Done with searching birthday gift for her? you are totally tired and clueless what to give her on her Big Day? here I am to rescue you.

Birthdays are always special. This day is extremely special, not only for the birthday person but also for the people around you, who love you. And when you are in love, all you want to make this day to be remembered. You want to visit places, have a lavish dinner together and make this day as the most memorable day of the year. You are grateful to have her in your and you want to show her that on her birthday! Sure, romantic movies do help you to organize the surprise party and lead you to the auspicious time. Your wife is having her birthday in a few days or is it % your mom or sister? We have a complete list of 55 ultimate birthday gift for her

But Gifts! They are the hardest to decide. It is like you want something good and meaningful, yet something she could make use of. Something that makes her remind of you and even highlight your relationship. Well, no need to worry as we are bringing a collection of 55 birthday gifts that you can gift her on her very own birthday! Not only material things but some personalized ones that can make your whole day special. Let us look at 55 best birthday gift for your special girl on her special day!

Birhtday Cake

Happy B’day


1. Portraits of Memories for her

Of course, this wins here. Every girl will be obsessed with your pictures that you have clicked together. Gifting her a personalized portrait will obviously add a cute touch to your relationship. Make a collage of your pictures together, or rather just her cute pictures together and make a personalized portrait. It will be a very thoughtful present for her on her birthday as it will add a personal touch of your relationship.

Handmade portrait painting birthday gift for her

Handmade Portrait Painting


2. A calendar on her birthday

A calendar with her picture in every month of the year. All you can do is start the calendar with her birthday month and all the months will be considering the special days and the times she will be having throughout the year. Example: She will be graduating in the next month. Highlight that month. It will be personalized as well as it shows that you know everything about her.

Calendar Birthday gift for her

A calendar on her birthday!



3. Concert Special

If she is a fan of music and bands, then you are on the win. Be it Arijit Singh or Jonas Brothers, you can take her to a concert that is happening during the time for her birthday and let her have the time of her life. Just imagine, someone gifting you a stadium ticket for India VS Pakistan match? Won’t you be excited? She will be the most exciting birthday girl! You can even surprise her by directly taking her there. You surely do need to get all the things sorted out prior to the day.

Concert Tickets birthday gift for her

Rock Concert Rocks!


4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Everyone knows about the world-famous Television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Surely it came back in the late 90s and early 20s, but still even the 15-year-old teens are watching them and loving every single character in it. F.R.I.E.N.D.S merchandise is very easy to find and you can make one out and gift her on her birthday. A t-shirt, to a phone cover, to even the iconic door frame is available. You can pick up her favorite character from Joey, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross or even Phoebe and gift her something. She will surely love it.




5. Mug for morning coffees

It’s her birthday and you want to give something to her to remember every morning. You can do one thing, and that is a gift her a personalized mug. You can even doodle on the mug and write some romantic lines on it with her pictures on it. She will surely start her day with a smile. It is a very cute birthday gift and pocket-friendly too.

Mug for morning coffees

Mug for morning coffees


6. How about a whole star?

If she is a fan of ‘A Walk To Remember’, naming a star after her,  will surely win her. She will give her heart to you. You just have to register and give the details, the star will be named after your girl. It is a very thoughtful birthday gift and so she can even remember that on her every other birthday too. The certificate can even be framed so that she can put it up on her wall and brag about it to her friends.

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember


7. Date in a frame? or frame the date?

A Birthday is all about the date. A date is the most important aspect of the day and so you want to cherish it. You both know that dates do play an important role in your relationships too. ‘This is the date that she was born’ and hence let her get obsessed about the date! Carve a frame of her date, in numbers, in writing or even in roman form and gift that to her. A carving on the wood will also give a vintage effect and she will love it.

The Date!


8. Frame and Polaroids and Nostalgia

Make a frame and add different polaroids of her life, right from the time she was born to the day she met you and the days since then and arrange them in a line or make a collage. Add lights inside the frame. It really looks very aesthetic and she will really love it! It works as a great memory lane and will create nostalgia. Also, she will know that her life matters to you.

