Different art styles of different occasions? Occasions are nothing but normal days which we turn into something important to us. So how could an important day be not celebrated? We, humans, are fond of celebrations and we look for a reason to celebrate, sometimes it’s for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries or sometimes it’s for honoring the elder ones like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or sometimes it’s the celebration of the new member of the family, etc. Sometimes the celebration is professional and sometimes it’s unprofessional.

Why An Art Style?

But all these occasions are incomplete without exchanging gifts. Exchanging gifts is in practice since the time itself. Gifts represent all the love and affection that we share with our people. It is not a duty but a practice that is followed by people for ages. Gifting something heartwarming and meaningful will always steal the show rather than spending fortunes over branded stores.

Choosing Handmade Portrait Painting as a Gift:

Happy Customers (Art Styles)

Happy Customers

Now that you know gifts show gratitude and affection to the people we love, it’s important to know giving handmade portrait painting to your special people brings you a lot more closer to them, than ever. Though being an old school classic giving portrait painting to someone, it will never go out of style with all those talented hands behind the portrait.

After deciding that you have to give handmade portrait painting to someone, now the biggest part is to choose one platform among the several ones that can cater your all needs. But not to worry, we are here to support you throughout. Type BookMyPainting on your web browser and there you are, at the most flexible platform ever. This site masters all the other sites and gives you the best out of everything.

Choosing Different Art Styles for Different Occasion:

BookMyPainting.in provides you with a variety of art styles and a chance to choose the best possible art style for your picture. Now choosing art styles from several options available is a bit tired and a lazy situation. Art styles that they provide are:

  1. Charcoal Art Style
  2. Pencil Sketch
  3. Pencil Colour
  4. Watercolor Drawing
  5. Oil Painting
  6. Line Art Drawing
  7. Mix Media Painting

Now that we know they provide these number of art styles, it is now our responsibility to tell you which art style to choose on what occasion so your gift stands out unique among the rest.

One With the Wedding

One with the Wedding

One with the Wedding

Apart from giving flowers to the attention seeker couple what else you can give to them on their special day that doesn’t seem useless at the end. It’s all common that they will be getting home appliances, decor items, and apparel on their wedding but what cannot be common is that not to go along. Everybody wants their gifts to stand out unique among the crowd but more often they fail to do so. Giving flowers is a nice gesture but it is just a matter of time like you close your eyes and when opened there they are, all lost with the essence that they were once admired for.

Choose handmade portrait painting:

Despite giving all these, you can always go for a handmade portrait painting. These are though old school but will never go out of style. You can choose their memory for the portrait painting before or after the marriage and gift them. This gift shows the intensity of your bond with them and will bring you much closer to the couple as their marriage blossoms through the thick and thin.

What art style will be appropriate?

Now, you have to choose the type of art style which gives the portrait, royal, and glossy look. Choosing Oil painting for this occasion would be the best option. Oil painting can last for decades if kept properly. Oil painting captures all little details of the photo without which your painting would be dull and boring since every detail are important to paint down on the canvas. Oil painting is one of the oldest painting techniques which are played with colours to give a glossy finish to the portrait painting.

2. People With Birthday

Handmade Charcoal Portrait

Handmade Charcoal Portrait

Gifting people on their birthdays often becomes a marathon and it is always that we fall short of the gift ideas. Selecting some gift items which you think of it as something unique doesn’t really come out unique at the end. It is very difficult to choose gifts differently from the previous years and for a matter of course no one likes to gift the same gift twice.

Choosing Handmade Portrait Painting:

Not to worry over the same gift ideas from now because we are giving you another best gift idea. Yes, handmade portrait painting is the best idea to gift them on birthdays which will stand out from a bunch of other gifts. Consider something important and close to that person’s heart for the subject. A beautiful memory of you two together would do wonders in portrait painting too. Converting your favourite memory with them into colors and paint you are all set to rock their wall.

What art style would be suitable?

As the occasion sounds colorful then why to gift someone a handmade portrait which just black and white. Going along the occasion, we can choose a watercolor drawing portrait. Watercolor Drawing portrait gives an artistic feel. The handmade portrait made of this art style can last long if kept safely. This watercolor painting is truly a treat to someone’s eye who has a colorful personality and loves to play with colors. It is the next best alternative to oil painting and also fixes your medium budget if you want colourful handmade portrait painting.

