Christmas is around the corner and if you have a cat, chances are it’s the cat who adopted you and not the other way around. Every cat lover spends most of their time showering love on these cute, funny creatures who enjoy being the weirdest yet adorable pets. And Christmas is the best occasion to show your love and affection to these little ones.

Many of us cat lovers would do anything and everything to get that purring cat to lay down on our lap or rub their tiny little whiskered head against us on Christmas. Want to know how to make this Christmas a special one for your cat-loving buddies? Here’s the checklist of the Christmas gift for cat lovers

As Charles Dickens said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat”.

For all those ailurophiles who can’t get enough of their furry friends, here are amazing 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers:

1. Playing Cards

Playing Cards as christmas gift for cat lovers

Playing Cards


What’s more fun than playing cards on Christmas? Playing cards with a cat’s face on them! A true cat lover will cherish this Christmas gift of playing cards featuring their majestic feline friend. It’s a fun way to celebrate the occasion as well as the love for cats. Its uniqueness puts it to the top of the 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers list.

2. Portraits

Cat portrait as Christmas gift for cat lover

Cat Portrait

A great Christmas gift for cat lovers that reminds them of their cat not only on Christmas but every single day. A picture of a cat on a portrait is a sure way to start the day with fun. It’s a great conversation starter at the office or home(wherever it is hung) and a gentle reminder that someone is always for them. We, at BookMyPainting, help you pick “that perfect cat portrait” which is high on both, sentiment as well as vibrancy.

3. Smartphone Cover

Smartphone Coveras Christmas gift for cat lovers

Smartphone Cover

Smartphones are essential commodities and you can jazz them up with a cute personalized smartphone cover with a cat’s photo on it. This way, you get to carry a picture of your cat, on display, everywhere you go. It comprises one of the most affordable and handy Christmas gifts for your cat-loving mates. Isn’t this the most useful idea among the 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers list?

4. Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads as christmas gifts for cat lovers

Mouse Pads

A cat-themed mouse pad is a great gift for cat lovers. A custom mouse pad will surely delight the gift receiver. It is a truly unique gift that is sure to bring a big, bright smile on them this Christmas.

5. Cat Bed

Cat Bed as Christmas gifts for dog lovers

Cat Beds

Present a personalized cat bed to your cat lover friend and see the sweet surprise in their eyes. With pictures of cats printed on the cover, this makes it a dainty one among the 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers list.

6. Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor portrait as christmas gift for cat lovers

watercolor portraits

Transform a nice picture of your friend’s cat into a fresh, stunning watercolor Portrait. A portrait of your feline friend is the ultimate Christmas gift and badge of being a cat lover.

7. Hammock

Hammock as christmas gift for cat lovers


Bring in a great fixture that will fascinate your cat. A hammock with different features will help your feline friend explore the house from a new angle and literally claim the higher ground.

8. Cat Bowl

Cat Bowl as christmas gift for cat lovers

Cat Bowl

Imagine a personalized cat bowl with a cat’s face on it! This is a useful Christmas gift idea to help level up the food game for a cat and is a break from the dull metal bowls. You could also include Christmassy things like Xmas tree and jingle bells on it.

9. Interesting Socks

Interesting Socks as chriostmas gifts for cat lovers

Interesting Socks

Print a bunch of cat photos on socks and brighten the wardrobe of your cat lover friend this season. The gift of this personalized sock is funny and charming at the same time.

10. Cat Ornaments

Cat Ornaments as christmas gifts for cat lovers

Cat Ornaments

A cat is surely the star of a cat lover’s life. So gift some unique custom Christmas tree ornaments with the feline friend’s face. It’s a perfect combination of the holidays and cats.

11. Fun T-shirts

Fun T-shirts

Fun T-shirts

Select a simple solid t-shirt and get a cat picture sewn or ironed onto it. Place it so that it’s popping out of the pocket. This is also a fabulous idea to upcycle an old tee.

12. Custom Blanket

Custom Blanket

Custom Blanket

Give your furry friend a warm, cozy gift with a personalized blanket. Christmas season is the winter season and hence gifting your cat lover companion a blanket would be the most ideal choice. You can get the cat’s face recreated on it to bring it a special status.

13. Jewelry

Cat jewelry

Cat jewelry

Cat jewelry, especially personalized jewelry, is a big deal for cat lovers. You can find cutesy cat earrings as well as pendants at a number of websites and exhibitions as well to gift on Christmas.

14. Scratch Post

Scratch Post

Scratch Post

A scratch post that caters to the needs of your cat is a dream come true. Get your furry friend off the furniture and gift them a scratch post that helps them keep comfortable this festive season.

15. Cat Corner

Cat Corner

Cat Corner

Personalize a cardboard box with paints, colored yarn and strings to make the perfect cat corner. Cut a door or entrance and let your cat have a snug cat corner to nap.