Frame and Polaroids and Nostalgia

Frame and Polaroids and Nostalgia

9. Date Planner as she is Monica

If your girl is just like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, then you need to gift her a date planner. It is a personalized gift in itself. She wants everything organized and planned. Right from her deadlines to the meetings to even the homework, if she is clearly a planner, then why not gift her one. If she is the one who always plans your dates, this would be of great use for you too. She could even plan the dates for you.

Planner birthday gift for her

Planner for her!


10. Surprise Hamper for the number of years

It’s her birthday and you want to make her feel special for the whole day. Have a surprise package for the whole day and you can have a guy deliver it from time to time. Don’t let her forget the special day ever. You can start with small gifts than go to the bigger ones. A bouquet then some earrings or a dress. It looks really cool. You can even gift her the hamper containing the number of gifts according to the years she has completed on that day. Example: If she is 22, then have 22 different gifts, small and cute ones will also do, and gift them to her. She will feel ultra special. However, it may take some time and a lot of thinking, but it will make her feel loved.

Surprise birthday gift for her

Surprise Surprise!


11. A diary for her day

It is her birthday and you want to walk her down the memory lane. Prepare a diary. With all the pictures. It may start with the day she was born, collect the photos, ask from credible sources and even write down the incidencies that she might have told you. Right from the start. She will love you till infinity for that. The diary will also include all the special moments, right from when you went to the first movie (including the ticket). It will take some time, but it’s worth it. You can do that for your girl. Be creative.

Diary birthday gift for her

Diary for her


12. Origami Bouquet

Do you know how crazy people are for origami? And birthdays are incomplete without bouquets. Yes, flowers are special, but they do fade away after a day. You want her to cherish them forever? Make one. Origami flowers aren’t that hard to make and they even make a very precious gift. Take her favorite color chart papers and start making them. Youtube has step by step method of creating origami flowers. Make a whole bouquet and keep it outside her door on the birthday. She will be surprised to watch them.

Origami Bouquet Birthday gift for her

Origami Bouquet


13. Jar of Hearts

Gift her a very fancy jar, having a lot of rolls of paper. What you can do is write down all the things that you adore about her, you can also write down about all the wishes that you want to give her on her birthday. Each piece of paper will contain something cheesy. And if your girl loves cheesy stuff, then go for this one Fill the jar with glitters and shimmers and laces and even lights if possible. She will love to open them and read about it.

Jar of Hearts birthday gift for her

Jar of Hearts


14. Open when you were 1

This is another way of gifting her on her birthday. Make a list of things and gifts or even letters for that matter. List them properly according to the ages. A number of gifts will be equal to the number of years she has completed during that year. Example: Write on one of them, “Open when you were 1” and that gift will contain something the one-year-old kid will be having”. It can contain very small gifts, right from a pouch of stationary, to some ring. Example: One can be “Open when you turned 14” and gift her a novel because that was the time when she started reading. It will take a lot of time to decide, but worth it for your girl.

Open when you were 1

Open when you were 1

15. For a Potterhead

Okay, it is a dream of every Potterhead to receive a letter from Hogwarts in their lifetime. It is not just a fandom for them. It is a reality. Right from potions and spells, everything is remembered by them. If your girl is a Potterhead then one of the best gifts for her would be “The Ticket to Hogwarts”. You can also combine it with the necessary items that would come in handy in Hogwarts. One of them is a wand and a Gryffindor scarf. She will go crazy.

Birthday gift for her

You are a wizard!


16. Game of Thrones

Talking about fandoms, yes, you may find some exceptional girls who may be a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones. Give her something customized related to Game of Thrones and she will go crazy. There is a lot of stuff available in the market. A cup of Valar Morghullis. A ring of the dragon, North Remembers, Winter is Coming, A Girl Has No Name, Khaleesi t-shirts. They are really cool.

Birthday gifts for her

Not a Queen, A Khaleesi


17. Posters for her room

If she is the one who always has been putting up posters in her room, then you need to give her one. Create a poster of her activities or her favorite celebrity or show, we just talked about fandoms here. Roll them down and the gift her. She will be surprised to see that you do remember even small details about her.

Posters for her room

Posters for her room


18. The phone needs a cover

A personalized phone cover. Not specifically with your picture, You can even add your favorite or inside lines on the cover and gift her that. This is really in trend and everyone just needs a cover for their phones. For a birthday girl, gifting a phone cover can be easy and can also be of great use.

