After all these years in the military, he is retiring and you are still searching the marketplaces for the perfect military retirement gift? We’ve got you!

Serving your country is the greatest pride one can ever have in their lives. All that fierceness, bravery and courage blend with emotions and joy when a Militararian gets retired. Hence their military retirement gift must be something which goes hand in hand with bravery and emotions both. It is one of those moments of a soldier’s life which he can never forget the same as his day of joining the military forces and his first battle.

We all have someone who is our friend, family member or an acquaintance and serves in the military. When they get we all want to present him with our wishes and good luck for his future endeavours, then arises the 100 bucks question, What can we gift? The gift which will embrace all the duties they have fulfilled for the country and something which will embrace his courage and bravery.

Here is a list of 25 Amazing Military retirement gift Ideas you can go for while choosing a gift for someone who has been the ideal for everyone:

1. An Army Ring

An Army Ring

An Army Ring


These are specially designed rings in various metal options like Gold, Silver and even normal brass. You can find a ring for every military department let it be Naval forces, The Army, Marines or The AIr force. They come in various designs, sizes and color options.

2. Handmade custom portrait painting

Handmade custom portrait painting

Handmade custom portrait painting


They must be having a joining day picture when he for his Military uniform for the first time, A memorable war picture or even a Joyful casual picture with their mates. You can convert those pictures into a wonderful custom hand-painted portrait which will be preserved by generations in his honor. This will be the best military retirement gift one will ever have

3. Deployment Map

Deployment Map as military retirement gift

Deployment Map


This is a wonderful option for wall decoration and military retirement gift both. You can frame a vintage look world map and can mark all the places where they have been posted or deployed. This will help them preserving all their work time nostalgia within the living room.

4. Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized Pocket Watch as military retirement gift

Personalized Pocket Watch

I know, I know pockets watches are not that trendy nowadays but still in the fashion in the forces. You can have a personalized pocket watch engraved with their military rank and full name.

5. Coin Display Case

Coin Display Case as military retirement gift

Coin Display Case

Military people collect coins. Yes! You heard it right, they do. What a better gift can be other than a coin display case for someone who collects coins and wants to show them off. This definitely makes one of the best military retirement gift ideas.

6. Golf Kit

Golf Kit as military retirement gift

Golf Kit


Do they enjoy golf? You have reached the right place. A golf kit will certainly do the magic. Now when he is off duty he can have his passion for golf back. A military retirement gift which will be used regularly even after the day of retirement.

7. Military Wooden Hangings


Military Wooden Hangings as military retirement gift

Military Wooden Hangings

One more living room decoration military retirement gift. You can print some military quotes on these wooden hangings and they will be in front of them all their lives. They will see it and remember you and his days back in the military.

8. Custom Cigar Holder


Custom Cigar Holder

Custom Cigar Holder

If they have quite a fond of ecstasy and cigars this will make the perfect military retirement gift. You can personalize the cigar holder with their name and their rank and even with some design form the military.

9. Custom Poker Set


Custom Poker Set

Custom Poker Set

No matter what branch he served in, the retired military men in your life will enjoy having his own custom poker set to play a few rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em with his fellow veterans just like they used to in the early days. His brothers-in-arms will be jealous of his awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass for sure! This game set is also great for playing card or dice games with their families such as Go Fish or Farley. He’ll love everything about this incredible military retirement gift and will certainly use it for many years to come.

10. Personalized Beer Mug


Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug

Coffee mugs may not have a place in the list of best military retirement gifts but a beer mug surely does. You can print their names on it and every time they will be chilling with a beer, they will remember you, which is going to be quite often *chuckles*

11. A Customized Jacket

A customized Jacket

A customized Jacket

They have been around all the military uniforms all their lives, you can give it a twist by giving them a cool jacket personalized with their armed forces logo. This will surely make your gift the best among all.

