out for shopping on this festive season and get them attractive dresses. Nowadays, special Christmas oriented shoes with red bow and pompoms attached are available in the market, and gifting them to your bow wow is unequaled.

Different dogs with different preferences

While determining Christmas gift for dogs, one needs to know that different kinds of dogs have variant preferences and affinities and gifts for them should be chosen accordingly. Labrador dogs are attention seekers. They love socializing and prefer to never stay alone. The best you could do is offering your company to them and including them in your family groups. Golden retrievers, pit-bull, Chihuahua crave cuddles and snuggles, so the most ideal Christmas present for them would be endless cuddles and hugs. Akitas are aggressive ones and need to be handled with patience. Shepherds require plenty of exercises and hence should be gifted balls as well as dog training equipment.

Another amazing Christmas gift for dogs is Holiday reindeer hide and seek plush toy which stimulates the mental level of your dog with the fun play of hide and seek. You may also drop in a few treats in the toy for fun. But as stated above, not all the gifts are meant for every kind of dog, so this toy is not meant for larger dogs as it may choke them. Newborn pups require a good chew going habit, so a wishbone durable dog chew toy would be really good for them. Kong toy and Kong flyers are also really useful for your dogs which help in cleaning teeth and soothe their gums. But they shouldn’t be offered to the aggressive chewers.

Gifts common for all the dogs

Apart from these gifts, if you don’t wish to spend much at shops, then you could also create your own handmade gifts for dogs. If you’re creative enough, then you could implement your creative skills in designing a gift basket for your dog and filling it with healthy and natural dog treats. Or you could also make an artificial snowball for your dog using cotton lumps and incorporate them together to generate fluffy snowballs or you could just get a nad-painted pet portrait.

To bring comfort in your dog’s life, you could also make a dog bed or even a dog house with the Christmas theme keeping in mind. You could also go for cool clothes and collar shopping for your dogs this Christmas. Dogs look stunning in impressive attires and like receiving stylish looks, especially on festive occasions. Winters sway during Christmas, so you could buy alluring and warm sweaters as well as a classic padded leather collar for your tyke. If your dog hates bathing and washing, then you could bring an aqua paw dog bath glove to enable bathing in an effortless way. You may also snap up a dog placemat to render him a seat at his dinner table. Pet grooming gloves to massage your dog is another way of showering your care and affection at him, and hence such Christmas gifts for dogs are second to none.

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We are ready for Christmas

Other useful gifts

One of the best Christmas gifts for dogs would be organic rawhide bones enriched with calcium as dogs need calcium every now and then or else they’re highly prone to suffer from hypocalcemia. These bones will also keep your dogs’ jaws strong and their teeth clean. Gifting attractive Christmassy dog bowls is always a good option. When your dog will lick away all the food from its cute dog bowl and would see some Christmassy image imprinted on the bowl, it would recall the festive day when you made it feel special and feel happy about it. Another one being a bubble machine. Dogs are nowhere less than kids and like kids, even they like running, jumping and chasing bubbles as they seem to be something unique for them. So let’s gift a bubble machine to our dogs this Christmas. They’ll definitely like this quirky gift.

You could also make an attractive handmade food basket for your dog and include all the sorts of dog food in it. But make sure to not include fancy Christmas eatables like chocolates and pastries. These items are harmful to your dog so you need to be specific about it while choosing items for your food basket.

Jesus And Dogs

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Jesus and Dogs

Christmas is celebrated worldwide in the memory of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the savior of mankind who preached a gospel of love, humanity, and forgiveness. Dogs are the special creation of gods and doing something good for them on this day is equivalent to paying tribute to Jesus. But do we always need to give materialistic presents to please the dogs?

When we talk about Christmas gifts for dogs, it doesn’t mean only our pet dogs, but also the street dogs and the ones at animal care shelter. You could provide blankets, and warm woolen clothes to the stray dogs to protect them from winters and cold prevailing during the Christmas season. The best Christmas gift for dogs is not always a materialistic one, but something that would be useful for them and their survival. The most ideal gift you could give to a dog at an animal shelter this Christmas season is adopting it and taking care of it at your home like your own baby. You should also pay donation or charity and food at these orphanage dog centers and provide them with basic amenities.

What not to gift?

While probing for astounding Christmas gifts for dogs, the majority of the people look for fancy gifts without giving a thought if their gifts could be harmful to dogs. Dogs are highly sensitive to certain things and hence you ought to know what not to give to your dog on Christmas. Chocolates and pastries are very common food items served to everyone on Christmas but what needs to be known is that these items are harmful to dogs and should be kept away from their reach. In the festive excitement, we tend to forget that there’s a difference between the demands and necessities of humans and dogs. You cant simply go around treating your dog with everything that you treat yourself with.

Celebrating Christmas without Christmas tree sounds so insipid and odd. But if you’ve got a dog at home, then you need to sacrifice your willingness of keeping a Xmas tree for the sake of its health Xmas trees are toxic for your dog and may cause it excessive drooling or vomiting. Dogs have a natural tendency of running into huge bushy things and the tree needles may damage their eyes if they run into it or may possibly cause a gastrointestinal obstruction in your dog if it tries to gulp it, Pine needles being indigestible. Also, even holly and mistletoe are poisonous for them, so try to keep them away from their reach.

Movies, society, and conclusion

Cinema has also produced plenty of films for the audience to edify the prominence of the Christmas festival in a dog’s life and how we need to celebrate this day with our dogs and shower them with lots of gifts to delineate their significance in the occasion. Movies like Santa Paws, Santa Buddies, The dog who saved Christmas, A dog for Christmas, a dog named Christmas, etc being the noteworthy ones. One needs to watch these movies to realize the importance and role of dogs in the festivities of Christmas.

Therewith, we will be able to give a social message to the society to treat these tail-waggers with dignity and as a member of their own family and showering your dog with tons of gifts; wishes and love will surely warm the cockles of their heart. People usually to do a lot for their companion on a specific day of Christmas and neglect them the whole year. What we need to ponder upon is whether doing a lot of activities to make your dog special on just a single day is enough if we are taking them for granted for the rest of the days?

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