16. Pillow Case To Bed

Pillow Case To Bed

Pillow Case To Bed

Among these fabulous 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers idea, this one truly is out of the box. Personalize an old pillowcase and DIY it to turn it into a cat bed. Cut strips into the perimeter of the pillowcase and connect the two sides by tying the strips together. Stuff it with Polyfil to make it comfortable.

17. Fishing Toy

Fishing Toy

Fishing Toy

Gift your cat a fish toy with a string attached. Fish is any cat’s favorite and will make game time even more fun.

18. Cat Bag

Cat Bag

Cat Bag

A bag shaped like a cat or a cat-face with reindeer or Santa Claus designed on it is an ideal gift for all cat lovers for Christmas. Hop onto this new trend which can be used to store treats.

19. Slippers



Move aside Cinderella, for cat lovers are here with adorable, plush slippers. These are comfortable and unique. And a great chew toy for the cats! So treat your cats with plush slippers this Christmas.

20. Cupcake Holders

Cupcake Holders

Cupcake Holders

Perfect for a cat-themed Christmas party, these easy to make cupcake liners are truly unusual. Level up your cupcake game with these personalized cupcake holders that make cat lovers happy.

21. Cat Shaped Soap

Cat Shaped Soap

Cat Shaped Soap

These cat-shaped soap bars are fun. Combined with great ingredients that elevate skin-care, the shape makes it stand out from the crowd. A merry gift for cat lovers.

22. Comfy Cushions

Comfy Cushions

Comfy Cushions

Bring in a warm, cozy feel to your living room with these adorable cat-face shaped cushions. It’s a great visual delight and an artistic masterpiece.

23. Cat Egg Mold

Cat Egg Mold

Cat Egg Mold

Wanna cook some eggs in the shape of a cat this Christmas? Get your hands on some incredible cat molds to spice up your breakfast deal.

24. Cat Butt Coasters

Cat Butt Coasters

Cat Butt Coasters

This is an innovative and fun gift for cat lovers. Whimsical crotchet design on these cat butt coasters is sure to bring some laughter.

25. Kitty Lounger

Kitty Lounger

Kitty Lounger

A perfect place for a cat to lounge and a cool piece of furniture; this is a novel Christmas gift idea. With a comfortable height, this kitty lounger can be perfect for cats with mobility restrictions.

26. Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Sweatshirts & Hoodies

A cat print festive red sweatshirt and hoodie is an amazing Christmas gift for cat lovers. They get to wear their first love, cats and flaunt their status as feline friendly.

27. Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

This is a rolling pin with a feline twist, featuring cat embossing pattern. What could be a better gift! It adds a personalized charm to your baking experience.

28. Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Get cat whiskers in a variety of colors to surprise your cat-loving friends this time. If you haven’t been in contact with your cat-loving friends since a long time and want to initiate it this fete, then this handy tote bag is a sure way to start a conversation and the material makes it even more worthwhile.

29. Keychains

Keychains as christmas gifts for cat lovers


Cat keychains can never go out of style and could even be used as a tip-top Christmas gift. This useful gift is charming and delightful which connects with cat lovers on another level.

30. Kitty Planters

Kitty Planters as christmas gifts for cat lovers

Kitty Planters

Plant your tiny succulents in these one-of-a-kind kitty planters. They are simple, tiny and full of potential. And can also serve as an organizer or pen holder.

31. DJ Scratching Pad

DJ Scratch Pad as Christmas gifts for cat lovers

DJ Scratch Pad

How adorable is a DJ scratch pad! With this innovative gift, turn your cat into a DJ. Also, this can turn into a great photo shoot opportunity to be used this Christmas.

32. Cat Gloves

Cat Gloves as christmas gifts for cat lovers

Cat Gloves

Minimalist items with a story to tell, cat gloves are a great way to keep a friend’s hands and heart warm in the cold weather of Christmas.

33. Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses as christmas gifts for Catlovers

Wine Glasses

Any feline lover who appreciates a glass of wine will find this truly adorable. And Christmas is all about celebrating it with wine & cake. So wine glasses would be a perfect gift for the occasion. Just as a cat stretches before it lays down to take a nap, wine glasses with etching design is a perfect way to end the day for any cat lover.

34. Paw Ring

Paw Ring as christmas gifts for cat lovers

Paw Ring

The cat’s paw has an unparalleled aesthetic allure to it that makes it majestic in any form. These cat paw rings are an excellent gift for cat lovers thanks to this adorability.

35. Cat Pajamas

Cat Pajamas


Cat design on pajamas is the ultimate declaration of love for cats. Get into these cozy sets and cuddle with your feline friend this Christmas.


Special occasions like Christmas; a true cat lover deserves these ideas of Christmas gift for cat lovers that remind them of their furry friends this festive season. A little thought, creativity and this 35 Christmas gift for cat lovers list can bring happiness into your feline lover friend’s life not just for a single day, but for the whole year-round. So are you geared up to make this Christmas a memorable one for your cat-loving friends by making little changes in your gifting patterns?

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