Just as these four-legged fur pals make human lives filled with happiness, it is an equal responsibility of the humans to take care of them and keep them engaged. For similar reasons, we suggest the best toys for dogs because the ‘Go’ and ‘Fetch’ games could become monotonous after a while.

“It is the dog that shall love you more than anybody else including its own self”, was once quoted by Josh Billings which got published on Brainy Quote.

Also, it has been found that around 60.2 million households in the US include a pet dog to their living which amounts to a rough estimate of 89.7 million pets on a total. This is also the total market size for pet toys.

We bring you here various genres of toys for pets and their doting owners which are based on various parameters to be the best toys for dogs.

Close-Up Photo of Dog Wearing Sunglasses

Hotter than summer. Am I not?

Top preferences of toys for four-legged kids and their owners


There are many options for toys which are best when a canine baby comes home. Some of the toys which come along with their food are

  • Chewy bones

When puppies are brought home, the risk of their chewing shoes or any other household article can be faced. For such a reason, there are chew-bones which are specially designed for such babies who can chew properly without the hassle of getting any infections or diseases. These are mostly flavoured in vegan or meat flavours for the most pampered babies.

Image result for dog chew bones pics

The owner asks me to chew slowly for digestion reasons


  • Flavored and dog-tastic bars

I love this BaaaaRk

The next toy in the list is the flavoured bars for the canines which can be either flavoured with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. This is for the reason that the puppies or fully grown canine babies can enjoy a dog-tastic evening with their owners. Such bars are considered as best toys for dogs which shall enjoy the particular taste of the toy.

  • Squeaky toys and figurines

The next interesting toy on the list is the squeaky and chewy balls and figurines which are based on the liking of the puppies as well as their owners. And canines love to play catch and throw with such toys. The most preferable playground is the home for such toys. However, there can be other options like gardens or playground where Frisbees in the rubber or chewy format are an exciting option.

Image result for dog playing with squeaky toy

Pink is obviously my thing

  • Teeth cleaning and gum massage can be fun with nylon bones

Specially textured bones with nylon with soft bristles which can soothe the teething phase and can give a good massage to the gums are mostly preferred as this is the phase where most puppies are exposed to germs and infection while chewing at stuff.

These toys, however, have evolved from their traditional versions which have been majorly loved by pets and their owners.

Image result for dog teeth cleaning toy

Someone gimme the flavoured ones at least

Traditional toys which have been widely encouraged over the years

The latest versions of pet toys have been evolved from its ancient or traditional versions which were underdeveloped and raw. The greatest example for this is a stick or the tree branch which was thrown to a distance and canines would seek and fetch it for their masters.

  • Canvas-made ‘Frisbee’

The earlier versions of the Frisbees made especially for canines were built out of canvas rather than the improvised rubber and nylon versions in a way that it suffices the needs of elderly or old dogs. This also was considered as one of the best toys for dogs.

Related image

Do they call it “Daflee” in India?

  • Normal tennis, cricket or plastic ball

As compared to the developed version of the balls for pets made either out of nylon or rubber in the chewy format, normal balls were used to play with the pets which alternatively were used for sports like tennis or cricket.

Image result for dog playing with balls

Always up for the balls

  • Food treats or the normal cookie

Treats like cookies, cheese, chocolates, or other such snack items were even used as toys for making the canines active and not sleep on the couch or remain on one corner of the living room. It can be concluded that dog owners did not know much or give priority to dog or pet toys.

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Things I can do for my country: Eat.

Transformation in the toy culture and staying updated

For developing the motor skills of the pets and taking care of their hygiene issues, it was a challenge for pet toy makers to serve both the purposes.

Further, it was researched about the fabric or the texture which is required for manufacturing the toys for pets. Hence, the evolution of toys made out of rubber, nylon, improvised canvas, and edible fur has occurred in the pet toy industry. There are also chewy toys which either run music or sound for entertaining the canines.

For dog lovers who love to flaunt their pets by accessorizing their leashes, clothes or their facial fur without causing harm to them, luxury toys have also been introduced to pamper these cute four-legged babies.

