In ‘The Story Girl’, Montgomery wrote that things are never lost if we keep remembering them. For that, you need a baby painting by a professional artist.

Every photograph of your own childhood and especially when you were a baby, becomes so special. Whenever you feel free and less busy in your brain, you get the albums and look out for the pictures of your high school. Don’t you feel nostalgic? Similarly, your parents must have looked at their childhood pictures. One day you and your child will sit together and look at his childhood pictures and reminisce the stories from the past. This is the purpose of keeping those pictures safe in a closet.

It would be best to give your baby the same set of memories of his childhood. It will add more value to it, more emotions. So, for this purpose, you must get the first glimpses of your baby captured in a baby painting. This isn’t a job where someone will just paint it on a paper, but to capture the emotions of the whole world concerning your baby. Hence, a professional and experienced artist should be searched for.

There are some qualities that you can search for in the artist who is going to paint your little angel out in a sheet. Here’s the guideline to help you out:



Best Decor for your Kid's Bedroom

Best Decor for your Kid’s Bedroom

  • Just as you asked for suggestions from your family and relatives or friends before giving name to your baby, why don’t you ask them for the contacts and reviews of a genuine artist. Possibilities are that you might find someone inside your family with awesome talents, who will happily do the job.
  • You should do your homework for the medium of baby painting before asking an artist. The most desirable mediums for the portrait are discussed later in this article.
  • Time is a very valuable aspect, thus, ask beforehand about the time he will take for completion. Keep a margin for the deadline already so it won’t affect the process if the artist asks for some extra time for finishing touches.
  • Keep making sure right from the start that every work is 100% handmade. You don’t want the portrait to be a gift from the machine, do you?
  • Sometimes, the artist knows better where his painting fits and where it will look faded. You should definitely ask him about which type of frame should be used around the portrait. It will be a special advantage if he does the framing too.
  • If you’re not happy with a few parts of the painting, ask the artist to alter it and don’t hesitate on this. These last-minute changes will not cost you anything.
  • Lastly, but the most important advice is to negotiate about the price. Because to buy the precious, you need to pay.

Once these are followed, you’ll give your best to the baby painting. Let’s go through some other aspects. By the way, you thought it was too tough, isn’t it?


Baby Painting requires an ample of hard work. Just the eyes in a person need so many specifications. Even though the painting artist gave his/her best to the painting, it couldn’t be the best. You have to give your last minute suggestions as what satisfies the artist may not be the ‘perfect’ for you. For that, keep the following in mind:

  • It is almost every time that the baby painting artist doesn’t entertain last-minute changes. So, like a responsible client, ask beforehand if he/she allows suggestions during the final touching.
  • Even though the painting artist has copied the whole of the baby’s face and body perfectly on the canvas and it is looking as if it is a picture. There are chances that you would not be satisfied with the portrait.
  • The possible reason for this may be that the background might not be looking appropriate on the canvas with the portrait.
  • Ask the artist to remove the unnecessary features or add some required elements in the background. This will help!

A tip for you! To make the painting even more valuable and serious for the artist, get the baby portraits of all your children in a single frame. If the painting will be too heavy as suggested above, the artist will be more careful.


Whether you want your bedroom’s wall to look as if it’s filled with the portrait of your baby or you want a small version of it in your living room, decide the size accordingly.

These are the sizes that you can go through to have a basic idea:

  •  Want to make your study room homely?  get an 8”x8” portrait. This will give your study area more than mere library looks.
  • If the living room has to be decorated, then get a 12”x12” or 12”x16” portrait.
  • For the bedroom get a 16”x20” portrait.
  • If you want the portrait look royal in the living room, then get an 18”x24” portrait. This will make the portrait the main focus for the guests.

Not all artists paint in all sizes. You just have to find that artist who can paint in any size that you want, and that’s it!


  • Oil Painting

Hand-painted Baby Oil Painting

Hand-painted Baby Oil Painting

The theoretically oldest way to get your baby painting done is by oil painting. It will give the portrait a creamy and smooth look. If you’re really into making the portrait look classical and as if it was a photograph, then get it made this way.

  • Charcoal Drawing


Handmade Charcoal Baby Painting

Handmade Charcoal Baby Drawing


You got a classy space in your home or in the workplace! Get a trendy, black and white sketch with bold charcoal strokes. The dark and bold black shade on the white paper will add on to that space.

  • Watercolor Painting

Handmade Watercolor Baby Painting

Handmade Watercolor Baby Painting

Another medium that will satisfy you for colored painting will be the paintings using watercolors. Watercolors will make the splashes more lively. Watercolor paintings originated in China and traveled all across the globe. They are famous for the artistic approach towards the depiction of the subject.

  • Colored Pencil Sketching

Handmade Colored Pencil Baby Drawing

Handmade Colored Pencil Baby Drawing

You do want a portrait with the classical pencils but don’t like it in the black and white version? Then why not choose to fill it up with colors by selecting this medium.


It happens quite often that you are invited to a party celebrating the baby’s day, but have to actually gift the parents and not the baby, isn’t it?

Well, don’t you get confused? Try gifting a portrait with their baby’s face on it. It is a joyful moment, so, get them a colorful portrait of their baby. It will bring tears of happiness in their eyes and you will be rocking the party!

While, sometimes, few unlucky parents lose their babies at its very initial age. What would you do to consolidate them? If it is one of those mournful moments, don’t let them get depressed. Give them the last memory of their child by getting charcoal or a graphite pencil sketch portrait.

Whatever be the circumstance, don’t let the mother and the father stay away from their baby even for a single moment.


There is always an option of getting a photograph of your child, making videotapes of him. That is even more convenient, everyone knows. People have a bunch of albums that they look back at, with pictures of their childhood, their children’s childhood, and whatnot.

Paintings might not sound that convenient. But, haven’t you seen the royal houses or the palaces whereas you climb the stairs or pass through the corridor. What do you see? The portraits of the family members, perfectly painted on the canvas. Don’t you think that they tell the history themselves? Introducing the same tradition as a hobby in your family tree will sound classy. Not only getting a painting for yourself, even gifting people a framed portrait of their child is the perfect option on an occasion where even gifting some really expensive thing becomes cliché. For that, go out for a hunt for the perfect artist.


In the above situations, the availability of such a professional person is a necessity. In his book ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, Oscar Wilde mentioned that it is not the sitter whose expressions define the portrait. He is just an incident. It is the artist’s skills and ability to understand the emotion portrayed by the sitter.

Hence, it is so important to find such a skillful and experienced painting artist to get your baby’s face portrayed on a canvas. After all, you want your baby to grow up and smile back to the gift that you will be given to him.

So, don’t sit back lazily! Grab the information you got from here and get a portrait of your child today itself.


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