We gift out of love, we gift out of affection, we gift out of gratitude, we gift out of happiness. When we gift someone, it’s all about our feelings for them, its all about the relationship we share. Let it be a birthday, a marriage anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day or any other occasion, we gift to show our love and affection we feel for our loved ones, and yes, it comes from the core of our hearts. And at such precious moments, even a greeting card scribbled by someone with love warms up our hearts.

We are humans, and we crave for love. Hence, an expensive gift bought with the right amount of money doesn’t make us feel as much respected as we feel when we are gifted with a handmade card, or a half-baked- half burnt cake. We human beings hunt for love and attention and anyone taking their time out and preparing a gift for us, makes us feel on the 9th cloud. And therefore, an untied bouquet of unlike flowers picked by someone with their own hands smells sweeter than a well-furnished bouquet bought out from a shop.

A self-painted portrait is always warmed up the heart of the other person than one bought from a shop. Few self-baked cookies are preferred over, those purchased from a professional baker, even if it is not eatable. A self-written greeting is much more adorable than a ready-made card. As a person always prefers real love, over fake feelings.
Because people crave for full love, and customized gifts provide with that. If you gift someone with a handmade gift, every time that person looks at it. It reminds them of your love and affection. Gifts remind them of your care and about you, that how much you miss them.

As very rightly said by Amanda Baryshnikov,” The best gifts of the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the stores, but in the memories, we make with the people we love.”


People take out their time and prepare gifts only for those who are very precious to them. It’s effortless, to buy a showpiece from a store, and gift it to someone. But thinking of a gift, going back into memories, saving things, making it more special, shelling out time from your daily routine, putting all your creativity, even if you don’t have any, and then garnishing it with all the love and affection, is what people live for.
The best thing about such a customized gift is that they are unique, one of a kind. Entirely original with no duplicates at all. Loving someone with all our heart is difficult and rare. But what is more difficult is to prove it to them. And anything bought out of a shop, having a huge price but no feelings can never show your love to someone. But in the same place, a handmade sketch can very much speak up about your passion. And that is the power of handmade gifts.

It’s always said that one never looks at the price of the gift, but feelings associated with it. Gifts are always given to make someone happy, and happiness comes from within, it’s not a material thing. It’s a matter of feelings and as said, money can’t buy happiness. Happiness cannot be bought or sold; it can only be shared and shared from the bottom of one Heart to the other.
It’s not always that we gift each other. It’s just a matter of some special days, some special occasions. And for such special events, it’s our duty to make it more special. And the only way to make something more unique, to make lovely lovelier, what ingredient we need is love. Pure, undivided and unadulterated love. That comes from the bottom of our hearts.
So next time when you’re preparing a surprise for your loved ones, make sure that it is your gift. Make sure it’s made up of love, affection, and gratitude, rather than money. Because at the end of the day, it’s the feeling that we cherish and it’s the love that we live by, the happiness that we crave for, the affection that we want. Because when you want them to feel that how special they are for you and how one in a million they stand for you, the gift you present them should also be one of a kind, and as unique.
There are many occasions that we can delight with our customized gifts.

Handmade Charcoal Portrait

A little more black and everything looks fine!



The ones who never get a day off. And the ones who never complain. Well, no other creature can do this but mom. And today if we’re living a desirable life, the first person we got to thank after God, is our Father.
We can positively speak our hearts out in front of our mothers, but when in front of our fathers, we tend to think ten times before speaking. I believe that is why the man came up with the concept of father’s day so that at least once in a year we have an excuse to show our love to our fathers. Mothers are the ones who give every bit of their might, to make sure you’re happy. And still, we never take a moment to even think about it. No doubt, we love her to moon and back, but the only day we get to express it is Mothers day.

But still, planning a gift for your parents is in itself a difficult task. Then why not make it so special for her that, she remembers it for the entire life. But surprising someone is in itself, one of the most challenging tasks. We’re never able to decide what to gift someone. And end up buying stuff from the stores. But humans crave for love. Hence a gift bought out of the right amount of money, doesn’t make us feel loved as much as, a handmade sketch.

Because the fact is that, a gift is all about the feelings and not the price or the brand. Our parents never want us to gift them a Gucci belt, or an Armani perfume. Instead, they may feel happier if you gift them a handmade greeting card. A gift made by you has the real mix of love and affection you feel for him. And your efforts to create something for them is much more precious to them, than a Rolex watch or a Tanishq diamond ring. A ready-made gift bought out of a store, is not a gift but just another material product. Their presence in your life, and that you can’t measure their contributions in your life, in any monetary unit. If you gift them something out of love, make sure they feel loved.

