When we talk about gifting someone a handmade cat painting we usually think for the innocence qand love. For handmade portrait painting, we decide whom to present it with such a beautiful gift and honorable gesture, but this cat painting confirms whomsoever it may be, they truly deserve that love and care from our side.

When speaking about pets, other than humans, they also play a vital role in our life. Cats in particular,  have been proved to give their guardian both physical and emotional benefits. Beliefs say that pets provide the best companionship to the people who are living alone far away from their homeland or to the elderly people who because of some age factors, are socially inactive.

We always get confused with the type of gift we want to gift them and the type they are expecting from us. We always end up choosing some sort of gift which is not so unique or which is already expected by the receiver. But with the handmade Pet Portrait painting your gift will always stand out among the crowd of other gifts.

Why have a Cat painting?

Handmade Cat Portrait from Photo

Handmade Cat Portrait from Photo

As we know, when we keep pets with them, they also go with the same routine as we go. How worst the situation it is, be it a thick or thin, they are there to support us both emotionally and physically. Taking your dog out for a walk provides you with some exercise, fresh air, and a part of social life. A certain amount of attractive interaction with pets also reduces stress and depression, both in humans and pets.

Now when pets provide you with so much emotional and health benefits, it is our responsibility that in return we show them the same love and support from our behalf. Giving your own pet some kind of handmade pet portrait painting of theirs will be a sign of good gesture. Also, you can gift this pet portrait painting to some of the pet lovers if they are too close to you.

From where to order handmade Cat Portrait Painting?

Giving something handmade nowadays is a tedious task to do. This all comes up with a great responsibility for oneself. Like which site would provide you the best handmade painting at a budget-friendly rate and would be available 24*7 to answer all your doubts.

Well not to worry about these types of situations, we bring you the best platform that serves you with the best facility than any other platform can. On your browser type BookMyPainting and you can definitely take a tour of this. They have the best artist team behind these handmade paintings and serves you with the best air of service.

Choosing Pet Portrait Painting from BOOK MY PAINTING:

Now that we know from where to order handmade pet portrait painting, all we need to do is choose the art styles for the handmade painting. BookMyPainting provides you with the varieties of art styles to choose from. The art styles may vary from charcoal drawing to mix media painting. The list is as follows:

  1. Charcoal Drawing.
  2. Pencil Sketch.
  3. Colour Pencil Sketch.
  4. Watercolor Drawing.
  5. Oil Painting.
  6. Line Art.
  7. Mix Media Painting.

Besides these art styles, BookMyPainting provides you with featured handmade portrait painting. The featured handmade painting include baby portrait, couple portrait and pet portrait. Yes, they also provide you with custom handmade pet portrait painting.

Cat Portrait Painting:

When we talk about pet, our mind automatically goes to the dog, but isn’t it unfair to the cat or cat lovers. Cats can also be proven as a good pets to humans. There is no harm in loving your cat in the same way as you love your dog. Cherish your cat, cherish your every moment spent with the cat, also shower some love upon them, because they deserve it too.

Now that you know, from where to order pet portrait painting, we can now see the occasion in which you can gift a cat painting.


1.National Pet Day:

Handmade Cat Painting from Photo

Handmade Cat Painting from Photo

Yes, you have read it right. As there are some days which are dedicated to our political leaders or freedom fighters, there are also days, where we honor our pets.

This day is celebrated on the 11th of April. It is good that we get a whole of one special day to honor our pets, because with our busy schedule we don’t even get time to celebrate ourselves.Celebrate this day by giving yourself and to your pet a treat to their eyes. You can also give handmade cat painting to your friend who has a pet.

You can pick a favorite memory of theirs, or the favorite picture of their cat and can put them into colors. If let, colors speak thousands of different emotions behind those paintings. Giving handmade portrait painting of the cat to your pet cat or someone who has a cat will bring out a smile on both the faces.

2. International Cat’s Day

Handmade Cat Oil Painting

Handmade Cat Oil Painting

 There is also a International Cat day. This day is celebrated on the 8th of August all over the world. Celebrating your pet is one of the greatest gifts you can gift it to your pet. Like humans, cats also crave for all the love, attention, care, and whatnot. Well it is not about what they crave for but it is about that after all the benefits they gave to us, isn’t it our responsibility to make them our top priority and give them whatever they deserve?

Apart from all the celebration planned for this special day, we can gift a handmade portrait painting of a cat to ourselves. You can pick your favorite memory with your cat, or choose the best photo of your cat and let them do the talking through colors. Hang that portrait painting on your wall and see how your cat would go all gaga about it.

Portrait ideas that you can use:

  • Oil Painting
  • Pencil Colour Drawing
  • Line Art

What will be best suited?

Having, customized portrait for your cat in oils would make your cat look more vibrant than ever before. Your cat will get a whole new image of itself and not only your cat but also our friends and family. However, you can also choose pencil color drawing and line art.

3. Organizing a Party

Why have a Cat painting?

Why have a Cat painting?

As we humans, organize a party to know other people in the apartment better. In the same way to make everybody in the building well acquainted with your cat your organize a party. Not even for this, but also to know other pet owners and make them your friend, this is a great step to take. By organizing your party you can make everyone know that your pet is not a bad animal but a good animal whom you love by all your heart.

In order to make your party more successful, just add a touch of gift to that party. You can give the visitors a handmade portrait painting of you and your cat of a very special memory, or only of them so that they can be loved more by every one of them.

Portrait ideas that are available:

  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor Drawing
  • Pencil Colour Drawing

What will be best suited?

Giving them a rainbow cat portrait as a treat to watercolor drawing would be best. This portrait painting will soothe the eye of both the receiver and the visitor.

4. Cat Loss Gift

100% Handmade Cat Painting as Cat Loss Gift

100% Handmade Cat Painting as Cat Loss Gift


Losing someone who is very close to your heart is a kind of depressing moment. You feel that empty space of their which can’t be filled by anyone. The same is with when you lose your pet whether due to death or some kidnappers.

Giving a pet loss gift means to honor your pet with the memories that you will always live for. We as well a human feel connected even to our pets. We can give handmade portrait painting of our cat, or the favorite memory of there with us, and hang it on the wall to grab everybody’s attention and make it a center of attraction.

Portrait ideas that are available:

  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Line Art
  • Colour Pencil Sketch

What will be best suited?

For this occasion, you can always choose a pencil color sketch. Using a pencil color sketch on your canvas can make you feel the presence of your cat and will remind you of the colorful personality they had.


We can simply observe in our daily life that whether it be a person or a pet, living with us, we become fond of them and the memories created together. So deciding over what to gift and the perfect time to gift them, you can always take a tour of BookMyPainting.

Here we provide handmade portrait painting with various art styles available, from charcoal drawing to mixed media painting. They also provide featured handmade portrait painting like baby portrait, couple portrait, and pet portrait at a very reasonable price.

The best part about this platform is that the experts are always there to provide us with any type of support 24*7. They will guide you to each and every step during giving the order of the handmade painting. With their best service, you will fall in love and will definitely want to order more from the platform.


We, at BookMyPainting, create beautiful Hand-painted Portraits from your memories! Send us your favourite pictures. We will deliver a masterpiece at your doorstep very soon that you will fall in love with. So, let's get started!

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