Christmas, The occasion of love, happiness, and positivity. Why Christmas decoration ideas must be in the center? Because this is the only festival when families come together and stay together for days in the entire year. When everyone needs to be happy to be joyous all around. Love needs to be spread. Everyone who enters our house should feel overwhelmed with the decor of the house.

We do not have much time during Christmas and we can’t spare a single second hence all the Christmas decoration ideas must be quick and the most unique in order to leave every guest awestruck. 

Here’s a list comprising of 15 out of the box Christmas decoration ideas you must try this Christmas and I bet everyone will drop their jaws.


1. DIY Instagram Photo Garland


DIY Instagram Photo Garland decoration Idea

DIY Instagram Photo Garland


This is the simplest and quickest method of Christmas decoration. Photography and Instagram are everywhere in every house. You can print all the pictures of the year and get them glued on a colored string. You can even write something below the photographs on a sheet of paper and get them all pasted together. These words can comprise of any quotes or just simply saying “Merry Christmas”. This will make the best of Christmas and Instagram Duo. 

2. Handmade Family Oil Portrait


Family Oil Portrait as Christmas Decoration Ideas

Family Oil Portrait


This is going to be in the centre of the Christmas Decoration Ideas of your house. You can get an Oil Portrait painted of the entire family’s last year family photograph. An oil painting captures all the facial gestures and detailing like nothing else and this painting will be the epitome of love and togetherness this Christmas. This will inspire everyone in the family to look after each other and care for each other.

3. DIY Photo collage of Christmas Photos


DIY Photo collage of Christmas Photos as Christmas Decoration Ideas

DIY Photo collage of Christmas Photos


This is certainly going to be a tradition in your family for the coming years. Every family clicks pictures on Christmas. You can make a DIY Photo collage from every possible Christmas you have the picture of till today. You can add more and more pictures every Christmas and soon it’ll be a Traditional Christmas decoration idea for your family. Your Grandchildren and their families will be even having this tradition in the future 

4. The Dream Catchers Decoration Idea


The Dream Catchers as Christmas Decoration Ideas

The Dream Catchers


You can definitely give this a try. This is kinda funky and in trend right now. Dream catchers are the ancient magic of China. They capture only the nightmares and allow good dreams to come. But apart of all that Feng-shui, they look quite Classy. You can have a bunch of them and hang them on a wall. This is going to be one of the most innovative Christmas decoration ideas all around you.l and your relatives.

5. The Christmas Ornaments


The Christmas Ornaments decoration Idea for christmas

The Christmas Ornaments


These are the old school classic Christmas decoration ideas. You can have a bunch of personalized Christmas ornaments for each of your family members, even for your pets & can have them all around the house. You can Customize them with people’s names and pictures and whatnot. This is going to be one of  the classiest Christmas decoration ideas with ornaments

6. Wooden Hangings


Wooden Hangings

Wooden Hangings


These are quite in the trend. You can have many Personalized wooden hangings available online. You should give them a look. They are classy, they contain humor and knowledge. It’ll spread positivity and love all around the house and everyone will appreciate it. No matter old or young but it’s everyone’s choice.


7. DIY String Balloons


DIY String Balloon

DIY String Balloon


This is really creative. So all you need is A Balloon, a long string and glue. So what you got to do in this is you blow up the Balloon, Put glue all over. And after this, you just need to cover it with string all around. Repeat it until you cover all this surface. Now leave this to dry up. Meanwhile, you can color the string or put glitters over the surface. once it gets dried up just pop the Balloon and Ta-da you’ve got your DIY String balloon. You can hang them around the house or even can use them as lampshades.


8. The Christmas Themed Shows’ Poster Wall


The Poster wall

The Poster wall


This one needs a person who is good at Photoshop stuff. You can Photoshop characters from all your favorite TV shows into Christmas theme and your family members too. You can get all these posters printed and paste them on the center wall. This will be the most amazing thing for your kids. You can go for HarryPotter, Game of Thrones and also F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And, Yeah I know that is worst Photoshop, But yeah I am cool with Handmade Artwork.


9. DIY Wall art


DIY Wall art

DIY Wall art


You should definitely go for this one this Christmas. All you need is to paint a wall monochromatically painted and draw on it with high contrast colors. You can try different art styles and combination of colors. This will definitely give your house an artistic look and will leave your guests in appreciation mode. 


10. Roof Hangings


Roof Hangings

Roof Hangings


This one needs efforts and hard work. You can trust roof Hangings. They are simple and adorable. You can have a variety of them and cover your entire roof of the living room with it. To make this more Christmas oriented, you should choose Christmas themed ones and it’ll make one of the most tremendous Christmas decoration ideas


11. Mini Plants


Mini Plants as christmas decoration Ideas

Mini Plants


These are sort of an experiment. Not much people really try this but if you do it correctly you’re definitely going to have the best outcome. You should set up a shelf or a long table and put some mini Christmas trees and default bonsais. They’ll create a miniature themed look. You can decorate all those Christmas trees alongside your The Christmas Tree and they’ll just do super good


12. Picture Map of America


Picture Map of America

Picture Map of America


This will be the symbol of Family love. You can get a Customized picture map of America. In this map, you can have the pictures of your relatives who are in different states or where you’ve been on the last holiday. This will be a cute and creative way to Honor your family and all your relatives and this will make them feel special next time they’ll visit you.


13. Resolutions On Wall


Resolutions On Wall

Resolutions On Wall


I know, Resolutions are new year part buy you can actually prepone that. You can have a monochrome wall and put every family members’ new year resolutions there and this will be the support and inspiration for each to reach that goal and fulfill their resolution. This will symbolize that everyone is together in everyone’s goal.


14. Customized Bulbs


Customized Bulbs as christmas decoration Ideas

Customized Bulbs


There’s talk about Christmas decoration ideas and you do not talk about Bulbs this is nearly impossible. There are hundred kinda Bulbs available in the market you can opt for any but I would suggest you have these customized bulbs which will be the wow factor for everyone. 


15. Charcoal Sketches 


Charcoal Family Portrait

Charcoal Family Portrait


You can get a stunningly handmade Charcoal Sketches of every family member and arrange them in grid order to give a nice classy look against a white wall. Charcoal has this raw feel and captures all the minute details in black and white. These are classiest Christmas Decorations ideas. Hope you’ll love it. It’s affordable, adorable and amazing. These go hand in hand with monochromatic walls. All you gotta do is to paint a wall monochromatically and hang these beautiful handmade portraits. 



So here ends the list. It was quite an interesting and creative one and I just felt like I was decorating my house. Believe me, I imagined that. I hope that you did it too. Christmas is about love, about togetherness and the strength of the family. A house is decorated with the decorations but the home is decorated with the love and affection of the family living in it. Be happy this Christmas, Stay safe and stay together. And one more thing Here’s a guide to select the best Christmas gifts for a family. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. 

If there’s any confusion or you need any help, let me know in the comments section.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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