12. Medal or Flag Display Case

A militarian wants to flaunt their medals and flags. You can give them a custom Medal or flag display case and this will be each and every time appreciated for being his best retirement gift whenever they are telling their war stories.

13. Model Ship Building

Model Ship Building as military retirement gift

Model Ship Building

Give your favorite Navy or Coast Guard retiree a model shipbuilding kit. Ship and boat enthusiasts will find an array of military ships and boats from all over the world. They will remember the days of them being on the ship

14. Eagle Award


Eagle Award

Eagle Award

Every soldier is an eagle in himself. He is quick and clever and above the rest. You can give them an eagle award keepsake honoring his services towards the nation and can even customize it with their names and ranks.

15. Military Caps

Military Caps

Military Caps

What if he is retired now? He is still a militararian. You can give them a custom Military cap with some quotes engrave on it and every time they are out in the field they will remember you for giving them the best military retirement gift.

16. Whiskey Flasks


Whiskey Flasks

Whiskey Flasks

A true soldier is always a fan of whiskey. All those vintage whiskeys they have can’t be served into some ordinary flasks. You can give them a custom Whiskey flask with their name and rank engraved on it and this will surely make you their favorite.

17. Personalized Diary

Personalized Diary as military retirement gift

Personalized Diary

Military men love keeping journals and writing diaries. If you gift them a personalized diary, every time they will write on it will make them smile and remember you. You can personalize it with their army colors and ranks.

18. A Compass

A Compass as military retirement gift

A Compass

You can always give a military man a compass but when it comes to the military retirement gift, A personalized compass would work. With all the names of places where they have been and their ranks engraved on it, they will never forget the path to you.

19. A Soldier Statue


A Soldier Statue as military retirement gift

A Soldier Statue

Once a soldier, always a soldier! Give them a statue of a soldier standing in the parade rest position. This will look nice on their study table and will make him remember the old days.

20. Military Backpack


Military Backpack

Military Backpack

Is he a trekking champ or a mountaineer? Then a Military backpack is a win-win. He can keep it on his every travel filled with all those essentials. He can even carry it to his golf days or even on a little trip to the beach.

21. Personalized Decanter set:

Personalized Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set

Yes! He is retired now and no would mind him taking those extra glasses of whiskey in the evening, so how about a decanter set? Personalize decanter and the glasses with custom text and gift it to the military man in your life. The decanter can be easily personalized on Etsy by just adding the text you want in the description box available on the order page.

22. A framed Flag

A Framed Flag

No matter how many countries he has been in but anyway he is a countryman! You can frame the flag of the country and present him as the token of appreciation to the services he has made to the country and honor his love for the same.

23. A Personalized Lighter


A Personalized Lighter

A Personalized Lighter

Every military man loves his cigars, isn’t it? Gift him with this personalized cigar lighter which would go perfectly with the high quality smokes. The cigar lighter from takes 4 texts front and back with each text capacity of 16 characters. What is the next gift? you guessed it right!

24. A Personalized Ashtray

A Personalized Ashtray

A Personalized Ashtray


He will be awed seeing his name on a personalized ashtray. A lighter and an ashtray together will do the magic. One day he will be sitting in the evening smoking his cigar and remembering you for this perfect military retirement gift.

25. A Stunning Charcoal Sketch

A Stunning Charcoal Sketch

A Stunning Charcoal Sketch



A little black is always better when it comes to a charcoal portrait sketch. Sent us a nice picture of him and we will definitely convert into a wonderful sketch. This military retirement gift is going to be with him all his life and will be preserved by their generations.

This is by far the best Military retirement gift.

All those gifts will become perfect when embraced with your love for them. Once they retire, try spending more and more time with them. It is hard to leave all behind. Be with them in this journey.

Woohoo! That was really an exciting list to write about! I have Goosebumps all around. Did I cover them all? Are you gifting something which I didn’t mention? Do let me know in the comment section or even if you are selecting any of it just comment it down.


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