Adopting a dog is an important decision which needs to be taken carefully especially when you have kids at home. Your main focus is the safety of your younger one. Some people argue that dogs are not good for houses that have young children. But I have a different opinion. I feel having pets from the beginning teaches the kids to be loving, caring and responsible. Learning these qualities in the early years will help them in the long run. But which dog to adopt? What are the best family dog breeds? Don’t you worry, I will answer all your questions.


But before knowing which breeds are the best for a family with kids, we must know what traits and characteristics to look for while adopting a dog. We know kids are very energetic, mischievous and unpredictable. One needs a lot of patience to deal with them. The dog must also possess some qualities so that he can get along with kids.

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Characteristics of Best Family Dog Breeds



  • The first and foremost quality is patience. Kids like to play with their dogs which might become a bit rough sometimes. An aggressive and impatient dog might get irritated very soon and can hurt your kid. So, you must look for breeds which are very patient and calm.


  • The Second quality that I would look for is sturdiness. A timid and feeble pet won’t go along with kids. They must be sturdy and resilient. Children don’t pay attention to their actions while playing and a weak dog won’t be able to stand such situations.


  • Another essential quality is energy. High energy breeds are more suitable as family pets for their ability to match the energy levels of the children. A less energetic dog won’t like to be poked so often and will get irritated with constant hugs and kisses etc.


  • Next is intelligence. Why an intelligent more apt as family pets? Let us understand it this way. A Family dog is trained about how to behave with kids. This is very important to ensure your kid’s safety. Now, can you train a dull or foolish person? Very difficult, right? Same is the case with dogs. Intelligent dogs are easier to train which makes them the best family dogs.


  • Last but not least is the friendly nature of dogs. It is of utmost importance for the dog to be amiable and friendly. An unsocial or hostile dog wouldn’t fit into the family. He won’t enjoy the companionship of the people around and might end up hurting someone.


Now that you know what traits are desirable for a family dog here is a list of breeds suitable for a family. You can choose according to your family structure and preferences.


Best Family Dog Breeds


Small-Sized Breeds


1. Bichon Frise


Do you want a small fur-baby mischievously running around the house? Bichon Frise looks just like a kid’s toy with a furry white coat. This is the most cheerful and happy breed. They are also loving and enthusiastic. Your kids will get a friendly companion to make the mischiefs all day long.

Bichon Frise( family dog breeds)

Bichon Frise



2. Poodle


These dogs come in different sizes- the standard and miniature sizes. While the standard ones are smart and adventurous, the miniature ones are dedicated to one person. They might develop a habit of barking on strangers. You will need to train them from an early age to get friendly with outsiders. They thrive for attention and companionship. Hence, you must not leave them alone at home for long hours.

Poodle best family dogs breed



3. Beagle


This is one of the best family dog breeds. Due to their small to medium size, they are easy to carry around. They do well in small to large size houses. They are very smart, friendly, and energetic dogs. The most important trait is that they are very active and hence require a lot of exercises and play companions. You will need to give attention to them and take them out to play or for a walk. If your kid is very energetic, you must choose a beagle as his pet.




4. Bulldogs


This is another small-sized dog that qualifies for the best family dog breeds. Due to their small size, they do well in both large and small houses. They are people-oriented and prefer companionship. As they are also very dependable and predictable, your kids will be safe around them.


Bull Dog


5. Pugs


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that pugs are the most harmless breed of dogs. These small, friendly creatures love to play around. They enjoy the attention of both adults and kids. They also like the companionship of other animals. No matter how small they are, they are very intelligent beings which makes it easier to train them. You would love to own this small playful animal.


Pug- The cutest of all

Large-sized Breeds


6. Labrador Retriever


They are famous as the best family dog breed and for all the right reasons. They are very friendly and get along with new members and visitors easily. In addition to that, they are highly reliable and patient with kids. Playful and very protective of their family, these dogs are very active, and their favorite sport is to swim. They are also extremely intelligent, making it easier to train them. Also, you need to comb them only once in a week to keep them clean and healthy.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

7. Golden Retriever


This large breed is the most popular family dog in the U.S. They are smart, confident and very patient with children. Their tolerant nature makes them one of the best family dog breeds. Also, they are very active and love to play retrieving games like a frisbee and fetch. They are also easy to train which is why the best match for kids. If your kid is rough and difficult to handle sometimes, a golden retriever would be the best choice.

Golden Retriever best family dog breed

Golden Retriever

8. Staffordshire Bull Terrier


They were originally bred as companion dogs. The best quality of these dogs is that they get along equally with adults and kids. They love to be a part of the family and are incredibly loyal and gentle with children. This breed usually have medium energy and are quite patient too. They are also easy to train and take the sessions positively.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

9. Boxer


This is the people’s breed and renowned for their love for children. They are very active and need plenty of exercise and playtime. It is better to be placed in an active family. Got a hyperactive kid? Opt for a boxer without any doubt, and will be relieved for some hours of the day.

Boxer dog

The Boxer


10. Vizsla


Vizsla is the most confident, smart and obedient dog. He is very energetic and suitable for active families. He creates a great bond with family members. You will find him very affectionate, lively and intelligent. You will want to keep him with you as he will totally love your company. In fact, try not to leave him alone else he might develop some separation anxiety.



The Vizsla

11. Newfoundland


He has been given the nickname of nature’s babysitter for his love for children. He is very kind and gentle, a perfect companion for your kid. Although this is a very large-sized breed but very sweet at the same time. They are also very protective and intelligent breed. If your child is quiet and reserved, you can opt for this dog who will be his constant companion.

Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog


After having known so many dog breeds, if you ask me, I’d go for the following breeds for the given qualities. So here are my personal favorites. 🙂

Quality | Top 2 Breeds

Patience– Golden Retriever, Pugs

Sturdiness – Newfoundland, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Energy– Beagle, Boxer

Intelligence – Labrador Retriever, Vizsla

Friendly – Poodle, Bulldogs





All these breeds have one thing in common that is their compatibility with humans especially children. I hope the above list clears up all your confusions and you can now find the best pet for your family. You are about to enter a new expedition which is going to be filled with lots of adventures, and I promise, that little soul will make it all worthwhile.

I Personally love Golden Retriever, Pug and Newfoundland the most.


Which breed of dogs do you like the most? 🙂


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