Phone cover birthday gifts for her

The phone needs a cover


19. Laptop covers and Plates

She is a workaholic and always on her laptop. Gifting her personalized laptop stickers and plates are really very thoughtful and useful. They are also available online. You can print them out and gift her that. It is really cool and she can even use them. They could keep her laptop safe.

Laptop covers and Plates birthday gift for her

Laptop covers and Plates


20. An invitation for the whole day

Imagine inviting her to her own birthday party? Planning everything, writing an extraordinary invitation card. You need to plan the whole day for her birthday. That day is just about making her feel special. It may include even a small gesture of sending her the invitation card, to taking her on a date in her restaurant. These small gestures do mean a lot to the romantic girls. She will consider herself the luckiest girl.

An invitation for the whole day

An invitation for the whole day


21. Breakfast in bed

Wake her up, but not just that, you prepare the whole breakfast and serve it her in her bed. She will feel special throughout the day. It will be a great start for the day and she will remember it for the rest of her life.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed


22. Be a chef for her birthday

You know what, the biggest surprise could be you planning for the date and do everything by yourself. Spoil her! It’s her birthday. You need to call her and to prepare her favorite dishes. Then have a romantic candlelight dinner at your place. Have a romantic evening, followed by a slow dance. She will surely fall in love with you more. There are many apps to educate you too.

Be a chef for her birthday

Be a chef for her birthday


23. Tea Lovers

This is really cool for a birthday If your girl is constantly in love with tea then a personalized basket of teas and sugar and cute chai glasses do make a really romantic gift for someone who loves chai. She will be so happy.

Tea set birthday gift for her

Tea sets


24. Magnets to stick

Sticky magnets with her pictures on it can also brighten up her day. She can put them on her fridge or her cupboards. They really look very cute. There are even blank spaces on them and you can write something really romantic. There are a lot of birthday magnets available where they are decorated with balloons.

Magnets to stick

Magnets to stick

25. Letters through mail

Again is your girl a fan of ‘P.S I Love You’? You can be her Gerry. Words can be the biggest gift for any birthday. Tell her how much she has grown and evolved throughout the year. Writing really romantic letters to her will mean a lot. Hide them at different places and you can even surprise her by telling her to find them out. Tell her how much she means to you!

Letters through mail

Letters through mail

26. Explosion Box

It’s her birthday and hence everything has to be about her. Make an explosion box. The box explodes and she will find her pictures, your writings and a hell lot of memories in the box. It is a very complicated box and it is very amusing to watch the different patterns in which the box opens up. But this can be a very creative way of gifting her. She will really love it and cherish it for her life.

Explosion Box

Explosion Box


27. Name Frame

A frame where her name is engraved with the collages of her own. It looks very ethnic and she can frame it in her room. Birthday gifts have to be about the birthday girl. There are various patterns to put them and decorate them.

Name Frame birthday gift for her

Name Frame

28. A wall clock

Birthday wall clocks have been extremely famous. There are wall clocks where you can add your happy pictures and the watch time. You can even add a different picture for every different number and you are good to go. She will really have something cute to look at when she looks at the time.

A wall clock as birthday gift for her

A wall clock

29. Pillows of course

You want her to wake up with a smile on her face. Gift her pillows with cute quotes or her favorite movie lines. You can even make single piece pillows with her name letters written on it. That does make a lot of sense and she can have a bunch of really cute pillows here. Or your names are written on them, she will love them!

Customized pillows as birthday gift for her

Customized Pillows

30. Voice messages

Birthday voice messages are really common. But you can pass on them in the most creative way. Gift her a cute soft toy. Let her be happy with that. Then tell her to hug them, with her hug the fluffy toy will tell her a message that you want to give her. You can even sing the whole birthday song and she will love it. She will be surprised to hear them.

Voice Message as birthday gift for her

Voice Message

31. Bucket Lists and wishes

Birthday is all about cutting cakes and blowing candles. While you blow candles, you like to make wishes and those wishes are a part of your bucket list, right? Why don’t just gift here a bucket only? Well, not entirely a bucket but something like that. Gift a jar, put in a lot of papers inside and tell her to fill them. Tell her, they will be the bucket list. They will make that birthday special as you can celebrate them for the whole year. She will feel important. After some days, you can start opening them up and start fulfilling them. Small dreams, even big ones.