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I like this as much as my kitty parties

Pamper your four-legged cutie pies with luxury toys

Some of the toys which are developed in the luxury genre for pets involve toys starting from a range of around $43 and they cater to all the needs of the pets including soothing their anxiety and depression as well as relieving them from stress. Some of these toys are:

  • Soft toys or plush toys which are just, ‘Bow-wow’!

Just like toddlers have soft toys to play with, canines have similar toys which are mostly designed in the form of a dog and is large in size. This toy is also used by dog trainers as a tool for training canines.

Image result for dog with bow

The pope’s daughter has proposed to me. You can see why.


  • Pole toys with fleece and a toy

These kinds of toys are mostly used for the dogs which are training for their motor skills like running or jumping. The toy resembles a fishing rod with bait but is actually designed for dogs. It also contains a fleece and a toy to attract the canines.

Image result for Pole toys with fleece

Lol! Do you still think you can win me in the tug game?

  • Robust and sturdy chew toys which are paw-dorable

The normal chew toys made out of rubber or nylon might get spoilt after some time and may attract germs and infection towards the pets. There are more robust and durable chew toys either in the shape of a bone or a donut that shall have high durability and robustness for use. Due to its quality, it is considered as one of the best toys for dogs in this genre.

Image result for donut shape dog toy

Humans are so fake! So are my donuts! Hate ’em!

  • Tough balls for rough dogs

In comparison to normal balls which shall rip off or tear away after the sharp claws hit it, there are rough and tough balls which have been developed for dogs that love balls a lot and mind blunting their nails often.

I got balls bruh!


Apart from luxury toys, for the canines, there are also toys that fit into the budget of their owners.


Toy options for pets which are low to medium priced with safety features

Further, there are also toys which come with equal safety and hygiene as the luxury version in a lower or mediocre price range.

  • Rope it up

Roped toys are very hygienic for canines which train for their motor skills or are teething as these are either made out of rubber or chewable nylon which also is safe for them.

Related image

A rope is a hope that swings you through life


  • Chewy fur toys

Such toys are generally made out of soft fur which is absolutely safe for the canines in terms of feel and chewing. For those canine pets that would love to cuddle on to something soft and would like to go easy on chewing shall opt for such an option. A furry skunk toy is one of the best examples.

Image result for happy dog with toy

Fur-ious much!

  • Because balls are always dog-tastic

Balls made out of strong quality like that of thermoplastic can be tough to chew through for canines who like it rough. Such balls have a great amount of friction and can also float on water for dogs that have a hobby of splashing around. Such balls are safe to play.

Image result for dog in ball pool

Balls are to me what gems are to you

  • Squeaks and sounds are licking yum!

Dogs love squeaks and sound until the limit that it is not harmful to its particular owner. Also, the option of adding treats inside the toy to keep them busy is yet another value for the money options in such a way that hygiene and safety need not be bothered for.

However, there are toys which require safety and supervision for being played with.

Image result for dogs with squeezing sound toys

I’ve got cooler stuff back home

Supervision and safety are prime for canines

This is the most important parameter for choosing the best toy for dogs as safety does include hygiene and infection-free options for their pets. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Allergy to a taste

If a particular dog is allergic to a particular taste like that of meat or bacon, then it should be made sure that such chewy toys are of neutral taste or vegan to maintain a healthy and active canine.

Image result for dog taste allergy

I am ready to be vegan too!

  • Wagging interests

If a particular toy is highly fragile then, a more durable or sturdy option should be offered or the use of such a toy should be supervised in such a way that the dog wags in glee instead of holding a cornered up in the house.


I am bored enough, let me play!

  • Hygiene of the toy

Suppose a dog starts playing with a newly purchased toy which has not been washed, cleaned or disinfected prior. The chances of getting ill or catching an infection are higher because most of the toys for canines are chewy in nature.

Related image

Don’t you know how important washing is?

  • Privacy of toys

As most of the toys for canines are chewable, it should be made sure that other dogs or pals do not use toys of the other in a way that both of them can fall ill.

We share the bed, not the toys.

Closing thoughts

Hence, these are some of the genres of best toys for dogs which one should choose from in a way that the pets stay entertained and engaged throughout the day without being gloomy and inactive. Also, an inactive dog has a higher risk of health if not taken for strolls or walks or even played games with.

Considering all given factors, should pampering, hygiene, and safety not be the top priorities when it comes to buying the best toys for canine babies?


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