3. One With Housewarming Gift

Handmade Color-Pencil Sketches

Handmade Color-Pencil Sketches

We not only fall short of birthdays and wedding gift ideas, but we also fall short of gift ideas when we have to welcome someone new in our apartment. When we see new people around us, we are eager to know more about them or bond with them, so to initiate a start and as a good gesture to them, you can always welcome them with a housewarming gift.

Choosing Handmade Portrait Painting:

When you don’t get what to gift them as a housewarming gift which is meaningful enough and not comes out useless in the end, you can always go for a portrait painting. Giving them a handmade portrait of some horses running over water or some type of beautiful scenery with all those white mountains will be highly appreciated by the newcomers.

Which art style will be appropriate?

As the occasion is the basis upon which you two will bond and also you have to make a long-lasting impression upon your neighbors so what could be better than a pencil color sketch. You can add, monochromatic touch to their guest room. Pencil color drawing gives your portrait a high realism and adds perfection to it. Pencil color drawing is affordable and also the next alternative to pencil sketches. This is the only art style available in colors in a pencil sketch. With this pencil color sketch portrait painting, you are all set to form a new bond with people outside.

4. One With Mother’s Day

One With Mother's Day

One With Mother’s Day

Mother’s day gift is also something that we face difficulty in finding. Because we crave for perfection everywhere. We try to find the most perfect gift for her to repay her all the love and care that she showers upon us from our day of birth. But we somehow forgot that we can’t buy her love and care with all the materialistic assets available outside.

Choosing Handmade Portrait Painting:

However, there is one possible way that she is going to love our gift for sure and that is this handmade portrait painting. From all the photo albums of your childhood, choose one single photo that just makes everyone’s heart do flip back. The photo could be your mother holding you in her arms or feeding you. Besides choosing your memory together with her, you can also take her childhood memory and put it into art. What could be the best gift for her other than re-living her childhood?

What art style would be best suited?

To fit into this occasion nothing better could suit other than charcoal drawing. Since you are allowing your mother to reminisce over the golden era of hers, so the handmade portrait painting should be in something black and white. The charcoal sticks would best define your old memory into something that stays forever gold. Charcoal drawings can capture all the minute details of the picture and put them together into words in the form of art on canvas. You can also highlight the main features of your picture such as face using charcoal sticks.

5. One With Father’s Day

One With Father's Day

One With Father’s Day

Just like any other day listed above, it’s like the most difficult thing to find something for your father. Once you find a perfect gift for him, then you have to wait for his expression to come and he will be like,” why you are so expert in wasting money” though they will be happy about it you will get an earful. We all wonder for what would impress a man who has given most of his to us other than a materialistic thing.

Choosing Handmade Portrait Painting:

Giving a gift to your father is not something that happens to be with him regularly. Appreciating all his hard works and celebrating him is not what he always expects. Without receiving anything at the end from our side, he is the one who keeps on working for a family in any type of situation. So giving him a handmade portrait of himself or together with his family or his childhood or a picture of you two together spending time when you were young, will be highly appreciated.

Which art style will be appropriate?

To celebrate your bond with your father or to celebrate him you can always go for mixed-media painting. Line art drawing portrait serves you best when you want a hyperrealistic portrait. It is the next best option for black and white pencil sketches and color pencil sketches. While making a handmade portrait painting only essential details are added to the portrait, as in, essential details of your face and hence giving your portrait a unique look.


Now, that you are aware of the varieties of art styles that BookMyPainting provides and also of the fact when to choose which art styles, here, we proceed to an end. This platform not only provides you with different art styles but also is super friendly with the customers. Besides their recommendable artists, they also have a great team that supports us throughout our journey with them.

With all the authenticity and smooth interface you will probably want to order more of your subject with us. They provide you with the best offers & Various art styles of all the time. They will make sure that your portrait is up to the mark and should meet your expectations, so before making final delivery to you they always send it to us via social media and there we can give suggestions if any, and after they are done with that, they are all set to deliver it.


We, at BookMyPainting, create beautiful Hand-painted Portraits from your memories! Send us your favourite pictures. We will deliver a masterpiece at your doorstep very soon that you will fall in love with. So, let's get started!

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