They are the only creatures on earth with the biggest heart, they give everything but never ask for one. But, when we have one day for them why not gift them with real, unadulterated love. Nothing can be as heartwarming as to gift her a sketch, to put up on her wall, so that every time she looks at it, she knows how much you love her.
So next time, you get a chance to surprise your parents, make sure it tickles the wires of their heart and not just add material items to their life. Surprise them with a handmade gift so that they get to know how much you value them.

Mother's day handmade oil painting

Make your mom smile this mother’s day!

father's day oil portrait

And your dad? He will be in love with this!


Birthdays are the most precious occasions of one’s life. People wait for their birthdays the entire year counting down the days. And it’s a very much real fact that people are more excited about the birthdays of their near and dear ones than they are for their birthdays.
And what makes each birthday more special are the gifts that come with it. But what to gift is a big question. There are so many birthdays in the entire year and deciding what to give each one of them we end up buying things from the stores, and it becomes very monotonous.

Well, the best way to make someone’s bday special is to surprise them with a handmade gift. Because, all those expensive items, even they can buy. But what they can’t buy is love. And that’s what you can gift them. Surprising someone with a customized gift, is the best option, as it shows them, how much you love them, how much you adore their presence in your lives. It teaches them that there’s someone who’s way more excited about their b’day than they themselves.

handmade sketch as a birthday gift

A handmade portrait will make their birthday the best


Among all our people, the most precious ones undoubtedly are those who aren’t connected by blood but are connected by hearts. Friendship is undoubted, one of the purest relations in the history of humankind. Where all other ties are by birth, these are the people we choose for ourselves. Hence, they are the most special and closest to our hearts.
Unfortunately, we’ve got only one day to celebrate this precious relation. Hence, we have to make sure that we make friendship day, very special for our friends. And the best way to show our love is to surprise them with wonderful customized gifts.

Friendship is something very close to our hearts, hence, to celebrate it, the gift should also be the closest to our hearts, garnished by the love and affection we share.
Because, at such precious moments, a showpiece bought out from a shop, won’t be able to spell the magic that a handmade greeting card or a handmade sketch may do.
So make sure that this, friendships day, you gift your friends with love, in the form of purely handmade surprises. Because, friendship is one of the purest relationships, built on the foundation of love. It should be celebrated with pure love, and genuine love cannot be bought out, the heart can only feel it.

This was her best birthday gift!

This was her best birthday gift!


Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days of the year. The day to celebrate love, which is in itself such a lovely word and Valentine’s Day is in itself such a beautiful day. We plan the entire year, to make this day special for the love of our lives.

A few decades back, when people had no phones, and text Messages, love was sent through Letters. Today, we’ve evolved to develop to the era of WhatsApp, but the text on WhatsApp lacks that feeling, of love as it was purely carried by love letters. And that is the value of customization. A handwritten note feels way warmer than a text msg. In the same fashion, a handmade gift always outshines bought out gifts.

Love is all about wholeheartedness. It’s all about priorities if you take your time preparing a tailor-made gift, specially designed for your one person, nothing can make them feel more loved. Because humans love it when someone prioritizes them over anything else, it makes them think on the 9th cloud.
So this valentine’s day, make sure that not stays in the air, but your gifts too. Make them feel loved, with pure unadulterated handmade gifts.
The specialty of Taj Mahal is that there is none like that in the world. Make sure that your gifts be as unique for your loved ones as the Taj Mahal.


Christmas is the festival for which people wait the entire year with all their hearts. It’s neither a festival for elders nor the kids. It’s a festival for everyone to celebrate. Christmas Eve brings waves of happiness and denotes a happy ending to the year.
But along with wonderful celebrations, comes the responsibility of beautiful surprises. When the children are so damn excited about their upcoming wonders, it’s challenging to decide what to gift.
Planning a surprise has always been one of the most challenging tasks, that too when you’ve such grateful occasions. Well, the ultimate solution is handmade gifts. Because it’s not always possible to plan a new and different surprise, but when we talk about handmade gifts, it’s still something special something new.
When we are planning handmade gifts, we have a scope to prepare different gifts, for different people. You can gift your parents what they would like, and your children what they would want when you go for handmade gifts.

You can buy beautiful and branded gift articles from shops, but you can never buy feelings. But gifts are never about its cost, but the emotion associated with it. A gift should itself, speak about the love you carry for that person.
Christmas is all about celebrating love and life. It’s about ending your year on a happy and heartwarming note. And hence, should be accompanied by beautiful heartwarming gifts. Make sure your Christmas present leaves a mark on the heart of that person.

So next time you’re planning to surprise your loved ones with amazing gifts and make their day more bright and happening, think about the gifts we suggested you rather than just flowing loads of bucks in finding a perfect gift in the mall. You can also check out amazing customized portrait sketches for your loved ones at exclusive prices on https://www.smilemiddle.com/. We are also providing a wide range of customized gifts for different occasions at best ever prices.

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Best Christmas Gift Ever

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