When a new member makes its entry into the family, we all wish to make his first birthday the most memorable day not just for the baby, but for the entire family. Selecting a baby’s first birthday gift depends on a number of factors:


Baby's first birthday gift ideas

Happy Birthday!


  1. If that support the baby’s mental and physical development.
  2. or that would help in taking care of the baby.
  3. And most importantly those are comfortable to the baby.

Making some amazing birthday plans and cute cakes ain’t enough as the baby would be expecting cute comfy birthday gifts even when it’s just a year old.

Here are 35 baby’s first birthday gift ideas that would surely get the baby drool over them.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles as baby first birthday gift

Jigsaw Puzzles


This is the most ideal gift for the mental development of the baby who is entering into its toddler territory. It enhances the mental activity of the baby’s mind and is one of the best gifts to be gifted on a baby’s first birthday.

2. Baby Portrait Painting

Baby portrait Painting baby first birthday gift

Baby Portrait Painting


Gifting a baby its own portrait is definitely an unbeatable birthday gift and thus ranks on number 2 in the 35 baby’s first birthday gift ideas. A baby portrait is like an all-time mirror for the baby that captured its cute natural instinct in a painting.

3. Cuddly security blanket

Cuddly security blanket

Cuddly security blanket


If the baby was born in the chilling weather of winters, then what are you waiting for? Go and buy some cuddly warm blankets for the baby and gift them on its first birthday. Babies love getting wrapped in reposeful furry blankets.

4. Ragdolls

Rag Dolls

Rag Dolls


If you’ve got a baby girl then without the second of doubt, buy pretty ragdolls for the baby girl, little girls love playing with them.

5. Personalized Birthday Plates

Personalized birthday plates as baby's first birthday gift

Personalized birthday plates


If you yearn to create everlasting memories on your baby’s first birthday, then get some birthday plates with your baby’s name imbibed on them. This way you could present these plates to them when they grow year by year as a memory of their first birthday.

6. Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears


Literally the best gift for your baby’s first birthday. Teddy bears are like a non-living fluffy friend for your baby with which it can play with for eternity.

7. Personalized LED Cushion

Personalized LED Cushion baby

Personalized LED Cushion baby


Would you like watching your baby’s cute little eyes illuminating with glee in the sparkling shining lights illuminated by the cushions your baby is resting on? Then what are you waiting for? Go and get these LED Cushions for the baby.

8. Baby Bedding Set

Baby Bedding Set

Baby Bedding Set


Babies deserve comfortable bedding system to nap and flourish in. A one-year-old baby spends most of its time in bed and hence special attention should be paid in this sector.

9. A Cradle

A Cradle as baby's first birthday gift ideas

A Cradle


A congenial cradle is a quintessential necessity for all babies as they spent a major part of their day there. So it would be perfect to gift a cute little cradle to a baby on its first birthday.

10. Tire tube swimming pool

Tire tube swimming pool

Tire tube swimming pool


Babies love when the pool they’re taking bath in, bloat into a huge air-filled tire. Giving this amazing experience to a newly burn blooms the baby’s heart.

11. Tricycle

Tricycle as baby's first birthday gift ideas



A year-old kid couldn’t ride a bicycle but would always fancy his elder brothers and sisters riding a cycle around him. You could meet this unfulfilled covet of the baby by gifting a teeny-weeny tricycle on his first birthday.

12. Toy rider

Toy rider

Toy rider


A year-old baby would ache to move here and there like every other fellow human around him, but could only crawl a certain distance. So gift the baby a toy rider on his first birthday and witness the spark of a cute broad smile on his face.

13. Bath Bed

Bath Bed as baby's first birthday gift

Bath Bed


Washing and bathing become a vital activity to be concerned about when it comes to a year old baby. Hence, the gifts that facilitate the bathing of your little one are highly appreciated. Tire tube swimming pool is one of them (as mentioned above), and a bath bed being the other.

14. Baby’s first 12 months frame

Baby’s first 12 months frame

Baby’s first 12 months frame


It’s the most memorable birthday gift, not only for the baby but for his parents too. Covering the journey of the baby in his first 12 months and recording them in a picture each frame, so the baby could cherish them when he grows old is the best part.

15. Personalized Wooden Block

Personalized Wooden Block

Personalized Wooden Block


It may seem to be a trifling one, but is a soppy gift item that you could gift on a baby’s first birthday. The major functions of such a gift include engraving important dates on the block or some special message for the baby.

16. Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers


If you’re broke and don’t have a lot to spend but want to gift something that could put a broad smile on baby’s face, then no need to cast down. You could go for an amazing tree, or nature wall stickers. Use those stickers that could smooth the way of a one-year-old baby’s sight.