Bucket Lists and wishes

Bucket Lists and wishes

32. A world in the bucket list

Again related to the bucket list. This birthday gift will really go forever. If you both are wanderlusts and love to travel. Then this is perfect for you. In this gift, you both can decide where to go next. Here comes the board and on the world map. All the places that you have visited can be pinned. It is inspired by the animated movie ‘Up’. It is really cool!

A world in the bucket list

A world in the bucket list

33. Customized Passport Covers

Again, for someone who is constantly traveling, customized passport covers make a good birthday gift. These are useful and she can always keep her passports safe with the cover on it. Won’t you like to carry your own passport covers everywhere? She would like it!

Customized Passport Covers

Customized Passport Covers

34. Customized Wallet

There are wallets that can be named after your girl. Here, there will be her name printed on the wallet which makes ‘her’ wallet. A wallet is also very essential for everyday use and it counts as a very aesthetic gift.

Customized Wallet as birthday gift her

Customized Wallet

35. A happily ever after

When you know that she is the one, you plan the whole future with her. let her know what all have you planned. Shower her with the frame that tells her about what you want to do when you both are 50. Tell her that you would like to celebrate all the birthdays with her and would even celebrate her birthdays like they are the most important ones ever. Make her feel special!

A happily ever after

A happily ever after


36. Video Message

Birthday wishes are always the warmest. Call her friends and family. Tell them to shoot a small video telling how much she means to them, wishing her for her birthday and show as she has grown since then. Lastly, you shoot a video and do let her know that she is your world with a cute birthday wish. Compile all of them and make her watch. She will surely be overwhelmed.

Video message as birthday gift for her

Video Message

37. Radio message

This is the old school method but works till now. There are a lot of people listening to the radio and there are birthday wishes on them. Contact an RJ and tell them to announce her birthday on the radio in the morning. Tell them to turn on their radio and ask them to celebrate her birthday by wishing her. It will be awesome.

Radio Message as birthday gift for her

Radio Message

38. Youtube it

Want to make it wilder? Make a whole video of all the birthday messages and pictures that you have. Compile them, add a good romantic song and write something down. Put it on youtube and surprise her by sharing the link. She will go crazy to watch herself on youtube and even love it.

Youtube Message as birthday gift for her

Youtube Message

39. Bands

Rings are cool, but this is the trend of bands. A lot of cool bands are available now and they are very fashionable too. She can wear them every day and they are a sign of love too. This birthday gifts her a band and she will absolutely love them.

Bands as birthday gift for her


40. Badges

Badges look really cute. Gift her a lot of fandom badges, as talked about earlier, with some of the personalized ones, she will put them on her bags and roam around with a happy face. This can be added with the small gifts that you are planning to gift for the hamper. She will love them. ‘Boss Lady’, unicorns, birthday girl, ‘I love makeup’ there are so many.

Badges as birthday gift for her

Badges as a birthday gift for her

41. Keychains look really cute

This can again go with another collection of small gifts and the hampers. Everyone carries keys. A personalized keychain will make a lot of sense.




42. Customized power banks.

There are very creative power banks in the market. Make one for your partner. It will be useful as well as really romantic too. Power banks are like the need of the hour now. She can use them everywhere.

43. Something with her zodiac

Birthdays are even about zodiac signs. Your birthdate decides your zodiac signs and your zodiac sign determines your traits. Hence a necklace or a bracelet relating to her zodiac sign will make so much sense. There are a lot of posts you will find on the zodiac and you may see that people actually follow zodiac signs. If your girl is into zodiac sign then gift her. It will be a very thoughtful gift for her birthday.

Zodiac related birthday gift for her

Zodiac related birthday gift for her

44. Handwritten letters

We said about letters and mailing them, but if your girl is an old school, then she will love this gift. All you have to do is write a letter. And write in a sense is handwritten. Personally writing a letter means so much more than posting a picture and writing a happy birthday. Tell her, what she means to you and how lucky you are to have her in your love. She will probably cry reading it and cherish her for the rest of her life. She will even read it a thousand times.