17. Baby Cup

Baby Cup

Baby Cup


It’s a personalized baby cup where you could imprint the name and birthday of the baby. It’s comparatively niftier than the wooden block gift idea.

18. Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set as bay's first birthday gift Ideas

Kitchen Set


These little ones love getting a pretend kitchen to play with. They may hardly have an idea what a kitchen is *grins*. But they like playing with the utensils and hence can be gifted some.

19. Colored blocks

Colored blocks as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Colored blocks


Babies, especially one-year-old ones have a natural proclivity towards colorful things. They love playing with colorful blocks. It also enhances their mental level as they learn how to manage these blocks, build them up, stack them and ultimately knock them down *grins*

20. Toddler Purse

Toddler Purse as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Toddler Purse


A year-old baby girl who’s entering into the toddler stage of her life would appreciate receiving gifts that open the way for her new age.

21. Magnetic Drawing Boards

Magnetic Drawing Boards

Magnetic Drawing Boards


These conclude the most playful gifts for a year old ones. You may find them doodling anything and everything on this board. This way you could also seek your baby’s imagination.

22. Take along Chair

Take along Chair

Take along Chair


You could consider them as an absolute handy gift present. A year-old baby may require seating time to time and hence gifting a take-along chair becomes a suitable option. Parents may take it wherever they take their baby to.

23. Faith pendant

Faith pendant as baby's first birthday gift Idfeas

Faith pendant


The Faith pendants act as a symbol to save and insulate the newly born from worldly harms. And a fancy faith pendant acts as a two in one.

24. Baby Bathrobe

Baby Bathrobe as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Baby Bathrobe


This constitutes the other item you could gift to a baby for facilitating its bathing process. Babies adore muffling in comfy bathrobes when they’re done laving.

25. Plush Buddy Set

Plush Buddy Set

Plush Buddy Set


It’s a set of toy buddies that your baby could play with. These are akin to the inanimate constant companions of your baby.

26. Memory box

Memory box as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Memory box


This gift is surely going to put your baby in nostalgia when he turns a teenager. It would contain immense pictures, videos, and messages since day 1 the baby turned 1.

27. Graphic Notebooks

Graphic Notebooks as baby's first birthday gift Ideas

Graphic Notebooks


This enables the baby to look at the graphics printed on the notebook and to bethink oneself of the objects printed on it to get familiar with them.

28. Pillowcase

Pillowcase as ba y's first birthday gift ideas



One could gift cute cushion pillowcases with rabbit ears to a year old ones or a one with moons and planets and stars.

29. Backpacks

Backpacks as baby's first birthday gift ideas



Want to gift something efficacious to a baby on his first birthday but couldn’t think of a single gift? Then what are backpacks for? Rabbit eared little backpacks serve this purpose.

30. Princess castle bank

Princess castle bank

Princess castle bank


It is the most loved gift that baby girls tend to receive. Though a common gift, it is always high in demand. So let us gift a baby girl a princess castle bank on her first birthday and give her the right feels of becoming a princess *chuckles*. This makes the best baby’s first birthday gift.

31. Bedtime Huggies

Bedtime Huggies baby's first birthday gift ideas

Bedtime Huggies


A year-old baby would always need his mother to curl up to and rest on her chest. But what if the mother is not around? Bedtime Huggies come in handy in such cases. These are a set of soft bed toys that the baby could cuddle with while sleeping.

32. Wooden Train

Wooden Train as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Wooden Train


Babies like playing with wooden toy trains pretending them to taking a ride over real ones. Hence, these add up to the list of 35 Baby’s first birthday gift ideas.

33. Kids musical Instrument set

Kids musical Instrument set as baby's first birthday gift

Kids musical Instrument set


Babies have a natural propensity of getting attracted to the melody. Thereafter they try to produce those musical sounds but get upset when they are unable to do the same. So, gifting a toy musical instrument set to them would quench their thirst of producing and hearing musical voices.

34. Baby Stroller

Baby Stroller as baby's first birthday gift ideas

Baby Stroller

It’s an essential item that should be surely available when you’re taking a baby for its morning walk or an evening ride. This gift could even surpass the other gifts listed in 35 baby’s first birthday gift ideas list.

35. Dolls

Dolls as baby's first birthday gift ideas



Every baby girl and even some flirty baby boys (*winks*) love playing with cute dolls. So if you’ve no time to think about the gifts for the first birthday, then go for this common yet an amazing gift option.



Selecting the most ideal first birthday gift for a baby is a herculean task. A lot of factors are to be kept in mind while looking for amazing gift options. We all tend to get into the dilemma while contemplating for some unique baby’s first birthday gift ideas but then, unfortunately, buy those next door common gifts due to paucity of time. But the list given above would surely enable you to get out of your dilemma and choose the most invincible birthday gift for the baby.

So what are you giving to your baby this birthday? Do let us know in the comment section.


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