Handwritten Love Letter

Handwritten Letter


45. Scrolls

Want to create a vintage look for your letter? Then upgrade it to the scroll. Sure there are greeting cards. But scrolls do give a princess feels. There are a lot of scrolls that do look very aesthetic.

Scrolls as birthday gift for her



46. Lockers

Want to make her work for her birthday gift? Gift them a very cute box, then lock it. Give a barcode. Once she scans the barcode, then only she can open it. She can put anything that she wants. That barcode is something that you can set. Tell her to make a wild guess and if she guesses it right, she can open it. You can even put something in the box and gift her.

Lockers as birthday gift for her


47. Whole restaurant

Want to freak her out on her birthday? Take her on a date. Have a nice time. Later have the chef come with a big birthday cake and all the people around her singing the birthday song for her. She will feel so special over there.

Book a whole restaurant as birthday gift for her

Book a whole restaurant


48. A pet

What can you gift her that she could keep for the rest of her life? It is said that pets make people happy. If your girl is either a dog lover or a cat lover, gift her a pup or a kitten. She will be happy as hell. It even counts as a great birthday present.

Pets as birthday gift for her

Pets are Paw-dorable


49. A song is so romantic

You have always seen in movies that guys do carry out a guitar or a piano and sing a song for their girl. Girls do love all these cliche stuff and it also makes out for a good birthday present. If you are good with singing, write down a song for her and sing it down for her. She will cry it out and remember it for the rest of her life.

Sing a song as birthday gift for her

Sing a song for her


50. A pendant of love

It is common, but when you are in love, everything is new and romantic. If she wants you around every single day, this is what you can do. A heart-shaped pendant which can open up and you can see both of your faces have been the most classic gifts since centuries. It works! Seriously!

Pendant as a birthday gift for her


51. Books!

If your girl is a reader, then you do not need to look for a gift any further. All you have to do is get a list of books that she wants to read and buy them and gift them. Mind you! A reader is always thirsty for more books and they have a never-ending list of books to fill their library. Get her books of her favorite author and watch the biggest smile on her face. If you want to get more into it, give her the first editions. They are hard to find and it shows that you have worked hard for the birthday present.

Books as birthday gift for her



Of course, how can you forget this? With books, you need to give her a bookmark. But why not give her something just more than a normal bookmark. If your girl is a reader, the best thing to gift her is a book and a personalized bookmark. She will love it. Something with her name on it or a fandom one or anything that is aesthetic makes sense.

Bookmarks as birthday gift for her



53. Go vintage

There are many people who love writing and likes to have a collection of diaries to write their everyday stuff down. If your girl is someone like them then you can gift her a whole customized kit with a vintage book, a feather and a quilt for a girl who loves literature. She will go crazy looking at it.

 old letters, inkwell and vintage feather ink pen.

old letters, inkwell, and vintage feather ink pen.


54. Seven Vows

Birthdays are about promises too. You love her and want to tell her everything about you would like to do. 7 is also considered to be a holy number. Fill a box of vows and let her know all the vows that you are ready to take for her.

7 vows as birthday gift for her

7 Vows


55. Light lamp

You know that she loves reading late at night. She needs a lamp. For her birthday, why not gift her a customized lamp for her bedside. There you can add a lot of pictures and they can flash with every change in light. They really look cool and could actually be made for good use.

Light Lamp

Light Lamp


56. Carved Pencil

If your girl is a lot into vintage stuff, then a carved pencil with her name written on one side as a birthday gift for hewrwill add a lot of value to her collection of vintage stuff. Pencil carvings look really very aesthetic.

Carved pencils as birthday gifts

Carved pencils


57. Chocolates

Who does not like chocolates? Gift her a whole hamper of chocolates and she will love you forever. Chocolates do add royalty for the birthdays and gifting her that will mean so much. It looks cute. This can be the best birthday gift for her



Final Word

Yes, gifting someone is difficult. Especially if that someone is the love of your life. Birthdays are the most special days and you surely want to remember them for the rest of the year. Make her feel special on her birthday as she makes you feel special every day! Take tips from here and win her out on her birthday! All the best and also do let us know in the comment section what are you gonna give her?



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